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3nd Edition Jan 61 to Nov. 23, 1963 Kennedy Years CIA chart part 2

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    USAF - Air Research and Development Command, USAF- CIA National Reconnaissance Program: As of May 1953 (Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) - collecting and
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      USAF - Air Research and Development Command, USAF-  CIA National Reconnaissance Program:

      As of May 1953 (Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) - collecting and analyzing threat radar emitters – fingerprinting the signals and frequency range. radar's performance

      and would be vital to the designers and builders of electronic jammers.


      CIA officer S. Eugene (Gene) Poteat an electrical engineer and his career spanned more than 30 years in technical intelligence.He served in the CIA in London and Scandinavia.  Starting in 1960 he was in charge of  Projects Melody and Palladium.  Melody was an operation that analyzed ground-based Soviet missile tracking radars so that the US Air Force Strategic Air Command could plot routes for wartime bomber penetrations.   The project worked with Area 51 on stealth technology and ways to avoid Soviet Surface to Air SA-2, missiles.   It later included Soviet anti-ballistic missile tracking radars.


      C-97 and C-130 cargo aircraft that had concealed antennas were flown around the world along the periphery of all Communist countries and in the Berlin air corridors.   Project Melody's success with the high-powered, missile related radar led to the idea of using the moon as a distant bi-static reflector to intercept and locate the Tall King radar systems deployed in the Soviet Union.


      Project Palladium was the CIA's attempt to generate and inject carefully calibrated false targets into the radar units to trick the enemy into seeing and tracking "ghost aircraft."  We also needed to know the sensitivity of Soviet radar receivers and the proficiency of its operators.


      The idea was to use Palladium in conjunction with the Oxcart, the spy plane that gradually increased its stealth capabilities as research continued at Area 51. When this stealthy aircraft was in use, Palladium would emit the false signals to confuse enemy radar.   "Basically, the US received the radar signal and fed it into a variable-delay line before transmitting the signal back to the radar. By smoothly varying the length of the delay line, we could simulate the false target's range and speed. Knowing the radar's power and spatial coverage from the aircraft precision measurements, we could now simulate an aircraft of any radar cross section, from an invisible stealth airplane to one that made a large blip on Soviet radar screens — and anything in between, at any speed and altitude — and fly it along any prescribed path."


      Every Palladium operation consisted of a CIA team with its ghost aircraft system, an NSA team to monitor the communication links, and a military operations support team. Covert Palladium operations were carried out against a variety of Soviet radar sites around the world, from ground bases, naval ships, and submarines— submarine antenna installations being the trickiest.





      Later became the Director of the National Reconnaissance Office:

       Aka Office of Space Systems/Space Recon:  Wayne Pendleton

         tracking satellites running and analyzing intelligence collected from them. Support from the US Air Force with NASA and later the National photographic interpretation Center (NPIC)

      CIA officer:   Gene Poteat

       NRO Historian:  Gerald K. Haines


      Ballistic Missile Division, Vice Commander:    BG O. J. Ritland, USAF

      Worked with Bissell's Area 51 on U-2 program


      Assistant Deputy Director of Scientific Intelligence:   Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell

                                                                                                               Dr R.V. Jones    Sept. 1952 to

                                                                                             Dr Bertie Blount  (?? to Sept. 1952)

      Chief, TSD 9:   Cornelius V. S. Roosevelt                                                        (1960 to 1961)

      He was an electrical engineer  and his work for the CIA mainly involved creating devices to detect listening devices. He also took part as a subject in the CIA experiments on LSD

      He was the third child of Brigadier General  Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. who led the assault on Utah Beach, landing with the first wave of troops.


       Health Alteration Committee:    Dr. Sidney Gottlieb

                                                          Colonel Boris Pash


      Chief of the Chemical Division/ LSD-testing program: 


      Chief of Project ARTICHOKE (1951 to 1967):   BG Paul F. Gaynor

                                      Morse Allen ( Sept 1953 to Feb. 1954)   a former Naval intelligence officer and a behavioral researcher.


