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Jan. 1977 to Dec. 1980 The Pres. Carter Years part 5

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  • DickM
    Let s start with Wackenhut. I didn t play ball with Wackenhut so they poisoned the well for me. I m in jail because I worked for Wackenhut. The government has
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      "Let's start with Wackenhut. I didn't play ball with Wackenhut so they poisoned the well for me. I'm in jail because I worked for Wackenhut. The government has put together a very simple drug case against me ... as if that's what I'm about, just a druggie."


           Riconosciuto said the people behind the drug trafficking were…

      " It's a self supporting system, they don't have to go through Congress ...  It's The Company.   Arms get shipped to the Contras, the Afghanistan rebels [Mujahaden], the Middle East. You know, to fight the Soviet influence. But the Contras and the Mujahaden don't have money to pay for arms, so they pay with drugs, cocaine or heroin. The Company handles the drug end of it in the U.S ..."


        At this point I should point out that Wackenhut was also involved in illegal US operations in Central America in the 1980s. According to Edward Herman and Gerry O'Sullivan in The Terrorism Industry,  Wackenhut quickly got involved with right death squads.  During 1985 and 1986 former CIA officer Ernesto Bermudez ran Wackenhut's operations in El Salvador, where he was in charge of 1,500 men. When asked what 1,500 men were doing for Wackenhut in El Salvador, Bermudez replied coyly, "Things.  Things you wouldn't want your mother to know about." He was also Wackenhut's director of international operations from 1987 to 1989.  Wackenhut's annual revenues from government contracts--the alleged reward for cooperation in government's clandestine activities-increased by 150 million, a 45 percent jump, while Ronald Reagan was in office.


      Continuing on with Riconosciuto's disclosures to Ted Gunderson.


           Riconosciuto said a man named Richard Knozzi had allegedly headed major US government sanctioned methamphetamine drug-trafficking operation in Fresno, Madera and Mariposa counties, CA.    Riconosciuto said a man named Al Holbert was the liaison or connection between the Knozzi operation and the U.S. government.   


           Riconosciuto also said while he was attending Stanford University, he had been originally recruited into the CIA by Al Holbert in 1966.  He said Al Holbert was an Israeli intelligence officer (or a Soviet GRU spy) with U.S. citizenship.  Their relationship most of that time had been devoted to complex drug research activities in California until 1981. 


       (The Last Circle, by Cherie Seymore)



          More information about this whole Wackenhut-Cabazon operation came to light during an  FBI investigation of  Robert Booth Nichols in a mafia-related money laundering of drug trafficking funds and for stock fraud.   Later the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) got involved in an investigation of the PROMIS software thief.   The RCMP's suspected people inside the US Justice Department were involved.


          They obtained FBI wiretap summaries of telephone conversations between Robert Booth Nichols and another of his then-partners in First Intercontinental Development Corp, (FIDCO).  FIDCO was a Middle Eastern operation that ran arms into and heroin out of Lebanon's Beqaa (Bekaa) Valley


            The wiretap summaries read like a who's who of alleged mafia figures, Harold Okimoto and Jose Londono.   Londono was one of the founders of The Cali Cartel.    Okimoto owned food concessions in casinos around the world----Las Vega, Reno, Macao, and the Middle East.  Harold Okimoto was a high-ranking member of the Yakuza.


           Okimoto had long history of working for the OSS in Japan after WWII and he had worked under Frank Carlucci who served as Secretary of Defense and Deputy Director of the CIA.  It is interesting to note the number of former CIA and military people who went to work of Wackenhut  after retirement.   These people were former FBI director Clarence Kelley, former Defense secretary and CIA deputy director Frank Carlucci, former Defense Intelligence Agency director Gen. Joseph Carroll, former Secret Service director James J. Rowley, former Marine commandant P.X. Kelley, former CIA deputy director Adm. Bobby Ray Inman, and previous to becoming CIA director, William J. Casey was Wackenhut's outside legal counsel.   This follows the same pattern as the Nugan Hand Bank, whose executive were retired Generals and CIA leaders.


