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Sotec 3123X First Review

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  • Glenn <pkguy323@yahoo.com>
    OUT OF THE BOX Packaged very neatly. You get a 3 CD Restore Kit, a nice instruction manual and an OEM MS Works 6.0 CD. This thing is SO LIGHT-It s like
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2002
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      Packaged very neatly. You get a 3 CD Restore Kit, a nice instruction
      manual and an OEM MS Works 6.0 CD. This thing is SO LIGHT-It's like
      carrying a 5 subject sized paper notebook. This will be nice when I
      lug books around for another semester. My last laptop was like a ton
      of bricks.

      I booted it up and this one is so quiet. I had to check and see if
      the fan worked because it is so quiet. The casing feels really
      light-I hope this means it can take normal usage without an early
      crack here and there.
      The keyboard layout is really interesting to say the least. The
      up/down/left/right arrows are bundled up with other key functions.
      The spacebar on this one is very responsive-my warranty repair
      notebook I almost had to hit and hold for it to space once- I don't
      recommend it if you have big fingers-the keys are squashed
      WinXP booted rather quickly and the screen resolution is so
      amazingly crisp for a notebook of this price. The DVD movie I played
      in it looked better than my TV resolution.

      The speakers won't power the next major Bass Boom generation-they
      are functional at best. Turning on the 3D audio does help some, but
      for movies and other things you want to hear well, invest in some
      headphones. The MIDI output is decent-I haven't tried the microphone

      This is what makes it a bargain-the Combo drive. Sotec bundles in
      the WinDVD player for movies and Roxio EZ CD Creator and it ROCKS!
      I'll make the adjustments Michael suggested in his post about the
      power settings.

      An unusual shape, but it looks to average 2.5 hours. You can have
      the BIOS "learn" the battery so your power gauge is more accurate-
      never seen that feature before..

      I just hooked up the LAN cable to the laptop, let WinXP take me
      through the setup and WHAM, I was on the network. At work, I can
      plug in just to use the internet bandwidth and this little baby can
      download things lightning fast. I wish I had DSL at home.

      There is no floppy drive, but Sotec will sell you a USB Floppy Drive
      for $49. I've never seen one, so that's news to me. The 3 USB ports
      seem more than ample to hook up a printer, and other items. I like
      them on the right side. If it weren't for the battery on the back,
      the back would've been so much better.

      The modem is a flip-out door that I had to realize I needed to plug
      the jack in at an angle. I'm afraid I'll break it because it seems
      so flimsy. Connection speed has been better than my desktop using
      the same number/line to dial in.

      Hot Keys
      Oddly placed on the front side to the left of the touch pad, but at
      this price, I'm glad to have them on the notebook at all.

      This SOTEC 3123X seems to be a durable piece of equipment loaded
      with everything needed for a portable computer-with DVD capability.
      I think my first notebook was probably a fluke with problems out of
      the box, but this one seems like a solidly built unit.

      I do have a SOTEC Notebook support page in the beginnings on Yahoo
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