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TWA 800 shoot down cover up and a possible link to stinger given to Al Qeada by the CIA

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  • dick.mcmanus
    (copyright 23 November 2008) Possible link of stinger missiles given to Al Qeada by the CIA to the shooting down of TWA flight 800 From 1993 to 1995,
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      (copyright 23 November 2008)
      Possible link of stinger missiles given to Al Qeada by the CIA to the shooting down of TWA flight 800
      From 1993 to 1995, money, arms and expertise flooded from the United States to al Qaeda military networks in Bosnia-Herzegovina .  Gen. Michael V. Hayden  accompanied U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke on a trip to Croatia in November 1994, during which Holbrooke told the Bosnian government that the U.S. would encourage third-party countries to make covert shipments of arms and supplies for the use of al Qaeda's Bosnian network, in violation of a U.N. embargo.

      On Hayden's watch, illegal arms ran through the U.N. embargo like water through a sieve, with the implicit or explicit blessing of the U.S. government, and arms and other supplies frequently ended up in the hands of known al Qaeda members.

      In early 1995, Hayden's sophisticated intelligence apparatus somehow failed to interdict the "black flights" – in which C-130 aircraft (accompanied by fighter jet escorts) transported arms and supplies.  This was reported by British and Norwegian military officers.  Arms also came from Sudan and Iran to mujahideen forces fighting on behalf of the Bosnian government.   The shipments included "weapons, ammunition, uniforms, helmets, new anti-tank weapons and Stingers," according to the Dutch intelligence survey.  Lt. Col. Christopher Le Hardy wrote in a British Intelligence report dated Feb. 15, 1995.

      The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and the Macedonian National Liberation Army (M-NLA) were trained in Macedonia by British Special Forces and equipped by the CIA. The M-LNA is a nationalist/separatist organization which, is not an army but rather a loosely-organized terrorist group which calls for the unification of ethnic Albanian areas of the Western Balkans, including part of Macedonia and southern Serbia. The M-LNA was founded in the fall of 1999, It conducted a guerrilla war against the Republic of Macedonia.

      The M-NLA was estimated to comprise around 7,000 men at its peak and some of its members were trained by British SAS and Parachute Regiment officers.As was the case with the KLA, they were fairly lightly armed - generally with small arms and mortars - though there were also reports that they had acquired FIM-92, Stinger and SAM-7anti-aircraft missiles. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Liberation_Army_(Macedonia)

       US-backed Croatian Army during the Balkans war and was trained by Military Professional Resources Inc., (MPRI) a private paramilitary firm and based in Alexandria, Virginia. Croatia approached MPRI to restructure its military. Congressional investigators looked into MPRI's role in the region, but their final report, much of which remains classified.

      The US State Department temporarily suspends cooperation between the Bosnian army and the US private mercenary company MPRI. No official reason is given, but media reports indicate that the Bosnian Muslims being trained by MPRI were caught sending weapons to Muslim rebels in the regions of Kosovo and Sandzak in Serbia.

      Source: April 22, 1999


      President Bill Clinton and National Security Adviser Anthony Lake decide that they will give the Bosnians a "green light" for the arms supply pipeline from Iran to Croatia. The CIA is not consulted. Lake passes the word on to US ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith by "cleverly" telling him that they have "no instructions" for him with regard to the Iranian arms shipments.

      NOTE: Why the CIA was not consulted? Because this covert operation than would have to reported to the Senate intelligence Oversight Committee.

      Source: April 27, 1994 http://www.historycommons.org/entity.jsp?entity=military_professional_resources_inc.

      Washington's envoy Ambassador (Colonel) James Pardew.  Pardew started his Balkans career in 1993 as a senior intelligence officer for the Joint Chiefs of Staff responsible for channelling US aid to the Bosnian Muslim Army.   James Pardew played an important role as part of the team of intelligence officials working closely with the Chairman of the National Security Council Anthony Lake.   One of his tasks was to channel support to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which at the time was also being supported by Osama bin Laden. Pardew was in this regard instrumental in replicating the "Bosnian pattern" in Kosovo and subsequently in Macedonia.

