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Re: Sotec 3120x Hard drive interface Question

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  • Chris
    I put the folowing in froogle.com, 2.5 HDD ata 100 and I got back almost 500 hits. I don t think you should have any problem finding a drive. -Chris ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 2, 2008
      I put the folowing in froogle.com, "2.5 HDD ata 100" and I got back
      almost 500 hits. I don't think you should have any problem finding a


      --- In Sotec_Averatec_Notebook@yahoogroups.com, "backporchrock"
      <neal@...> wrote:
      > I have a 3120X manufactured 11/2002, factory ID 1.
      > About a month ago I put a Hitatchi 100GB 7200/8MB Mobile PATA HD
      > in it, Tiger Direct part number H450-r042 BM and it has worked
      > perfectly thus far. No fit problems. I had a running 20GB drive
      > already, so I cloned it with XXCLone, and that actually worked
      > perfectly too.
      > I tried to make the clone process run fact with a Zonet 2 port 2.0
      > card, and putting the new drive in an Ultra USB external case. I
      > k that did work for cloning, but it wouldn't boot off that external
      > 2.0 USB. the Zonet card did function fine for doing high-speed
      > transfers.
      > --- In Sotec_Averatec_Notebook@yahoogroups.com, "gotomatosgo"
      > <gotomatosgo@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hey guys, the original hard drive in my Sotec just failed on me. I
      > > tried everything to restart it; Freezer, banging... screaming,
      all of
      > > which did not work(The Screaming almost did though...). From some
      > > research I found that the Hard drive (Fujitsu Model: MHR2020AT)
      > > the ATA 100 interface. My question is if I have to get a
      > > hard drive that uses ATA 100......can I get one that uses ATA-6?
      I had
      > > a lot of problems finding a larger hard drive using the ATA 100
      > > interface. Oh, and is it possible to upgrade those usb ports to
      > > 2.0(I noticed a little plug)?
      > >
      > > Thank YOU,
      > > Mike
      > >
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