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NATO tied to Muslim slaughter at Srebrenica

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  • DickMcManus
    NATO tied to Muslim slaughter at Srebrenica On May 16, 2012 the trial of Ratco Mladic in the International Criminal Court at The Hague suddenly ended. Mladic
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      NATO tied to Muslim slaughter at Srebrenica

      On May 16, 2012 the trial of Ratco Mladic in the International Criminal Court at The Hague suddenly ended. Mladic was accused of heading a group called "the Scorpions," and murdering of up to 6000 Bosnian Muslims in 1995. The Judges said it was because of "prosecutorial misconduct" in "withholding vital evidence that would have favored the defense. This evidence was documents that categorically proved the most fear mass murderers of recent years were not only not under Mladic's control, they never heard of him, rather they were under the command of NATO.

      These documents were turned over to the government of Belarus by a Major (aka "TD" – real name unknown) of the French DRM, (Direction du Renseignement Militaire) or Directorate of Military Intelligence. The French major fled to Belarus with the evidence that war crimes committed in Srebrenica in 1995. The documents he presented shows that the "genocide" blamed on Serbians was organized by the American, British and French secret intelligence service, and carried out by a paramilitary group known as the "Scorpions." This was a false flay war crime meant to accuse the Republic of Serbian (RS) and give the excuse for US bombing of Serbian force and giving NATO a reason for being, given that the threat from the USSR no longer existed.

      According to our source, the major French military intelligence DRM has evidence that the wartime commander of the VRS Main Staff, Ratko Mladic was not aware of these activities. The French major requested and received political asylum on the June 29, 2012 in Minsk, Russia. Copies of these documents are held in Minsk also.

      This new broad picture of events in the Balkans that directly contradict much we have been told and places responsibility for the civil wars in the Balkans on Western powers.
      The documents clearly show that Naser Oric, former Bosnian Muslim commander, and all the commanders of the Army of Bosnia/Herzegovina (Muslim) in this part of eastern Bosnia were under constant control of the western intelligence services. Oric was the in Srebrenica and was convicted by the ICC of war crimes against Serbs but found "not guilty" of broader crimes of ethnic cleansing.

      "Paper's submitted by the French Major (name withheld) substantiate that Oric had received 70 "operational directives" to act against Serbian civilians issued by French intelligence services, in particular, the DRM.

      Dutch "peacekeeper" battalions stationed in Srebrenica, was warned in advance by the French not to interfere. Copies of these documents are held in Minsk also.

      Serbian "Scorpion" groups descended on Srebrenica, not answerable nor under the control of Serbia or Ratco but paramilitary groups recruited, trained and paid by the CIA, MI6 and the French DRM.

      "Thousands were killed by these groups on orders from the western powers who submitted reports blaming the Serbian government, Ratco and blaming the Dutch peacekeepers who had actually been ordered to stand aside by NATO."

      The French intelligence officer, identified only as "Major TD" is said to
      The documents possess a full list of all "Scorpions" that were recruited and written statements of Scorpion unit commanders and others as to how they were recruited, paid and what commands they received from NATO. Records now held in Belarus cover direct commands that led to the killing of 4500 Bosnian Muslims. The documents are now available to the court, should the trial continue, documents that would lead to the indictment of dozens of top NATO commanders, Dutch peacekeepers and the questioning of western diplomatic personnel and political leaders, questioning that could lead to a new round of war crime indictments.

      Additional evidence shows that the majority of those killed in Srebrenica were members of the Army of Bosnia/Herzegovina (Muslim) who were cut off the VRS, Bosnian Serb Army while making their way out of the Tuzla region. Documents indicate that NATO misreported combat casualties, in this case numbering up to 6000 as civilian victims and credited their deaths to Scorpion units when, in fact, they were killed in combat with the Bosnian Serb army.

      "Major TD" states that he is coming forward with the documents he secured, because he wishes the families of the victims of Srebrenica to know the full truth about who killed their loved ones and why. T.D. served as a Lieutenant in command of a DRM unit in Bosnia at the time and has direct personal knowledge of the events. "Major TD" stated, "I could not live with this burden on my conscience.

      NATO sitting on Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania and much of the region, a region now a center of drug trafficking, of international crime and a region increasingly fortified to threaten Russia or Syria or Iran, this may well have been the NATO intent when organizing the formation of the Scorpions and ordering the slaughter of thousands of civilians.

      In Kosovo, Hashim Thaci rose to political prominence, after the war in Kosovo. NATO intelligence report obtained by GlobalPost, Thaci and other prominent former KLA members linked to various criminal activities that include, extortion, murder and trafficking in drugs, stolen cars, cigarettes, weapons and women. Kosovo and Albania have long been the home of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world. Today, (July 4, 2012) Thaci is the prime minister of Kosovo. In fact, he was just recently re-elected to his second term.

      "In spite of US officials knowing about the numerous and detailed allegations against Thaci and many of his former colleagues in the KLA, he has remained a valued ally of successive US administrations. It is unknown which US officials have seen the reports. But a NATO diplomat said it was common knowledge that Thaci is suspected of criminal activity, "Whenever you looked at him always in the briefings it was `suspected of organized crime.'"
      Comment: This news story cohobates evidence I have written in the past. SEE
      The moving of Afghan-trained mujahideen in the Balkans began around 1992.

      From 1993 to 1995, money, arms and expertise flooded from the United States to Al Qaeda military networks in Bosnia-Herzegovina -- all under the watchful eye of Gen. Michael V. Hayden -- then chief of U.S. military intelligence in the region as director of the US European Command Intelligence Directorate, with a headquarters based in Stuttgart, Germany.
      for more
      check out my online book - a work in progress:
      and learn about the crimes of the CIA and US war crimes, etc.
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