      The Board of Directors of FIDCO consisted of the following principles:


       Robert A. Maheu, Sr. :  He was worked for Las Vegas billionaire Howard Hughes in running Hughes Casino/ hotel businesses and thereby he got in touch with organized-crime leaders Sam Giancana, Johnny Rosselli, and Santos Trafficante, Jr.   In the early 1960s Maheu was used by the CIA as a go-between to enlisting the help of Mafiosi John Roselli and Sam Giancana in the US attempts to assassinate Castro.

       Robert Booth Nichols:   Sr. Vice President and Chairman of Investment Committee Chief Executive Officer of R.B.N. Companies, International, a holding company for manufacturing and development of high technology electronics, real estate development, construction and international finance.   He
      worked for many US intelligence agencies (including the NSC and CIA) and with the Gambino mafia family and Yakuza.   He also the boss of Glenn Shockley.   Shockley worked with Jose Londono   (according to Michael Riconosciuto  -  The Last Circle by Cheri Seymour, pgs 82 -84).


       Clint W. Murchison, Jr.: Almost 20 percent of the Murchison Oil Lease Company in Oklahoma was owned by Gerardo Catena, chief lieutenant to the Genovese mafia family.   When J. Edgar Hoover visited the (Murchison) Hotel Del Charro, as he did every summer between 1953 and 1959, Murchison picked up his tab. That amounted to about $19,000 of free vacations for the FBI Director over those years.

               Glenn Shockley was a director both on Meridian International Logistics, Inc. and FIDCO.

      George K. Pender was in charge of a $3 billion fund to reconstruct Beirut, Lebanon after the 1982  Israeli invasion of the country.  Tthe Lebanese President Amin Gamayel's finance chief, Samei el Khouri was an important link in shipping tons of heroin to Sicily, Italy for re-shipment to the US, in these affairs.

      FIDCO and Intersect (Software) Corporation, as CIA front companies, regularly transferred millions of dollars to finance the CIA's arms and plane sales businesses. Two banks identified in these transactions are Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and Credit Suisse in Zurich and Geneva.  John Elliott of Fairfax was cited in the press as working for the "Intersect Corporation" which "does security work for the government."




            Investigative journalist Danny Casolaro, 44, questioned employees at the Department of Justice about the information regarding the Cali Cartel.  Robert Booth Nichols was furious with Casolaro – and even threatened Casolaro with death if he didn't better back off in his investigation.   A week later on August 10, 1991, Casolaro was "suicided" (aka killed in a way to make it look like a suicide).   (The Last Circle pg. 213). 


           A journalist for the Financial Times, Anson Ng, who was following a CIA-connected money trail connecting the weapons smugglers to Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) money tranches, including one that led through the Cabazon Indian Reservation in California, was shot and killed in Guatemala City.  And a British journalist, Jonathan Moyle, investigating Chilean arms manufacturer weapons smuggling ring was murdered in Chile.


          This all just add to the confusion around this whole mystery.  So to summarize, we have likely biological weapons research being conducted after Nixon's treaty with the Soviet Union in 1969 being conducted at this Wackenhut-Cabazon Indian reservation facility and links to illegal arms shipments to the Contras.  In addition the anti-Castro Cuban CIA contact agents were a part of Oliver North's secret funding and arming of the Contras.


            When I read all this I had no idea that the biological warfare was still being allegedly being waged against Cuba during the late 1970s and early 1980s.  I think there is a link between this a link here with this Cabazon/ Wackenhut operation.






           The AIDS pathogen was created out of a Brucella bacterium mutated with a visna virus; then the toxin was removed as a DNA particle called a mycoplasma. They used the same mycoplasma to develop disabling diseases like MS, Crohn's colitis, Lyme disease, etc.


           In the previously mentioned US congressional document of a meeting held on June 9, 1969, (12) the Pentagon delivered a report to Congress about biological weapons. The Pentagon stated: "We are continuing to develop disabling weapons." Dr MacArthur, who was in charge of the research, said: "We are developing a new lethal weapon, a synthetic biological agent that does not naturally exist, and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired."


