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RE: [Sotec_Averatec_Notebook] 3270 fan issues

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  • Connie Klausner
    David, Thanks for the Heads Up . I will take your advice . My Sotec does get extremely hot !! Later, Connie Smile!
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 21, 2007



      Thanks for the “Heads Up”  … I will take your advice … My Sotec does get extremely hot !!



      Connie   Smile!





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      Connie - I did that for over a year myself, however one night it didn't go to sleep as usual, overheated the processor (you could smell it) and that in-turn corrupted the hard drive.  Just be sure you are with it when running at all times and verify it sleeps/shuts down when you expect it to.


      Connie Klausner wrote:

      I have been getting that message on my Sotec on & off for over a year & it still keeps booting up … I just hit the F1 and let it continue.  I guess what I’m trying to say … is that I wouldn’t be overly concerned … Mine is still working years later !!



      Connie   Smile!



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      Subject: [Sotec_Averatec_Notebook] 3270 fan issues


      I have been getting the following error on booting:

      "CPU FAN error. Please check it. press F1 to resume"

      I then let windows start & choose "turn off computer". For the last 2
      days this happens every time I boot.

      It happened once last month but it was okay when I restarted it a few
      days later. I continued to use it every day until yesterday.

      I bought a replacement fan but it turned out to be the wrong one. It
      is a E-12 S041019G. My laptop has a E12K S050422B.

      Does anyone know what is causing this error & could I switch just the
      fan itself?


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