      Operation Dormouse was a covert operation launched in 1975 by the CIA to divert attention from Project Artichoke[1] and direct it to the infamous Project MKULTRA. The idea was that by exposing the MKULTRA program by essentially offering it to the press, any investigative attempts into the Project Artichoke would be diverted



      By 1961 Artichoke Teams were ordered to do as many as 257 specific assignments  -  "enhanced interrogations."


      Hypnosis expert:   Milton Klein   He claimed he can create a patsy in three months and a full-scale Manchurian Candidate takes six months.

      Project Monarch:  Hypnotizes was used in a continuation of research done by Nazi Germany that they called Marionette Programming.   Also used were drugs and extreme trauma (torture) to try and induce Multiple Personality Disorder (Dissociative Disorder).  The goals of Monarch were to induce hypnosis very rapidly in unwitting subjects, to create durable amnesia, and to implant du­rable and operationally useful post-hypnotic suggestion, "Manchurian Candidate."


      A CIA hypnosis study is done by Alden Sears at the University of Minnesota and later he it to the University of Denver, Colorado.  (Source: Nemesis by Peter Evans)


               MK/ULTRA: Dr. Sidney Gottlieb (1953- to May 61)

      Drugs- LSD, mescaline, peyote, amphetamines and etc. /torture used in interrogations

      In 1964, the project was renamed MK/SEARCH.


      The research-based program initiated 153 contracts to colleges, universities and research institutions nationwide ,prestigious institutions like Harvard, Columbia, and Tulane University.

                                                  CIA officer:    Dr. Robert Lashbrook


                                                      CIA contractor:    Dr. Harold Abramson LSD research

                                                      Herbert "Pete" Scoville      (19 Feb 1962 -15 Jun 1963)


      Chief of the Ft. Detrick's biological warfare (SO) Division:  Col. Vincent Ruwet

      In 1951, CIA entered into a formal agreement with SO Division


      Chief of Planning, Training and Intelligence Section, SO:   Major/ Dr. Frank Olson, USA

      (??– was allegedly murdered by CIA on Nov. 1953)



      MK/OFTEN was to "test the behavioral and toxicological effects of certain drugs on animals and humans.  As part of Operation Often CIA employees visited with and recruited fortune-tellers, palm-readers, clairvoyants, astrologists, mediums, psychics, specialists in demonology, witches and warlocks, Satanists, other occult practitioners.


                     FBN special agent/CIA officer:         Charles Siragusa

      He worked with LSD testing on unsuspecting US citizens, Project Artichoke

        only two field stations, Manila and Atsugi, had LSD material( source: CIA Memo for Inspector General Subject: Use of LSD 12.1.53)


               MK/DELTA:  materials were also used for harassment, discrediting, or disabling purposes


      Federal Bureau of Narcotics /San Francisco supervisor: George H. White   (1953 to retired 1965 ) / Project Artichoke/He ran Operation Midnight Climax where three brothels used for testing LSD on unsuspecting johns 

          FBN field supervisor:  Charlie Siragusa

                                  FBN officer:  Ike Feldman

                                  CIA officer:      Cal Saler


      Project MK/CHICKWIT was a covert Department of Defense program developed in conjunction with the CIA. A partner program to MK/SEARCH, the goal of MK/CHICKWIT was to "identify new drug developments in Europe and Asia and to obtain information and samples".





      Deputy Director for Operations (DDO)--/ Deputy Director for Plans)

                                                           Thomas H. Karamessines   (July 31, 1967 resigned Feb. 1973)

                                                                    Desmond FitzGerald    (1963 to died of a on July, 31, 1967)

                                                                      Richard M. Helms     ( Feb 17, 1962 -1963)  

                                                                 Richard M. Bissell, Jr.     (1 Jan 1959 to fired 17 Feb 1962)


         Assistant Deputy Director for Plans/DDO (operations): 

                                                               Thomas H. Karamessines   (Apr. 1962 to July 31, 1967)

      Karasemmines and his trusted associate George Joannides monitoring the movements of Oswald before the assassination.