      If you have a deficiency of acquired immunity, you have an acquired immunity deficiency, AIDS.


           In laboratories throughout the United States and in a certain number in Canada including at the University of Alberta, the US Government provided the leadership for the development of AIDS. After the scientists had perfected it, the government sent medical teams from the Centers for Disease Control-under the direction of Dr Donald A. Henderson, their investigator into the 1957 chronic fatigue epidemic in Punta Gorda—during 1969 to 1971 to Africa and some countries such as India, Nepal and Pakistan.  They gave them all a free vaccination against smallpox; but five years after receiving this vaccination, 60% of those inoculated were suffering from AIDS.

          Concerning total AIDS deaths, Dr. Campbell Douglass writes: "Dr. Strecker points out that even if the African green monkey could transmit AIDS to humans, the present known amount of infection in Africa makes it statistically impossible for a single episode to have brought this epidemic it is now.  In 15 years, from a single source of infection there would be about 8,000 cases in Africa, not 75 million in 1987. 

            A professor at the University of Arkansas made the claim that while studying the tissues of a dead chimpanzee she found traces of HIV. The chimpanzee that she had tested was born in the United States 23 years earlier. It had lived its entire life in a US military laboratory where it was used as an experimental animal in the development of these diseases. When it died, its body was shipped to a storage place where it was deep-frozen and stored in case they wanted to analyze it later. Then they decided that they didn't have enough space for it, so they said, "Anybody want this dead chimpanzee?" and this researcher from Arkansas said: "Yes. Send it down to the University of Arkansas. We are happy to get anything we can get." They shipped it down and she found HIV in it. That virus was acquired by that chimpanzee in the laboratories where it was tested.

            The doubling time of the number of people infected, about every 14 months, when correlated with the first known case and the present known number of cases, prove beyond a doubt that a large number of people had to have been infected at the same time. Starting in 1972 with the first case from our mythical monkey and doubling the number infected from the single source you get only a few thousand cases. From 1972 to 1987 is 15 years or 180 months. If it takes 14 months to double the number of cases then there would have been 13 doublings, one then 2, then 4, then 8, etc. In 15 years, from a single source of infection there would be about 8,000 cases in Africa, not 75 million. [That's his bottom line then for Africa alone] We are approaching World War II mortality statistics here-without a shot being fired."

           Why did AIDS explode practically simultaneously in Africa, Haiti, Brazil, the United States and southern Japan.  As early as 1970, the World Health Organization (WHO)was growing these deadly animal viruses in human tissue cultures. Cedric Mims, in 1981, said in a published article that there was a bovine virus contaminating the culture media of the WHO. Was this an accident or a "non-accident"? If it was an accident why did WHO continue to use the vaccine?

          This viral and genetic death bomb, AIDS, was finally produced in 1974. It was given to monkeys and they died of pneumocystis carni which is typical of AIDS.

          Dr. Robert Strecker along with the help of his brother, Theodore, a lawyer, in 1983 the two compiled extensive research of the epidemic which ultimately became The Strecker Memorandum.

          Dr. Robert and Theodore tried to share their findings with national, state and local authorities, they received only two responses. On August 11, 1988, Ted Strecker, was found shot to death in his home in Springfield, Missouri. The death was ruled a suicide, in spite of the fact that Dr. Robert Strecker had spoken to his brother on the phone the night before, and Ted was both healthy and in good spirits.

            On September 12, 1988, the lone political official who had responded to the Streckers' findings, Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff of Chicago, was found dead in his home. The autopsy claimed he died of a stroke as a result of an overdose of cocaine and heroin. Huff had been an outspoken supporter of Dr. Strecker's work to publicize what was in essence an AIDS cover-up.

          Dr. Strecker indicated that the AIDS virus was in fact developed by the National Cancer Institute, in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO), in a laboratory at Ft. Dietrick in Maryland. From 1970- 1974, this laboratory facility was part of the US Army's germ warfare unit, known as the Army Infectious Disease Unit, or Special Operations Division, also referred to as the Army's Chemical Biological Warfare Laboratory.  Post 1974, the facility was renamed the National Cancer Institute (NCI). According to researcher William Cooper (former Navy Intelligence), noted in Larry Jamison's article Is The AIDS Virus Man Made?, this work was supervised by the CIA under a project called MK-NAOMI.

