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725The polio vaccine was contaminated with cancer causing monkey viruses

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  • dick.mcmanus
    Nov 11, 2013
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      Copyrighted Nov. 11, 2013

       The polio vaccine was contaminated with cancer causing monkey viruses

       The 1952 epidemic of poliomyelitis was the worst outbreak in the nation's history. Of nearly 58,000 cases reported that year, 3,145 people died and 21,269 were left with mild to disabling paralysis.

      Polio virus grew very well on the kidney cells of the Rhesus monkey, so the scientist who made the polio vaccine, after given polio, kill these monkeys and remove the kidneys.  The polio virus likes to grow in the kidneys.   In doing this the scientist unknowingly got every other virus that was in the monkey’s kidneys.   This happened with both the Salk polio vaccine and the Sabin oral polio vaccine.   Therefore, from April 1955 to 1962, over 100 million doses of these vaccines were given, but also people were given the cancer causing (oncogenic) viruses.  In 1957 using the Salk vaccine was stopped, and so most of the total 200 million dose that were manufactured, were the Sabin vaccine. 

      In the months following the inoculation of people with the polio vaccine, there developed a massive epidemic of soft tissue cancers.   Breast, prostate, lymphoma, and melanoma are soft tissue cancers.   How massive?    We cured one disease but caused 15 times more people to get cancer.   These outcomes came from 16 years of collecting data.  The National Cancer Institute’s Statistics on cancers reports that we are still in the middle of a massive epidemic of soft tissue cancers.   Also only about 1 in 200 people (0.50 percent) will develop cancer, times 300 million Americans in 2013, equals 1.5 million cases of cancer per year costing $50 billion per year in 2013 dollars to treat. 

      What most people don't know is that 90 to 95 percent of people exposed to polio actually don't show any symptoms. Actual paralysis is ever rarer. Most of the children that got sick during the polio epidemics only got abortive polio which you can often recover from completely.  That said, it's still really nasty sickness.   In truth, however, poliomyelitis was never the monstrous killer it was portrayed as in the media, not even at its height during the 1940s and 1950s. In 1952, during the worst recorded epidemic of poliomyelitis, 3,145 people, including 1,873 children, in the United States died from polio.  That same 20,000 (including 1,500 children) died of tuberculosis.  So we also can blame the news media for selling the FEAR and causing panic.

      Bernice Eddy, Ph.D., of the National Institute of Health (NIH) was tasked to test the polio vaccine for safety and cancers grew in the hamsters and also crippled and killed the monkeys she injected.

        On examined minced Rhesus monkey kidney cells used to grow the vaccine under a microscope and in 1957 she and Dr. Sarah Stewart discovered that the cancer causing polyoma virus. She reported her finding on July 6, 1960. Shortly thereafter, scientists at the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. discovered this cancer causing virus and published their work in November 1960.   They named it Simian Virus 40 or SV40 because it was the 40th simian virus found in monkey kidney cells.  SV40 has been described by experts as the most dangerous virus they have ever found.   Dr. Eddy and Dr. Sarah Stewart also were the first to successfully demonstrate that viruses causing cancer could be spread from animal to animal.  Dr. Eddy published her work in May 1961.  It was later discovered that these monkey viruses could be transmitted sexually in humans.   An Italian study found that 55 percent of Italian men have this SV40 virus in their semen.

      Still having about 89 million doses of the polio vaccine made but not used and knowing their vaccine was contaminated Merek, Cutter Laboratories, and four other companies continued to keep this secret, while doctors inoculated people until 1963.   The US Surgeon General Leonard Scheele tried to force a recall of the polio vaccine made by Cutter after some children develop polio, but the Biological Control Act gave the federal government the authority to license a vaccine, but not the authority to stop a company from selling one that had already been licensed.   A third of their polio vaccine did not pass the safety tests and due to a production error caused some lots of the Cutter vaccine to be tainted with the virus the causes polio. yet Cutter labs sold it.   (The Cutter Incident: How America's First Polio Vaccine Led to the Growing ...by Paul A. Offit)

      Simian immunodeficiency viruses (SIVs) are retroviruses able to infect at least 45 species of African non-human primates. A retrovirus (Retroviridae) is a family of enveloped viruses that replicate in a host cell through the process of reverse transcription. 

      Hold on, enough.   I’ll get back down to speaking English.