      Source: 9,October2001


       TWA Flight 800, a Boeing 747,  blew up off the coast of Long Island on July 17, 1996.

      On July 17, 1996, a man and his friend were on Long Island attempting to videotape the sunrise , when they saw and recorded "a grey trail of smoke ascending from the horizon at an angle of approximately 75 degrees." So compelling was the visual that the fellow made a comment to his friend, heard on the tape, "They must be testing a rocket." The fellow calculated that object was heading towards the Atlantic Ocean.

      "On Tuesday, July 23, 1996, a representative from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) advised [the FBI] that after a visual analysis of both the videotape as well as a number of still photographs taken from various portions of the tape, the phenomenon captured by [name redacted] appeared to be consistent with the exhaust plume from a MANPAD [Man-portable air-defense] missile."

      Authorities not only removed all reference to this video from the official record, but they also removed just about all reference to the DIA.  There was no reference at all to the video analyzed by the DIA. In fact, there was no public mention of the DIA. The MSIC analysis was relegated to a footnote.

      An important component of the DIA is the Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC), which is located in Huntsville, Alabama, and is charged with gathering intelligence on enemy surface-to-air missiles and short-range ballistic missiles.

      During a Senate inquiry in May 1999, the FBI's number two man on the investigation, Lewis Schiliro, conceded that MSIC analysts had arrived on the scene in Long Island just two days after the July 17, 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800 and interviewed eyewitnesses. "They reported to us," Schiliro told the senators of the MSIC analysts, "that many of the descriptions given by eyewitnesses were very consistent with the characteristics of the flight of [surface-to-air] missiles.". . .


      1997 THE NEW YORK POST reports that "more than 150 'credible' witnesses -- including scientists -- have told the FBI and military experts they saw a missile destroy TWA Flight 800." Said one top federal official.  "Some of these people are extremely, extremely credible."

      U.S. attorney  Valerie Caproni as head of the Justice Department Criminal District, Eastern District of New York, knew that the FBI was the subordinate agency. She knew that the NTSB could not legally be restricted in its pursuit of information. Still, in spite of the law, she used the full weight of the Justice Department, and the intimidating presence of the FBI, to order the NTSB witness group to cease and desist all of the critical eyewitness interviews.

      The relevant law [Title 49, section 1131(a)(2)] reads as follows: "An investigation by the Board ... has priority over any investigation by another department, agency or instrumentality of the United States Government." The "Board" in question is the National Transportation Safety Board. In other words, a "parallel" FBI investigation is by law inferior to the NTSB investigation.


      "IMPORTANT RADAR TAPES were given to the White House before they were provided the National Transportation Safety Board.   The FBI assumes roles normally carried out by the NTSB. The FBI had also gags an Air National Guardsman who witnessed the explosion of TWA 800 and repeatedly told authorities he thought a missile had hit the plane.

      AVIATION WEEK AND SPACE TECHNOLOGY reports that two Air National Guard pilots, "with the best view of the crash of TWA Flight 800" both believe a violent explosion tore the plane apart.    Over 150 persons saw a streak of light heading for the plane before it exploded. These included two airline pilots, and two National Guard pilots…. two helicopter pilots also witnessed the streak, described initially by one as a missile…. The other pilot, still employed by the government, has been barred from elaborating on the matter.

      The FBI had also gags an Air National Guardsman who witnessed the explosion of TWA 800 and repeatedly told authorities he thought a missile had hit the plane.

      Meyer and Bauer were making an  approach to the Hampton airport in a Blackhawk National Guard
      helicopter, when they visually picked up the missile fire.  From the south, US Air approached and was to cross overhead of Flight 800 about 8,000 feet above it. Brumley, from his vantage of a window seats on the right side and ahead of the wing of his aircraft ), saw a missile rise up and arc over
      towards Flight 800. …  the two missiles intersected, almost dead on.