          Also in
      the chairman of the Republican Task Force on Earth Resources and Population,  George H. W. Bush, U.S. Representative from Texas, 7th District (1967-1971), stressed the pressing need for population control activities to fend off "a growing Third World crisis."

           Today presently there are 5-10 million people in the United States with AIDS. In our opinion, Africa lay on the verge of extinction, due to the infection there of 75-150 million.

             They used smallpox vaccine for their vehicle and the geographical sites chosen in 1972 were Uganda and other African states, Haiti, Brazil and Japan. The present or recent past of AIDS epidemiology coincides with these geographical areas.

            Why did they say that it was a homosexual and drug-user disease when in Africa it was obviously a heterosexual disease?

           There are precedents. This is not the first time the virologist have brought us disaster. SV-40 virus from monkey cell cultures contaminated polio cultures. Most people in their 40's are now carrying this virus through contaminated polio inoculations given in the early 60's. It is known to cause brain cancer which explains the increase in this disease that we have seen in the past ten years.

           This is the origin of the green monkey theory. The polio vaccine was grown on green monkey kidney cells. Sixty-four million Americans were
      vaccinated with SV-40-contaminated vaccine in the 60's.
      An increase in cancer of the brain, possibly multiple sclerosis, and gawd only knows what else is the tragic result. The delay between vaccination and the onset of cancer with this virus is as long as 20-30 years.

          Although some AIDS has been brought to the United States from Haiti by homosexuals, it would not be enough to explain the explosion of AIDS that occurred simultaneously with the African and Haitian epidemics.   The AIDS virus didn't exist in the United States before 1978. You can check back in any hospital and no stored blood samples can be found anywhere that exhibit the AIDS virus before that date.

          What happened in 1978 and beyond to cause AIDS to burst upon the scene and devastate the homosexual segment of our population? It was the introduction of the hepatitis B vaccine which exhibits the exact epidemiology of AIDS.   The Centers for Disease Control reported in 1981 that four percent of those receiving the hepatitis-vaccine were AIDS-infected. In 1984 they admitted to 60 percent. Now they refuse to give out figures at all because they don't want to admit that 100 percent of hepatitis vaccine receivers are infected with AIDS.

           There is absolutely no scientific evidence that this laboratory-engineered virus was present in Africa before the World Health Organization descended upon these people in 1967 with their deadly AIDS-laced smallpox vaccine. The AIDS virus didn't come from Africa. It came from Fort Detrick, Maryland, U.S.A. 




      AIDS was created out of a Brucella bacterium mutated with a visna virus



          Crystalline Brucella is a pathogen that was patented by the United States military and Dr Shyh-Ching Lo per a documented patent from the US Patent Office.


           In 1942, the governments of the United States, Canada and Britain entered into a secret agreement to create two types of biological weapons (one that would kill, and one that was disabling) for use in the war against Germany and Japan, who were also developing biological weapons. While they researched a number or disease pathogens, they primarily focused on the Brucella bacterium and began to weaponise it.


           From its inception, the biowarfare program was characterized by continuing in-depth review and participation by the most eminent scientists, medical consultants, industrial experts and government officials, and it was classified Top Secret.


           The US Public Health Service also closely followed the progress of biological warfare research and development from the very start of the program, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States were working with the military in weaponising these diseases. These are diseases that have existed for thousands of years, but they have been weaponised—which means they've been made more contagious and more effective. And they are spreading.

           There are 200 species of Mycoplasma. Most are innocuous and do no harm; only four or five are pathogenic. Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitus strain) probably comes from the nucleus of the Brucella bacterium. This disease agent is not a bacterium and not a virus; it is a mutated form of the Brucella bacterium, combined with a visna virus, from which the mycoplasma is extracted.

