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History of some Mysterious Deaths Part 10

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  • DickM
    The following is a group of some people who have died that were connected to the 9/11 truth groups Dr. David Christopher Kelly was an employee of the United
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      The following is a group of some people who have died that were connected to the 9/11 truth groups

      Dr. David Christopher Kelly was an employee of the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense (MoD), an expert in biological warfare and a former United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq.  He was found dead days after appearing before the Parliamentary investigative committee on July 17, 2003, an alleged suicide (murdered).   Kelly was unhappy with some of the claims that Iraq was capable of firing battlefield biological and chemical weapons within 45 minutes of an order to use them.  Dr. Rouse, a British epidemiologist wrote that the act of committing suicide by severing wrist arteries is an extremely rare occurrence in a 59-year-old man with no previous psychiatric history.  In both the Vince Foster and Dr. David Kelly alleged suicides, there was not enough blood or tissue found on the ground by paramedics at the spot where the bodies were found.

      Berth Champagne, 62, on October 10, 2003, was found crushed to death by her own car in front of Marvin Bush's home.

      She was the baby sitter for Marvin P. Bush's family. Marvin was the director of Securacom/Stratesec a Saudi backed company until June 2001.  This company provided security alarm protection to the Twin towers.

      John J. Kokal, 58, was found dead on November 7, 2003. He may have jumped from the roof of the State Department. Kokal's State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research Near East and South Asian division (INR/NESA) was at the forefront of confronting false claims that Iraq possessed weapons.

      January 23, 2006 -- Informed sources report that Colonel Ted Westhusing who was in Iraq, was prepared to blow the whistle on fraud involving US Investigations Services (USIS), a Carlyle Group company, when he died by a gunshot wound to the head.   He had also discovered links between USIS principals and clandestine events involving the Iran-Contra scandal of the Reagan-Bush I administrations. Westhusing has also linked USIS to the illegal killing and torture of Iraqis.

      Christopher Landis committed suicide about a week after he gave CITGO witnesses testimony on film about which side of the CITGO gas station he saw the alleged flight 77,

      The obituary was published in the Washington post on November 16th 2006.

      He was a former Operations Manager for Safety Service Patrol for the Virginia Department of Transportation.  He gave the makers of the makers of The Pentagon a film collection and answered question.  These film makers were interviewing witnesses who were at the  CITCO gas station as a jet flew on an approach flight path, but the 13 witnesses stated the jet (allegedly flight 77) flew on the wrong side of the gas station and making it impossible for the damage to have occurred in the Pentagon.


      Salvatore Princiotta on May 23, 2007     He was murdered. Firefighter who responded to the Twin Towers on 9/11.

      Paul Smith: on October 7, 2007 he was run over by a taxi cab that was cut off by a unknown driver of another car.

      Was a helicopter pilot of ABC's 9/11 "International Shot" which shows the second plane flying into the Twin Towers.

      John Del Giorno was the cameraman in Paul Smith helicopter on 9/11.  He refuses to talk about what he saw on 9/11.

      Deborah Palfrey:  (aka the DC Madam) April 15, 2008 allegedly hung herself to death

      She ran a prostitution ring that had the alleged hijackers as her customers.  Former NSA officials noted the her prostitutes were being chauffeured by limousines to poker parties attended by former CIA Director and co-chair of the Joint9/11 Intelligence Inquiry by Porter Goss.  In May 2006, Goss abruptly resigned possibly due to this scandal.  On 9/11 Goss was having breakfast with the head of Pakistan's intelligence agency General Mahmud Ahmed the man who order that  wire transfer of $100.000 to alleged lead 9/11 hijacker Mohammad Atta.  

      She said, "I have information that would been of  great interest to the 9/11 Commission"…information "to do with intelligence they knew before 9/11." She said in a video tape of the Alan Jones Show, that she wanted to disclose this information in court.  She threatened to "expose the government in ways they don't want her to expose them"

      An former NSA official Wayne Madsen stated that two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers in the days before September 11th, used a casino boats owned by Jack Abramoff and Palfrey knew this information.

      Kenneth  Johannemann:  died in September 2008 allegedly by a gunshot wound to his head in what that was ruled a suicide.

      He was a janitor in a Twin Tower who reported a massive explosion that occurred in the basement of the tower he worked and seeing explosions in the upper floors.  He stated he helped come to the aid of a co-worker who was burned from the massive explosion in a lower floor of the basement or in an elevator at this lower floor.  This burned victim, Felipe David,  also later reported his burns were occurred in a lower basement, not in the floor where the jets hit the building.  This burn victim skin was falling off his arms, and his co-workers took him outside the WTC buildings right after the explosion. He was one of the first people out of the WTC long before any of those who managed to escape the upper floors where the fires were occurring.

      His family doesn't believe he killed himself.

      William Rodríguez was a janitor at the North Tower of the World Trade Center during the September 11, 2001 attacks and was in the basement of the North Tower when American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the building.  He was late for work, arriving at about 8:30 am  and so reported directly to a basement office .

      He is talking to his supervisor in an office in the B-1 level in the basement when, he says, "I heard this massive explosion below, on level B-2 or 3." He says, "The floor vibrated. We were all thrown upwards, then everyone in the office started screaming." Then, "seconds later, there was another explosion way above, which made the building sway from side to side. And this, we later discovered, was the first plane hitting the North Tower on the 90th floor."