       One missile entered Flight 800 just below the left wing, traversed the center of the aircraft through rows 17, 18, and 19, and  exited the right side of the fuselage,5 bringing debris with it. Just after (or before) that missile sliced through the aircraft.  the second missile exploded outside the aircraft's lower left side,
      collapsing the nose gear doors inward, completely

      1999 SEATTLE TIMES: Boeing said this week that the lack of evidence as to what sparked the blast that downed TWA Flight 800 three years ago points to an "external source," such as a bomb or missile. Boeing's statement in court documents Tuesday is the strongest to date revealing an aggressive legal defense that blames the 747 crash on a bomb or missile.

      On a panel of some 70 airlines industry executives and federal officials rejected suggestions that U.S. airlines use a process called "inverting" – that is the pumping of nonflammable gases into jet fuel tanks to prevent explosions.  The panel of aviation professionals told the Federal Aviation Administration that the process is too costly for commercial use. They contended that the odds against a future fuel tank explosion are far too great to justify the price tag.

      NOTE: Jet fuel is as about as easy to light on fire as peanut butter.  It is not like gasoline which is very easily ignite and explodes.


      A missile expert, who was extremely fearful of losing his job -- for more than 20 years he's been a military engineer who specializes in infrared missile technology.   He says he was made privy to evidence suggesting that TWA 800 could have been shot down  He believes the investigation of TWA Flight 800 is a cover-up .   The missile expert has also been in contact with military labs where, he says, the chemists have been unable to make jet fuel vapor explode as the NTSB says it did in TWA 800's center fuel tank.   "The labs told the NTSB there's a big problem -- it can't happen."  … "70 percent chance" that TWA 800 was downed by a shoulder-launched missile.

      "In December 1996, FBI missile team members told military experts that two separate commercial fishermen dredged up and threw back a MANPADS first stage, the missile ejector-motor can. The ejector motor, about the size of a Coke can, fires in the tube, ejecting the missile, then drops in the water when the missile 2nd stage booster ignites." – The NTSB, contracted with civilian scallop boats through the Navy Supervisor of Salvage from 4 November 1996 until it was suddenly terminated on 30 April 1997.

      FBI agents got the word via cell phone to shut down the operations.  On two of the boats, when the captains refused to stop until the Navy contractor on board told them to, the agents threatened force to make the captains shut down.

      Source note: The source,  James Sanders, is a former police officer turned investigative reporter, co-writes this report with Jack Cashill. Sanders is the author of "The Downing of TWA Flight 800" and "Altered Evidence," among other books.

      NOTE:  The FBI went after the investigative reporter Sanders and his wife forcing them to give up their source, Terry Stacey.  See information below:


      In his book, investigative author Pete Lance (http://www.peterlance.com)  claims that in 1996, high-ranking FBI and Justice Department officials turned a deliberate blind eye on documentary evidence provided by a high-ranking mob snitch that a key Al Qaeda terrorist, Ramzi Yousef, behind bars for the original bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, was actively plotting to blow up what turned out to be TWA Flight 800, which exploded 13,000 feet in the air above Long Island in the summer of 1996, killing all 230 passengers and crewmembers on board.

      There are hundreds of Navy and Coast Guard personnel, as well as some FBI, CIA, FAA, NTSB and former White House employees who know that the real cause of the crash of TWA 800 was papered over with a tissue of lies. Two of them, James Kallstrom and George Stephanopoulos, have made statements that indicate an official cover-up

      Journalists and private investigators were not allowed inside the Calverton hangar to inspect the bulk of the recovered wreckage, but even members of the official investigating team were not allowed into a special area where the FBI secreted items that they didn't want the representatives of the NTSB, TWA, Boeing and the interested unions to see.


      Terry Stacey one of the crash investigators and airline pilot, removed two samples/pieces of seatback that had a reddish-orange residue trail on it and this reddish-orange stuff was streaked across a narrow section of the plane's interior. .  He ultimately lost confidence in the integrity and competence of the Justice Department investigation and he got the small samples of a suspicious residue analyzed at a private lab.