      Dr. Eddy’s boss, Dr. Joseph Smadel appears to have attempted censored the news about the contaminated polio vaccine.  Eventually, Dr. Eddy lost her labs. In successive measures she was denied permission to attend scholarly conferences, her papers were held up, and finally she was removed from vaccine research altogether. Her treatment became a scandal within the scientific community and was discussed in Senate hearings.

      Later, President Eiesenhower fired all the leaders of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American biologists rushed to very secretly to find a vaccine(es) against dozens of these cancer causing virus.  And the CIA and the National Institute of Health germ warfare cowboys were also interested in finding and using these soft-tissue, cancer causing viruses to kill or disabling the enemy. 

      The CIA’s biological/virological warfare scientists got the idea of using a cancer causing virus to kill Castro and other socialist leaders who were getting too friendly with the Soviet Union.  So the CIA started funding virus research.

      In 1942, the United States, Canada and Britain entered into a top secret agreement to create two types of biological weapons for use in the war against Germany and Japan, who were also developing biological weapons.  The US also captured the research done by the Japanese and Nazi biologists. 

      The US Public Health Service closely followed the progress of biological warfare research and development from the very start of the program, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States were working with the military in weaponizing these diseases. These are diseases that have existed for thousands of years, but they were being weaponized—which means these US agencies worked to make them more contagious and more deadly.   The CIA has admitted to setting up 159 covert research centers for this kind of research.

      CIA and National Institutes of Health created a Special Virus Cancer Program under a classified program called MK-NAOMI.   The development of a cancer causing virus was disguised as a war on cancer.  (Source:  Special Virus Cancer Program: Progress Report No. 8", prepared by the National Cancer Institute, Viral Oncology, Etiology Area, July 1971).

      Dr. Alton Oschsner and his cancer research clinic in New Orleans, LA, may have been linked CIA development of a quick acting cancer used to secretly assassinate people, like Castro.  The basic project was set up on March 23, 1962 at Dr. Ochsner's Clinic.   A strong case for this violation of international law has been made by Edward Haslam in his second edition of his book Dr. Mary's Monkey.   At the end of this essay, I have listed some of the evidence of that adds to the likelihood that the CIA used of biological weapons to undermine Castro’s socialist government in Cuba (aka operation Mongoose).  And to give you a better idea of how much success scientists achieved in using animal and plant diseases as biological warfare weapons.

      The majority of the CIA’s plans to kill Castro involved hiring the American mafia who had better access to Cuba.  The brother of mob boss Sam Giancana, Chuch Giancana, says Sam told him one of the was the CIA planned to kill Castro was by injecting him with a cancer-producing agent.   (Double Cross: The Explosive, Inside Story of the Mobster Who Controlled America

      by Chuck Giancana, page 416)


      In 1952, Dr. Mary Sherman was hired by Dr. Alton Ochsner to become a partner and as head of the cancer lab in the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans, LA where he was carrying out research into the causes of cancer. She was also offered the post of Associate Professor at the Tulane Medical School in New Orleans. She was a world class expert in the use of radiation and she helped to run the cancer research.    Dr. Sherman was involved in carrying out secret research into developing a vaccine to prevent an epidemic of soft-tissue cancers caused by polio vaccine contaminated with SV-40. This work included using a linear particle accelerator located in the Infectious Disease Laboratory at the Public Health Service Hospital in New Orleans.

      A linear accelerator was put into use at the Infectious Disease Laboratory at New Orleans US Public Health Hospital.  It was used in experiments and was developed as a new tool to treat cancer.  It was also used to mutate the dozens of cancer causing monkey viruses that contaminated the polio vaccine in order to develop a vaccine against this virus.   This machine produces a very strong x-ray.   X-rays were known to cause mutations in cells.  As a result of their experiments they found that they were developing cancer viruses that were becoming more aggressive (fast growing), therefore, more deadly.  That is, over powering the human body’s ability to naturally fight off the development of cancer tumors.     It is also very likely that this linear accelerator, very new technology and very expensive as well, was paid for by the CIA.  The New Orleans US public Health Hospital was also guarded by armed US Marines.


      Dr. Sherman was murdered on July, 21, 1964.  Her mattress had been set on fire, but her massive burns could not have been due to this fire.  The father of Edward Haslam was a surgeon professor at Tulane Medical School which and his father was very close friends and co-worker with Dr. Mary Sherman.   His father mysteriously resigned from his prestigious job and refused to tell his son why he resigned.  Edward Haslam grew up in New Orleans he had heard rumors that there was some kind of underground research involving monkey viruses.  And this is why he began researching this story and wrote the book Dr. Mary's Monkey. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ5-liXcXLI

      Haslam requested a copy of the investigation into Dr. Mary Sherman’s death, causing the New Orleans police to department to come unglued (very defensive).

