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Jan. 1977 to Dec. 1980 The Pres. Carter Years part 2

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  • DickM
    Chief of the Western Hemisphere Division: Cleveland Cram (1972 to retired 1975) Ted Shackley (Feb. 1971 to 1972) Deputy chief (WH/4): Jacob
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       Chief of  the Western Hemisphere Division:    Cleveland Cram   (1972 to retired 1975)

                                                                                 Ted Shackley       (Feb. 1971 to 1972)

           Deputy chief (WH/4):        Jacob Esterline                                 (1972 to ??)                                                            

                   Senior staffer:     John M. Whitten (aka John Scelso)    


           Chief of Special Affairs Staff :    unknown

                              CIA torturer Dan Mitrione

      Assistant/executive officer SAD: Sam Halpern

                             CIA officer Vincent Thill


      Chief of the Psychological Warfare:  George Joannides (codename Howard)  

      Assistant:  Joseph Langosch


      CIA pilots:   William"Tosh" Plumlee and Berry Seal

      Russell Bowen started up several airlines in South America (1960s and 1970s)

      (on his orders of  William Casey) 


      CIA officers:  Ross Crozier and William Kent


         Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Inter-American Affairs:  Nestor Sanchez                                                                                                                                        (1985 to ??)  (NOTE this guy is assigned to DoD but controlling operations in Latin America??)


       Chief of the "Cuban Group":  Nestor Sanchez    (?? to ??)

                tied closely with E. Howard Hunt, Ted Shackley, and US Army 10th SF Group  and working on cocaine trafficking to US via operation  


                       Assassin-  CIA officer Carl E. Jenkins    (1973 to 1975 or 1976)

           CIA officers:     Philip Agee  (?? To resigned ??)  wrote a book Inside The Company

                                                Felix Rodriguez                                                                  

                             Contract agents:    David Morales  

            Rafael Quintero                                           

                                                            Rolando Cubelas Secades


             Chief of the Mexico:      unknown   

                                                Bruce Berckmans   (allegedly left the agency in Jan 1975)

                                                John Murray                                             (  ?? to May 1973)

                      CIA Headquarters Mexico City desk:    Charlotte Bustos  


                    anti-Castro CIA contract agents:  ( assassin) Daniel Morales    (??  to  May 1973  to ??)

                                       ( mafia)  Johnny Roselli    (??  to  May 1973  to ??  murdered Aug. 7, 1976)

                                                      Manuel Artime                             (??  to  May 1973  to ??)

                                                       Rip Robertson                              (??  to  May 1973  to ??)

                                   (Assassin)   Tony Sforza                (?? to  May 1973  to ??, died 1978 or 1984)                                                              

           Chief of station in Jamaica:    John Murray        (May 1973   to ??)                                           


           Chief of Station Guatemala:       unknown

                                                                                 Nestor Sanchez              (1967-1968)

          Chief of Station El Salavador:    unknown

                               Felix Rodrýguez,  aka Max Gomez                                  (1985 to ??)

                               his deputy  Luis Posada Carriles , aka Ramon Medina    (1985 to ??)


          Chief of Station Honduras:         unknown


                                      CIA pilot:      Eugene Hasenfus   (?? to   mid- 1980s)

            CIA pilot: M. Gene Wheaton and co-owner of  National Air   (?? To 1985 ?)


          Chief of Station Nicaragua:        unknown


           Chief of Station Panama:        unknown

                                                         Lawrence Sternfeld   (?? To ??)

      Luis Posada Carriles, Gaspar Jimenez Escobedo, Guillermo Novo Sampoll and Pedro Remon Rodriguez   (Nov. 2000 were arrested for attempted murder of Fedel Castro,  Nov. 2004 pardoned and returned to USA.


           Chief of Station Colombia:       unknown   

                                                             Nestor Sanchez       (1972-1974)


                       Chief of Station Madrid, Spain:    Nestor Sanchez       (Aug. 1976 to ??)


            Chief of Station Venezuela:   unknown

                                                              Nestor Sanchez       (1965-1967)

                       Luis Posada Carriles (July 1967 Mar. 1974) joined the Venezuelan secret police


          Chief of Station, Uruguay:   E. Howard Hunt  (GS-15) dates ??

           CIA case officer:  E. Howard Hunt  worked with anti-Castro Cubans  (20+ years)


          Chief of Station, Santiago, Chile:   Stewart D. Burton  (1974 to ??)