           The pathogenic Mycoplasma used to be very innocuous, but biological warfare research conducted between 1942 and the present time has resulted in the creation of more deadly and infectious forms of Mycoplasma. Researchers extracted this mycoplasma from the Brucella bacterium and actually reduced the disease to a crystalline form. They "weaponised" it and tested it on an unsuspecting public in North America.

           Dr Maurice Hilleman, chief virologist for the pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme, stated that this disease agent is now carried by everybody in North America and possibly most people throughout the world.

           The Special Virus Cancer Program, created by the CIA and NIH to develop a deadly pathogen for which humanity had no natural immunity (AIDS), was disguised as a war on cancer but was actually part of the CIA's operation MK-NAOMI. "



      Crystalline Brucella


           The title page of a genuine US Senate, The Special Virus Cancer Program: Progress Report No. 8 was declassified on February 24, 1977, shows that George Merck, of the pharmaceutical company, Merck Sharp & Dohme (which now makes cures for diseases that at one time it created), reported in 1946 to the US Secretary of War that his researchers had managed "for the first time" to "isolate the disease agent in crystalline form".


          They had produced a crystalline bacterial toxin extracted from the Brucella bacterium. The bacterial toxin could be removed in crystalline form and stored, transported and deployed without deteriorating. It could be delivered by other vectors such as insects, aerosol or the food chain (in nature it is delivered within the bacterium). But the factor that is working in the Brucella is the mycoplasma.


          Brucella is a disease agent that doesn't kill people; it disables them. But, according to Dr Donald MacArthur of the Pentagon, appearing before a congressional committee in 1969, researchers found that if they had mycoplasma at a certain strength—actually, 10 to the 10th power—it would develop into AIDS, and the person would die from it within a reasonable period of time because it could bypass the natural human defenses.  If the strength was 10 to 8, the person would manifest with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. If it was l0 to 7, they would present as wasting; they wouldn't die and they wouldn't be disabled, but they would not be very interested in life; they would waste away.


      One salt shaker of the pure brucellosis disease agent in a crystalline form could sicken the entire population of Canada. It is absolutely deadly, not so much in terms of killing the body but disabling it.


      Crystalline Brucella and Multiple Sclerosis


           In a 1949 report, Drs Kyger and Haden suggested "the possibility that multiple sclerosis might be a central nervous system manifestation of chronic brucellosis". Testing approximately 113 MS patients, they found that almost 95% also tested positive for Brucella. We have a document from a medical journal, which concludes that one out of 500 people who had brucellosis would develop what they call neurobrucellosis; in other words, brucellosis in the brain, where the Brucella settles in the lateral ventrides—where the disease multiple sclerosis is basically located.

          In the book The Brucellosis Triangle the authors, supported by extensive (and often startling) supporting documentation, much from government documents not previously available to the public, demonstrate that the fundamental pathogenic component giving rise to the neurodegenerative, systemic-degenerative diseases are the brucellla species: melitensis, abortus and suis. Brucella infection affect all the major body systems: neurologic, cardio-vascular; musculo-skeletal; digestive; genito-urinary and pulmonary.

           In the early 1940's researchers developed the technical capacity to isolate the bacterial toxin from the brucella bacteria and to reduce it to a crystalline form. Thus, they had the disease agent without the original bacteria and in an extremely virulent form. This crystalline bacterial toxin was capable of diffusion by primary aerosol and by insect vector. The pathogen was tested in Britain, the US, Iceland and Australia, producing outbreaks of "mystery" diseases variously labels "Neuromyasthemia", "Iceland Disease", "Royal Free Disease", and others. The tests in the US were conducted by the CIA/Military under the supervision of the NIH and the CDC. Thus, these agencies had a most compelling reason for obscuring the historic record.

           The book goes on to describe the experimentation which would lead to testing the pathogen in different areas of Canada and the US on unsuspecting citizens. The resultant new infective sub-viral organism was refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes since "no natural immunity could have been acquired". The diseases are contagious but will only manifest as active diseases if the recipient is genetically pre-disposed, has a compromised immune system, and if there is some triggering trauma.


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