      The police report of this investigation was discovered locked within the police chief’s desk.   Part of the police investigation report included an autopsy report and it noted said almost her entire right arm (except for about six inches from her shoulder) and right rib cage was missing from her body when the police found her body.  The areas around these missing body parts were badly burnt such that you could see internal organs, but hair was not burnt.   The autopsy also showed that she was stable several times after she dead.

      The local news media ran with a story of sexual assault that ended in her murderer setting her body on fire and the police closed the investigation two weeks after her murder. 

       It is very, very hard to burn up a human arm bone.   For example, in the usual process of a cremation of a body, the bones are ground up and mixed with the ashes.  This kind of damage to Dr. Sherman’s body could have only been caused by millions of volts of electricity like being hit by lighting.   And in that case a person’s feet would have been damaged or destroyed, yet Dr. Sherman’s feet were not so damaged.   Furthermore there was nothing in her home that could have caused these bones to disintegrate, therefore, she must have been killed somewhere else and her body moved to her home.

      Now this story gets even more surprising.

      Dr. Alton Ochsner and Dr. Harold C. Urey a leading US scientist who worked on Atom Bomb research;  they discovered a high school student that Judyth Baker, who had been experimenting on her own dime and found a way to make a cancer grow in seven days.  And according to Judyth Baker they hired her to work as a medical internship with Dr. Sherman. She arrived in New Orleans in April, 1963.

      Due to some confusion on arriving, she ended up working May 10, 1963 at the Reily's Coffee Company and a co-worker hired at the same time was Lee Harvey Oswald.  The owner, William B. Reily, was a anti-commie extremist (a right-wing reactionary).  Reily provided financial support to such groups as Arcacha’s Crusade to Free Cuba.  Reily’s was assigned a CIA number EE-334 according to declassified CIA records and is evidence that he was a contract agent or his company was being used as a front company. In addition, CIA contract agent Gerry Patrick Hemming confirmed that William Reily had worked for the CIA for years. 

      One of Oswald’s co-workers was Dante Marachini.  Marachini is of particular interest since he was a self-described friend of David Ferrie’s as well as Clay Shaw’s next door neighbor.   Clay Shaw was a former CIA contract agent and was indicted and tried by Louisiana, US Attorney Jim Garrsion as suspect in the JFK assassination. William Monaghan was a former career FBI man who left the bureau to become an executive with Standard Fruit.   Standard Fruit and Steamship Company also funded Dr. Alton Ochsner clinic. 

      Dr. Ochsner was an anti-communist and a one of his best friends was former OSS chief Wild Bill' Donovan.  Dr. Ochsner also developed a close friendship with Texas oil millionaire Clint Murchison who helped fund various right-wing organizations.  In 1961 Dr. Ochsner, with the financial help of Clint Murchison, established the Information Council of the Americas a CIA funded propaganda outfit directed at Latin America.  Eustis Reily of the Reily Coffee Company personally donated thousands of dollars to Information Council of the Americas.  He was most likely laundering CIA funds for this outfit.  http://www.ctka.net/LetJusticeBeDone/chapfrme.htm

      According to Judyth she accidentally learned about the clandestine side of the cancer project before Dr. Alton Ochsner, who was out of town, was able to steer her to the legitimate side of the cancer research.  The warfare virus research of the project had been set up in two or more safe houses (min-labs) in New Orleans and 2,000 mice were kept in cages there.  One of these safe houses was next door to David Ferrie’s apartment.

      David Ferrie and Oswald were both connected to the JFK assassination.  On February 22, 1967 and during the Jim Garrsion’s investigation,  Ferrie was murdered.   During the investigation of this murder the police found a scientific treatise (a systematic, usually extensive written discourse argument on a subject) written at the National Cancer institute.   This document noted the project was related to developing cancer causing viruses.

      At the same time, Oswald and Judyth Baker fall in love.  It is highly likely Oswald was tasked by the CIA to keep an eye on Judyth.   She says that Lee Oswald learned how to handle the cancer tumor tissues safely and how keep these short-lived tissues alive.

      Judyth Baker received a phone-call from David Ferrie warning her that she would be killed if she told anyone about her knowledge of these events.

