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Reagan's National Security Chain of Command - part 22

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    Deputy Director for Directorate of Support The Directorate of Support has organizational and administrative functions to significant units including: ·
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      Deputy Director for Directorate of Support

      The Directorate of Support has organizational and administrative functions to significant units including:

      ·         Office of Security  (security guards)

      ·         Office of Communications

      ·         Office of Information Technology

      ·         Office of Training

      The Office of Training begins with the Junior Officer Training program for new employees, but it also conducts courses in a wide range of specialized professional disciplines. So that the initial course might be taken by employees who had not received final security clearance and thus were not permitted unescorted access to the Headquarters building, a good deal of basic training has been given at office buildings in the urban areas of Arlington, Virginia.

      For a later stage of training of student operations officers, there is at least one classified training area at Camp Peary, near Williamsburg, Virginia.



      Deputy Director for Security:     unknown

                                                                  Howard J. Osborne    (1964 to summer 1967 or 1974 ??

                                                                  Sheffield Edwards ( Mar, 1952 to ??)


      Assistant Deputy Director, Office of Security:   Robert L. Bannerman Jr. (early 1960's

                                                                                  Ermal P. Geiss

                                    Staff:              CIA officers:  William A. Osborne

                                                                                   Louis W. Vasaly

                                                                 His secretary:  Donald Sweany


                      Head of operatives:  Lee R. Pennington, Jr.    (  to died  Oct. 1974)

                                           His secretary:  Donald Sweany


      Polygraph Branch/ polygraph operator:  John Sullivan


      Project Bluebird:  This was the creation of teams to check out new CIA officer recruits, agents and defectors for the whole CIA. Each team consisted of a psychiatrist, a polygraph officers, an expert trained in hypnosis, and a technician. 

      Project JMARC:   Joseph Langan  (1960? to ??)


      Chief of Operational Support Division:   Jim O'Connell, "Big Jim"

      He had contact with CIA contract assassin:   QJWIN.        



      Chief of CI/OA:    Thomas Carroll   I think his job was doing background checks on prospective new CIA employees.

                       CIA officers:   Bernard Doran

                                            Victor Rush White

                                            Robert "Bob" H. Cunningham

      Prior to this for five years Cunningham worked as a CIA officer at the CIA's New York-based.

      And was the Deputy to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics , in February 1951 to  ??)


      Chief of CIA Physical Security of CIA HQ:  unknown

                                                                               James McCord (retired allegedly in 1970)


      Chief of the Contact Division, Support Branch (CD/OO):   unknown

                                                                                                     Robert T. Crowley  (1947 to 1962?

      He was a close friend of James Jesus Angleton.


      CIA officers:  Andy Anderson

                              Donald E. Deneslya was a CIA employee in the Contacts Division in 1962,

      He was as a Russian language translator in the Soviet Russia section at the time of Oswald's

      return to the United States from the Soviet Union.


      Chief, Central Cover Staff:   Erich W. Isenstead

      Acting Chief, ID/1:    Ervan E. Kuhnke Jr.

      Project MERRIMAC:   to provide warnings about anti-Vietnam War demonstrations being carried out against CIA facilities or personnel in the Washington area.



      Deputy Director for Counterintelligence (CI):   Richard J. Kerr   (Mar. 21, 1989 to??)

       had been Gates's longtime deputy in the intelligence directorate

                                                           Robert M. Gates              (Apr. 18, 1986 to Mar. 20, 1989)

                                                        John N. McMahon               (Feb. 1981 to  Apr. 18, 1986)

                                                   ADM Bobby R. Inman             (Feb. 1981 to June 1982)

      Former Director of the NSA from 1977 to 1981

                                                      Frank C. Carlucci III                 (Feb. 1978 to Feb. 1981)   

                                                            George T. Kalaris             (Dec. 1974  to ??  

                                                          Robert W. Gambino ??      (Dec 1974 to Aug 1978?)


           IC Staff aide:   RAdm. Donald M. "Mac" Showers, USN (ret.),           

      In 1986, he was still wrestling with this issue and reorganized the IC Staff elements dealing with counterintelligence and internal security


      Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Stilwell argued that DOD should chair the subcommittee on countermeasure programs. Casey agreed, pointing out to SIG-I members that the subcommittees in any case reported to the SIG-I, which he chaired.


               Assistant Deputy Director:      Clare E. Petty   (maybe ??)       (?? To ??) 


