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RE: [Sotec_Averatec_Notebook] Re: Averatec 2260 Loss of Audio

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  • Connie Klausner
    Also ... When this happened to me I did a system restore from within windows XP (under programs, accessories, and system tools) which worked great and I got my
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 7, 2007
      Also ... When this happened to me I did a system restore from within windows XP (under programs, accessories, and system tools) which worked great and I got my volume back, plus I didn't lose any data !!
      Connie   Smile!
      Hail Mary Full of Grace ... Rainbow
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      I would double check to make sure that volume isn't muted and proper
      device driver is selected.

      In control panel, click on "Sounds and Audio Devices" and look through
      all the tabse to make sure that you have a sound device selected and
      that volume is muted.

      If every thing looks okay, then I'd think about trying to reload your
      device drivers.

      It's possible, I suppose, that you have had a hardware failure, but it
      is more likely that something you ran or installed recently messed up
      the software settings.

      You might also check for any device address conflicts. Control Panel >
      System > Hardware Tab > Device Manager.

      Good Luck!
      --- In Sotec_Averatec_ Notebook@ yahoogroups. com, "Ken" <klandau01@. ..>
      > I have my 2260 about a year and a half and it worked just fine until a
      > few days ago. I no longer get audio at all, including thru earphones.
      > The volume is cranked to max and nothing else seems to be amiss.
      > Anyone else experience this and/or have a solution?
      > Ken

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