      The FBI had lifted samples in early September 1996, then refused to share the test results with the NTSB.  Those tests today remain classified under the guise of national security


      The lab results of Stacey's samples, found that the reddish-orange residue contained elements

       consistent with exhaust from a solid-fuel missile and more than 98 percent of the volume of the residue was commonly found in incendiary warheads.


      The aircraft's right wing was not rebuilt because the damage to its mid-spar near the fuselage offered additional evidence of a missile strike in the area. Portions of the right wing in the area of the mid-spar had blast holes and tested positive for explosive residue. They were removed from the hangar.

      The aircraft's right wing was not rebuilt because the damage to its mid-spar near the fuselage offered additional evidence of a missile strike in the area. Portions of the right wing in the area of the mid-spar had blast holes and tested positive for explosive residue. They were removed from the hangar.


      In Florida, retired United Airlines pilot Richard Russell says FBI agents came to his Daytona Beach home Monday and seized a videotape. Russell claims the video is a copy of a Federal Aviation Administration radar tape showing a missile speeding toward the Boeing 747 aircraft minutes before the plane exploded. "

      Following the downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996, Gore was entrusted by President Clinton to investigate airline safety. He was named chairman of the White House Commission on Aviation Safety.

      The Gore commission produced what most observers considered to be a tough preliminary report unveiled Sept. 9 of that year – one that included tough counter-terrorism procedures.

      But within days, according to an insider on the commission, the airline industry jumped all over Gore. As a result, 10 days later, Gore sent a letter to airline  lobbyist Carol Hallett promising that the commission's findings would not result in any loss of revenue.

      In what can only be seen as a pure political payoff, the Democratic National Committee received $40,000 from TWA the next day. Within two weeks, Northwest, United and American Airlines ponied up another $55,000 for the 1996 campaign.

      But the money trail didn't stop there. In the next two months leading up to the November elections, American Airlines donated $250,000 to the Democrats. United Airlines donated $100,000 to the DNC. Northwestern put $53,000 more into the kitty.

      Following the election, in January, Gore floated a draft final report that eliminated all security measures from the commission's findings, according to the insider


      Comment:  I have a confidential source (CS #2) who spoke to a person with whom he had a business relationship with for over two years.  I'll call this person confidential source #1 (CS #1) .

       According to CS #2:

      CS #1 said that within hours of flight 800 crash, the FBI  asked him to go to New York to help in the investigation of the crash.  CS #1 said he was put on recovery ship in the crash area and was working several other people.  After working for a period of time, CS#1 said that he was approached by his supervisor and was asked what he thought.  CS #1 said that he told his supervisor that thought the cause of the crash was a "powder explosion". CS #1 said this supervisor took him to her supervisor.

      As a result of these conversation with the supervisors, CS#1 said he was told that he was fired, but that he would receive be paid for ten years at his currently yearly wage. The conditions of this arrangement were that he was not to work for anyone, for himself (in field of scientific expertise for which he was trained, not tell anyone what he saw in New York.  

      My source confidential source (CS#2) is a person whose word I fully trust.

      Comment:  Theories as to why the cover-up.  The incident was right before the Democratic convention and the Atlanta Olympics. A terrorist attack, identified as such, would have wreaked havoc on air travel, in addition to exposing our vulnerability to terrorism in the middle of a campaign season.

       Also related to this case, is the justice department action to trying to destroy the journalist who broke the story about the residue from the exhaust from a solid-fuel missile

      "The Justice Department also concedes there is no defense for the 32-counts of federal lawlessness committed in pursuit of destroying a journalist James Sanders and his wife, Elizabeth Sanders."    Jim Sanders, the investigative reporter who was (wrongly) prosecuted by the Justice Department for digging up evidence that proved that the FBI was lying about the crash.

      The Justice Department in as much acknowledges that the TWA Flight 800 investigation has been corrupted.

       The Justice Department now admits Clinton Justice Department "conspired to print factually false information in a Justice Department letter to deprive James Sanders of his civil rights.


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