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Re: Planet X + Planet F patches

Hi Eugeny, I haven't a clue except that I would ask Artemiy on the Roland Clan Forum, I think this link shows his profile. Roland Clan Forums • Information
Nov 15, 2016

Planet X + Planet F patches

Hi, Anyone has Planet X and Planet F patches? I've tried to contact Sines Vibes but they no longer sell them. Cheers,Eugeny.
Evgeny Gridasov
Nov 10, 2016

Re: Playing a Sequence from the Cell via a Korg N5ex

Hi Assuming the Korg outputs Midi Start and Stop by the use of a pedal, you should be able to do what you want. First you need to press the Menu button and
Jul 19, 2016

Playing a Sequence from the Cell via a Korg N5ex

Hi , I primarily bought the Sonic Cell so that I could play SMF sequences live . Here's what I am trying to do but somehow its not working ... My controlling
Jul 18, 2016

Re: SRX Converted Presets

Hi, For example the first patch "grand piano1" on jvsrx07.scl file maps wave numbers 73 (r.chord.c) and 79 (70's lute lp) from the expansion card... so the
Apr 20, 2015

Re: SRX Converted Presets

Hi juha The waveforms on the cards have a unique address so you can put them in any order. Load the editor, select Patch, select one of the patches and check
Apr 20, 2015

Re: SRX Converted Presets

I'm not a business, however I am selling a Roland sonic cell. Sent from my iPad
Paul Bisch
Apr 20, 2015

SRX Converted Presets

Hi! How do I use those SRX Converted Presets from file area? I have both srx 07 and srx 09 installed in my sonic cell and I loaded for example the JV SRX07.scl
Apr 20, 2015

Sonic Cell editor error message

I posted this question last night but it didn't seem to get posted so I will try again. I am getting an "unable to read/write data error using the Sonic Cell
Nov 5, 2014

Re: Problem with usb connection

Roland told me to go into setup and for some reason it was set to Roland Sonic Cell (unconnected) just had to change it to Roland Sonic Cell and it works.
Philip Edwards
Nov 5, 2014

Re: Problem with usb connection

When I first bought my sonicCell I was using Vista too.and also had Sonar Cakewalk that came with it. It work at the beggining but after while had SAME PROBLEM
Nov 5, 2014

Re: Problem with usb connection

I use a Mac and have never had any problems with the SonicCell. I used the editor and used it with Logic. Maybe try contacting Roland Sent from my iPhone
Cullan Briggs
Nov 5, 2014

Problem with usb connection

I have Vista on my laptop and am using Cakewalk sonar home studio and the Sonic Cell editor. When I try to load the VST I get this error: Unable to
Nov 5, 2014

Re: SC problem under Win8

Thanks for suggestion. But I use only headphones, and input is set to guitar IN. Anyway, I have tried turning input level to minimum. The problem still exists.
Sep 8, 2014

Re: SC problem under Win8

Try turning down the audio input (on the back of the SC). Perhaps it is just audio feedback. Royce
Sep 8, 2014
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