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Re: [Sotec_Averatec_Notebook] Re: anyone upgrade the HD on a 3150p?

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  • tripwire four
    The Hitachi Travelstar series should include a suitable 7200rpm drive. You will need to determine which model will fit your application. With regard to using
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 1, 2004
      The Hitachi Travelstar series should include a suitable 7200rpm drive. You will need to determine which model will fit your application. With regard to using your desktop to transfer drive data, you will be connecting the aforementioned adapter to a HDD ribbon cable and that to the HDD connector on the motherboard. You may need to make a bios adjustment on your desktop while the laptop HDD is connected. Should you elect to go this route, I would suggest you consult a knowledgeable friend or associate for assistance.
      Good luck,

      justiningenito <justiningenito@...> wrote:

      Thanks for the advice, guys. Any suggestions on the brand of hardrive
      to use? The specs I need?
      I appreciate the advice. (BTW what is the IDE bus?, are those the
      prongs in the back of the actual disk drive that connects to the

      //--- In Sotec_Averatec_Notebook@yahoogroups.com, tripwire four
      <tripwirefour@y...> wrote:
      > Upgrading to a 7200 rpm will provide more speed than any other
      single upgrade. Adpters are available that will let you hook your
      laptop drive to the IDE bus on your HDD (CompUSA) for image backup and
      transfer. It takes a little time and effort but works well. I make
      periodic images of my laptop this way.
      > rdi_caveman <rdi_caveman@y...> wrote:
      > I haven't upgraded my HDD yet, but probably the easiest option is to
      > buy a kit that includes a USB adapter that will convert your old HDD
      > to a an external USB drive.  That along with the software that comes
      > with the kit or the new drive will let you copy the image of you old
      > drive on to your new drive.  Just make sure you pick one that is USB
      > 1.1 not USB 2.0.
      > For example, here is an EZ-Gig kit from Frys for $35
      > http://www.outpost.com/product/4018902
      > --- In Sotec_Averatec_Notebook@yahoogroups.com, "justiningenito"
      > <justiningenito@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > hey just wondering if anyone upgraded their harddrive on their
      > 3150 to
      > > one with a faster RPM. If so:
      > > What make and model did you use for the new drive?
      > > How did you install it? (I can take apart the laptop and physically
      > > install it..but how did u install the drivers, etc.)
      > > How did you get the operating system and all your files on to the
      > new
      > > drive?
      > >
      > > I know some people have done it...so let me know.
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