                           Chief of Israeli Desk:           unknown

                                                                      James Angleton              (1955 to Dec. 1974 –retired   


      International Communism Branch:   unknown

                                                                Ralph McGehee  (worked for CIA from 1952 to 1977)

      Chief Special Operations Group (CI/SOG):   unknown

                                                                             Richard Ober            (Aug. 1967 to Mar. 1974)


           Chief of the Special Investigations Group (CI/SIG):  Birch D. O'Neal  

      (eight CIA officers in this unit)

                                             Assistant:  Paul Hartmann

                                                                    staff director:    Robert Bernard McMahon

                                                   CIA officers:        Anne "Betty" Egerter

                                                                                 Newton (Scotty) Miler

                                                                                 William Casey

                                                                                 Robert Bishop

                                                                                        John Mertz                             

       Chief of Research/ CI analysis:      Raymond G. Rocca    (1949 to 1980 ??)

                              Security Research Staff (SRS):   Paul Gaynor   

                                                                CIA officers:      Marguerite Stevens       

                                                                                William Miller 


      Senior liaison officer: (CI/LS):  Jane Roman     with FBI, etc

               Assistant:  Paul Hartmann

                                                                    staff director:    Robert Bernard McMahon

                                                   CIA officers:   Anne "Betty" Egerter

                                                                                 Newton (Scotty) Miler

                                                                                 William Casey

                                                                                 Robert Bishop

                                                                                  John Mertz                             

                                                                                  Marguerite Stevens       

                                                                      William Miller                                                                                                         


                     Deputy to CIA/FBI Robert Maheu:           Gerald Parsky   


                                 Ann Egerter

                                 Scotty Miler

                                 Birch O'Neal


       CIA historian:   Cleveland Cram,   (1976 to 1981)   "History of the Counterintelligence Staff 1954–1974" (1981), which remains classified



      Deputy Director for Domestic Division (DODS):     unknown 


      Chief of operations (C/DODS/OPS):  Tracy Barnes  (?? To  retired Dec. 1966)

                               CIA officer:       Stanley H. Gaines


         Chief Operations Officer:   E. Howard Hunt (aka Edward J. Hamilton)   (July 1960 to Mar. 1961)

      Hunt was with Project JMATE (a Castro assassination operation), assigned to Mexico City and Coral Gables, Florida.

                                      Contract agent:  John Noon


      Chief of Covert Action/  Chief of Operation Mockingbird:   

                                                                  Walter Raymond Jr.     (1978 to 1982)   

                                                                   Cord Meyer                      (?? To ??)

                                                                   E. Howard Hunt                (1962 to 1966?)

                                                                    Edgar Applewhite            (?? To ??)



      Chief  of Research and Publications Section, Facilities Branch (C/RB/SRS):  Bruce Solie

                                            CIA officer:    E. Howard Hunt  (July 1, 1962 to July 31, 1964)


           Chief of the Domestic Contacts Division:      Tracy Barnes (1962 to ??)

                                                                                    J. Walter Moore

                                                                  CIA officer:    Hans Totfe  (1962 to ??)           



      Contract agent Frederick Praeger ran a CIA front  Fodor Travel Guide Publishers,  published 15 or 16 books at the CIA's request and provided cover for CIA officers overseas.


      Contract agent  Henry L. Bretton, and author of The Rise and Fall of Kwame Nkrumah.  He was a professor of Political Science.


      Another front company:   Continental Press, Washington, D.C.  


      Contract agent Elizabeth McDonald   She said the CIA would plant editorials about candidate that CIA regarded as pro-CIA


           Chuck Hayes Fifth Column.was one of the founders of the CIA's Division D that developed  and  used  new spying techniques of electronic bugging. He is also supposed to be part of this group of contractors for the CIA called the Fifth Column.  Clay Lacy



      Deputy Director for Science and Technology Division: 
                                                                                     Leslie Dirks      (June 1, 1976 to July 3, 1982)                  

                                                           Dr. Albert D. "Bud" Wheelon     (Aug 5, 1963 to Sep 26,1966)                                                                                

                                                                                    Sheffield Edwards     (??  to  ??) 

                                                            Cornelius Roosevelt  ?? to ??   

                                                                                              Howard Osborne    ( ??  1964 to ??)                                             

      Science Advisor:   Joseph Scheide

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