      ONI/CIA and FBI confidential informant:  Lee Harvey Oswald  ( ?? to murdered Nov. 1963)


                                                      Lt. Gen.  Marshall Carter, USA        (Feb 1962 to Apr 1962)

                                    Lt. Gen. Charles P. Cabell, USAF    (1956 to Feb. 1, 1962)

                              Director of the Joint Staff for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in 1951 to 1956

                                                    CIA officers:   Joe Bryon -  friend of Wisner

                                                                                            Tracy Barnes   


      Covert Action Staff of the Directorate of Plans:   Cord Meyer                    (1962 to 1967)

                                           CIA officer:   Robert "Bob" T. Crowley           (1947 to mid-1980s)

      Covert operations money laundering/Shadow CIA:  Paul L.E. Helliwell    CIA front banks   


      USAF, Military Support of the Clandestine Operations:

                            Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty   (1955–1964)   


      Chief of the International Organizations Division (IOD):   Cord Meyer     (Nov. 1954 to 1967)

                                                                   OSS and /CIA      Thomas Braden   (1944 to Nov. 1954)

      In March 1962 the International Organization Division merged with DDO.

      Meyer was dedicated to infiltrating academic, trade and political associations. The objective was to control potential radicals and to steer them to the right.  He supervised Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, that from Europe broadcast to Eastern Europe.  The Meyer family had some of their wealth tied up in sugar interests in Cuba.

      Chief, Security Officer, International Organizations Division:  John C. Richards Oct. 18, 1959?

              Chief of Propaganda operations/Political and Psychological Warfare: 

                                                                                Joseph Bryan III               1969

                                                                            Desmond FitzGerald                (?? to 1963 )

                                                                                                Edgar Applewhite             (Nov. 1954 To ??)

                                                                                 Cord Meyer                     (1953 to Nov. 1954) 

                                CIA officer:   Wistar M. Janney   


      Contract agents:                               Irving Brown     (AFL union boss  

                                                               Jay Lovestone    (Ladies Garment Workers Union boss)

      He hired for his union's New York regional director, John Dioguardi, member of the Lucchese mafia family.  He was blamed by US Attorney Paul Williams for blinding a labor journalist Victor Riesel and subsequent murder of the man who threw acid in Riesel's face.


                           CIA-front organizations:     Radio Liberty

                                                                      Congress for Cultural Freedom 


       Possible undercover CIA officer agent Priscilla Johnson As a student she was a member of the United World Federalists another front run by Meyer.


              Chief of Operation Mockingbird:    Robert "Bob" T. Crowley  

      Crowley served in the US Army in the Pacific theater during World War II in military intelligence and Naval Intelligence.   After the war, he remained in the United States Army Reserve.  He was a long-time liaison with corporations.   Corporations like ITT were often used by the CIA as fronts for moving large amounts of cash off their books.    Crowley's real expertise within the CIA was learning and knowing the make-up of the Soviet KGB.  Crowley was a close friend of James Jesus Angleton.


      Crowley stated that the CIA used PR firms like the Hill and Knowlton's (H&K) "to put out press releases and make media contacts to further its positions. ...H&K employees at the small Washington office and elsewhere distributed this material through CIA assets working in the United Stated news media." "Hill and Knowlton's overseas offices were perfect cover for the ever-expanding CIA. Unlike other cover jobs, being a public relations specialist did not require technical training for CIA officers."  News organizations ordered their employees to cooperate with the CIA, including the San Diego-based Copley News Service.

                          American reporter and contract agent:      Priscilla L. Johnson

      In 1953 Johnson went to work for Senator John F. Kennedy.

      On 6th May, 1958, the Chief of CI/OA submitted a request for operational approval on Johnson. The operation for which she was being considered is still classified.


                              American reporter and contract agent:    Arline Mosby                                                           

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