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14Re: [SouthSuburbanStitchnBitch] Where are the LYS?

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  • donnellyja@comcast.net
    Sep 22, 2005
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      Hi Kirsten!  Welcome!  Hope you can make it next week...  we're a small group so far but we're working on that!
      I get a lot of yarn at Knitting, Etc. at 143rd and LaGrange in Orland Park.  The staff there are a bit crusty if you're young and they don't know you, but once you "prove" you know what you're doing, they warm up.  I've also been to a nice shop up by the zoo... Idea Studio in LaGrange.
      I know Rebecca, the coordinator of our S&B, has several more favorites to recommend.  I've been buying a lot of yarn over the internet- www.knitpicks.com and www.elann.com.  Great, great, great prices.
      Happy Knitting!  Do try to stop by on Wednesday!
      Jen Donnelly
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      Hi everyone!  I am a new knitter and I was wondering if anyone could
      tell me the best places in the south suburbs to go shopping for yarn? 
      I'd love to make it to one of the meetings, hopefully I can work it
      out with my night job.  Thanks for any advice you have.


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