      He said, …we hear (heard) like a big rumble. Not like an impact, like a rumble, like moving furniture in a massive way. And all of sudden we hear another rumble, and a guy comes running, running into our office, and all of skin was off his body. All of the skin. We went crazy, we started screaming, we told him to get out. We took everybody out of the office outside to the loading dock area


      The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will suggest that the basement explosion Rodriguez heard might have been caused by a fireball traveling from the aircraft down the central lift shaft. However, some time after hearing it, Rodriguez rescues two people trapped in a lift. He will therefore doubt NIST's claim, saying that if it were true, "Why were the two people [I] rescued from the lift not burnt to death?"


      Admittedly perplexed by being written out of the tragic script by the 9/11 Commission,  even after testifying behind closed doors.    Rodriguez's story, verified by at least 14 eye witnesses and a burn victim, has become a veritable nightmare for officials clinging to the official story,  22 witnesses were not called who could add to his story.   Rodriguez says that in countless interviews with mainstream reporters his words have either been deleted, manipulated or made to fit the official government account.

      When Doug Pasternak, head of NBC's investigative unit, was asked by NBC did report on Jennings's story, an email was sent saying, "NBC News does not comment on our newsgathering."  Although Rodriguez had spent a considerable amount of time interviewing and escorting Graham Yost a  writer/producer working on NBC's three-hour miniseries about 9/11,  throughout New York in an attempt to interview survivors, he was notified by Yost that NBC had pulled the plug on the project.

      Times reporters Kevin Flynn and Jim Dwyer, who interviewed Rodriguez numerous times before publishing their best seller called "102 Minutes: The Untold Story in the Fight to Survive in the Twin Towers," ended up publishing the book without using Rodriguez' name or fully recounting his story.

      Susan Chun of CNN sent an email to Rodriguez, requesting an interview after he testified before the 9/11 Commission. After making arrangements for the taped session, Rodriguez said it was unexpectedly cancelled at the last minute without an explanation.

      Rodriguez said," I have never succumbed to the subtle intimidation over the years, even by reporters who have taken me aside and said it is better that I keep quiet because I didn't realize who I was dealing with." http://proliberty.com/observer/20050714.htm


       Barry Jennings, 53,    died on August 19, 2008 of unknown cause(s)

      He was an employee of the City of New York's Housing Authority and he was the Deputy Emergency Manager for the emergency operation center (EOC) in world trade center (WTC) building seven.  Because the EOC was doing an activation drill on 9/11, there was not suspose to be anyone in building 7.  Was this just a coincident? Yeah Right.  He said he was on the 23rd floor of WTC 7 when the second jet hit.  I assume from his statements that he got a call to report for an EOC activation, not knowing that the EOC had been moved to nearby New York pier on the waterfront. He met, Michael Hess, the Corporate Council for the City of New York at the EOC,  but everyone else was not there.  He received a phone call and was told to leave immediately.  They headed down a stairs after the phone call,  So the time he started walking downstairs was very soon after the second jet hit the towers.

      As they were walking down the stairs there was a big explosion inside the building on a lower floor and the stairs collapsed.  Jennings says he keep from falling down with the stairs by hanging onto a pipe and he and Michael Hess made it back to the eight floor and learned that they discovered was trapped inside WTC 7. This was before both of the Twin Tower fell down.   All this time he was hearing explosions going off.  Jennings says he broke a wind and was talking to firefighter asking to be rescued.  The firefighter he was talking to came and went away each time when both buildings fell down.

      Jennings had agreed to have this video tape of his description of what happened to him released, but then he revoked his permission.  Someone threatened to fire him and taking away his pension. I assume because of what he has said in the video tape.

      Michael Hess had said on 9/11 that there had been explosions, then he changed his story about explosions.  He stated instead the building shook and he felt a strong wind and the stair collapsed.

      There was talk about subpoenaing him to testify before a grand jury about what had happened.  His video tape was not released until 2008.   The BBC was planning on interviewing him again. 

      Salvatore Giambanco and Jose Sanchesz other workers who were in the basement with Rodriguez were never asked to testify to the 9/11 commission. John Abruzzo who was in a well chair and rescued by Rodriguez also wasn't asked.



      Michael H. Doran:  died April 28, 2009 in his single engine airplane that crashed in Ohio.

      He was a 9/11 victims lawyer who volunteered his services to help the victim of 9/11 receive compensation.

      Beverly Eckert:  57, died February 12, 2009   

      Her husband died on 9/11 was an activities in the 9/11 truth movement and was photographed shaking Pres. Obama hand and was working with a group of families in a law suit that included the Saudi Arabia and the US government.   She was offered to get funds from the 9/11 victims fund but she had to keep her mouth shut to get this charity or compensation money.

      Dr. David Graham on September 17, 2006 a dentist, was found poisoned to death he had been planning to publish his story.

      He alleges he saw three of the alleged hijackers in Shreveport with a Pakistani businessman prior to 9/11 a year before the attack.  He says he went to the FBI with this information after he saw their pictures in the news media and received threats from federal agents.   He was schedule to testify in a deportation hearing of Jamal Khan, who hosted the alleged men.


      Karl Rove's chief IT consultant, Mike Connell—who was facing subpoena in connection with 2004 Presidential election fraud involving in electronic voting in Ohio—mysteriously died in a private plane crash in 2008.   Connell's attorney, Clifford Arnebeck, presented evidence that Karl Rove threatened Connell, after this threat, Arnebeck sent letters to the Department of Justice, seeking protection for Connell and his family from attempts to intimidate.  This witness protection request went unheeded.

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