                                                                      Henry Hecksher    (?? To ??)

      CIA HQ, Chile/Argentina Desk:      David Atlee Phillips   (GS-15)  (?? To ??)


            anti-Castro Cuban, CIA contract agents:

                         Orlando Bosch, Guillermo Novo, and Dionisio Suarez   (Dec. 1974 to ??)

                            Luis Posada Carriles   (Mar. 1974 to ??)  possible running a front company to                support operation Condor


       Chief of Station Canada:       Cleveland Cram       (1971-1975)

                                                                Unknown             (1965 to 1971)

                                                      Rolfe Kingsley, Jr.        (1960 to 1965)



      Chief of Far East Division:    Maj. Gen. John Singlaub     (??   1973 to fired Mar. 1977)                                               

                                                             William E. Colby    (1962 to 1968) 


          Deputy Chief:                            William E. Colby         (1962)


              Chief of Station Honolulu, Hawaii:    Jack W. Rardin

                                                          John C. "Jack" Kindschi   (?? to retired 1981)

                                                                        Eugene J. Welch    1980?


             Chief of station in Tokyo:   Henry Hecksher     (?? to ??)

                                          Finance officer:    James Wilcott    


        Chief of Station Philippines:    unknown


        Chief of Station Jakarta, Indonesian:  Warren E. Frank                   (June 1980  to ??)

                                                                           Carl Edward Gebhardt    (1977 to June 1980)

                                                                            Stuart E. Methven            (1969 to 1974 ??)

                                                                            Joseph Burkholder Smith   (?? To ??)

                      Deputy Chief of station:           Harrison McAlpine                   (July 1979 to 1980)

                 CIA Liaison for USAID:   Vicent Michael Shields

                                       CIA officer:      Robert H. Mills               (1980 ??) 


              Consulate Surabaya, eastern Java, Indonesian:  William H. Wright   (1977 ??)

                     CIA officer/USAID:    Robert H. Mills                     (1972 to 1974)


      Chief of Station, Taiwan:        Maj. Gen. John Singlaub     (??   1973 to fired Mar. 1977)  

                                                                 Paul Helliwell                                 (?? To 1973

                                                                Ray Cline                                        (1973  to ??)


                   Chief of front company operations:   Paul Helliwell 

      Pacific Corporation

               Air America boss:        Hugh Grundy   (?? To ??)

                                                 700 pilots and 10,000 employees.

       Air Asia,  

       Sea Supply Company


       Chief of Station, Vientiane, Laos:       unknown   

           USAID adviser and CIA officer:   Harrison McAlpine         (1971 to 1974)

                           Hmong Army base camp chief:  Carl E. Jenkins    (1970 to retired 1973)            

                                     CIA officers: Carl E. Jenkins   1952?   (1969 to 1970)  

                                                           Jerry O. Daniels   (?? to May 1975)

                                         Contract agent:   General Vang Pao -Laos


        Chief of Station Bangkok, Thailand:    Robert "Red" Jantzen

                                                                       Daniel Arnold      (1975 to 1977 to ??)

                            CIA? / BG Harry Aderholt, USAF        (June 1970 to May 1975 to 1979?)

                                                                   Richard Armitage                     (1975 to 1979)


       Chief of Station Cambodia:   unknown   

                                          CIA & Col. William Francis Buckley, USA, SF   (1972)                                                                                                 


       Chief of Station Australia:   Ted Shackley                   (Feb.1972 to 1975)

                                                     MiltonCorley Wonus          ??

                                                     John Walker                          ??

                         Bernie Houghton


                            CIA officers:   Peer de Silva, John Denley Walker and Milton Wonus


             Moved cash to Australia  -        CIA officer Jerry O. Daniels    (1975 to 1977)

                                                                Ted Shackley                            (late 1973 to April 1975)

                                                              Thomas Clines                             (late 1973 to April 1975)



      CIA officer Ralph W. McGehee -- Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Bangkok, Thailand (Sept.1965 to 1968), Saigon (1968 to ??)  and then Thailand (1952 to retired 1977)


      Chief Middle East Division:  


      Chief of station, Beirut, Lebanon: 

                  CIA & Col. William Francis Buckley, USA, SF       (?? to  Mar. 1984 tortured/killed)

                                                                      Ken Haas                  

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