      Dr. Jose Albert Rivera at the Naval Biological Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, California, had top secret security clearance and working under Dr. Carl Lamanna, PhD,  (bacteriologist) from 1959-1961.  Col. Jose Rivera, one of the U.S. Army’s top experts in biological warfare, and in the summer of 1963 he was in New Orleans handing out research grants from NIH (Institute for Neurological Diseases and Blindness) to Tulane Medical School, Louisiana State University Medical School, and the Ochsner Clinic.

      Dr. Rivera sat on the National Institute of Health Board of Directors. A fellow director in the early 1960s was Alton Ochsner. In 1963 Rivera was in New Orleans handing out research grants from NIH to the Tulane Medical School.

      Dr. Adele Edisen, Ph.D. (physiology) met Dr. Rivera at a biomedical scientific conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Dr. Edisen was planning to visit Washington and so Rivera suggested she telephone him when she arrived in the city.

      On April, 22, 1963, she telephoned Rivera and had dinner with him. During the meal Rivera asked her if she knew Lee Oswald.

      The following evening Rivera gave Dr. Edisen a tour of Washington. When they passed the White House he asked her, "I wonder what Jackie will do when her husband dies?" Dr. Edisen replied "What!"  Rivera said, "Oh, oh, I meant the baby. She might lose the baby."

      She said, during the tour Dr. Rivera made several comments about John F. Kennedy. "He asked me if I saw Caroline on her pony Macaroni, and all kinds of crazy nonsense, and I was beginning to think I was with an absolute madman.... Rivera's part of the conversation at times was difficult to follow, but many of his statements, such as the reference to Jackie, seemed deliberately placed. When he spoke of President Kennedy, Rivera was extremely critical of Kennedy's position on civil rights. Rivera made many disparaging remarks about black people and the civil rights movement."

      Later that evening Dr. Rivera asked Dr. Edisen to carry out a couple of tasks when she arrived home in New Orleans.  One of his request of her was for her to call Lee Harvey Oswald at 899-4244.  Dr. Rivera said, "Write down this name: Lee Harvey Oswald. Tell him to kill the chief.  No, no, don't write that down. You will remember it when you get to New Orleans. We're just playing a little joke on him."

      She tried a couple times to call Oswald, but he wasn’t home and she never delivered the message.

      Two days after President Kennedy was murdered, she went to the Secret Service in New Orleans and also the FBI.  She concerned that Dr. Rivera might be involved in a plot against President John F. Kennedy.  

      She said, "When the Warren Report was published, I was mystified and dismayed by the conclusion that Oswald acted alone, and that Jack Ruby acted alone, for my experiences told me otherwise."  http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKedisen.htm

      Photo of a linear acceleratorhttp://news.stanford.edu/news/2007/april18/gifs/accelerator2.jpg


      Operation Mongoose

      --1962 A US intelligence agent is known to have given several thousand dollars to a Canadian to introduce a disease infecting Cuban sea-turtles.

      --1968 A foreign specialist working for an international agency is expelled after he is confirmed to have introduced a virus affecting coffee crops.

      In 1971 the CIA supplied anti-Castro Cuban with a virus that causes African swine fever. Six weeks later, an outbreak of the disease in Cuba forced the slaughter of 500,000 pigs to prevent a nation-wide animal epidemic. This event eliminated the supply of pork, a staple of the Cuban diet.   CIA agents delivered a sealed container that contained the virus.  (Source:  Body of Secrets  by James Bamford)

      This was the first outbreak of swine fever in the Western Hemisphere.     US intelligence source said “he was given the virus (from Fort Gulick in the Panama Canal Zone) in a sealed, unmarked container with instructions to turn it over to the anti-Castro group. 

      Cuban- American terrorist Eduardo Arocena admitted before a US Grand Jury that he had participated in a biological warfare operation against Cuba and had introduced biological agents after infiltrating the island by a fishing boat.   Six weeks later Cuba suffered the first outbreak of swine fever.  The Cubans claim that the container transporting the virus came from Fort Gulick, http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/43b/067.html

      --1977 Cane smut is detected in Pilón, eastern Cuba. The disease had never been known in Cuba until this date.

      --1978: A previously unknown variety Blue mold (sugarcane mildew) hits the sugar crops causing losses of approximately 344 million pesos.

      --1978: Sugar cane rust affects a new variety of cane imported from Barbados. As a result 1.35 million tons of sugar are lost.  

      --1980:   Cuba was beset with disasters.  Another African swine fever epidemic hit; the tobacco crop was decimated by blue mold (tobacco mold); and the sugarcane crops were hit with a particularly damaging rust disease.

           By 1981, the Cuban population was targeted with hemorrhagic dengue fever, a devastating disease transmitted by mosquitoes.  From May to October 1981 there were well over 300,000 reported cases, with 158 fatalities, 101 involving children under 15 years old. At the peak of the epidemic, in early July, more than 10,000 cases per day were being reported. More than a third of the reported victims required hospitalization. By mid-October, after a massive campaign to eradicate Aedes aegypti [mosquito], the epidemic was over.  Between 1979 and 1981, plagues were introduced into Cuba that affected people hemorrhagic conjunctivitis and dengue, Dengue alone killed 158 Cubans, among them 101 children. During the first seven weeks, dengue affected 273,404 Cuban.

           After interviewing officials from the Pan American Health Organization and of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, it was it was believed the “epidemic was artificially induced” due to the virulence of this dengue epidemic.  The epidemic began with the simultaneous discovery in May 1981 of three cases of hemorrhagic dengue caused by a type 2 virus. The cases arose in three widely separated parts of Cuba. It is extremely unusual that such an epidemic would commence in three different localities at once. None of the initial victims had ever traveled out of the country; for that matter, none of them had recently been away from home. None had had recent contact with international travelers. Moreover, a study of persons arriving in Cuba in the month of May from known dengue areas found only a dozen such passengers (from Vietnam and Laos), all of whom were checked by the Institute of Tropical Medicine and found free of the disease. Somehow, infected mosquitoes had appeared in three provinces of Cuba at the same time. Somehow, the fever spread at an astonishing rate. There appears to be no other explanation but the artificial introduction of infected mosquitoes.

           Researchers believe the Mexican swine flu outbreak may also be “artificially induced.” First, the Mexican outbreak occurred outside of the normal flu season.  Second, the genetic makeup of the fast-spreading H1N1 strain of influenza — included genetic elements or viral fragments include human influenza, bird flu from North America, and swine flu from Europe and Asia appearing to be man-made.   This is rather astonishing to realize, because for this to have been a natural combination of viral fragments, it means an infected bird from North America would have had to infect pigs in Europe, then be re-infected by those some pigs with an unlikely cross-species mutation that allowed the bird to carry it again, then that bird would have had to fly to Asia and infected pigs there, and those Asian pigs then mutated the virus once again (while preserving the European swine and bird flu elements) to become human transmittable, and then a human would have had to catch that virus from the Asian pigs — in Mexico! — and spread it to others.

           Just prior to the outbreak it was discovered that the entire personnel at the Guantanamo naval base had been vaccinated against dengue. As a result there was not a single case of the disease in the base.  An article in Covert Action (Summer 1982) detailed US experiments with dengue fever at the Army’s Fort Detrick chemical/biological warfare center and its research into the Aedes aegypti mosquito which delivers it.

            In 1978 to 1987, the CIA hired Dr. Eduardo Sagaro Gonzalez while he taking a medical course in Mexico in 1978.  Sagaro traveled to Mozambique in 1979 where he was recruited and close to the CIA Chief of Station in Maputo, Mozambique , Douglas James Smith.   CIA wanted info on Fidel Castro's health and info on pesticide reserves to combat the dengue epidemic.

           CIA also had asked another agent many questions relating to bio and chemical war. In 1977 CIA convinced manufacturer of containers for fumigating (dengue fever) mosquitoes to make them without a head of fumigator - rendering them useless.   Orlando Argudin Lopez ( aka Oscar aka Rolando) was told by his CIA handler in Paris in 1979 that CIA was introducing diseases to affect people and animals.  (Backfire: the CIA's Biggest Burn  by R. Ridenour, 1991).

      --1981 A previously unknown Bovine skin disease erupts affecting young cows and bullocks throughout the island.

      --1981  Hemorrhagic conjunctivitis caused by the Enter virus 70 strain spreads throughout the island. The Pan American Health Organization is baffled because this strain had never been seen in the entire hemisphere before.

      --1984 An outbreak of dysentery causes the death of 18 children in Guantánamo province. Investigators pin down the start of the outbreak to two workers who had participated in a festive activity inside the Guantánamo naval base. The disease was again of a type previously unknown in Cuba.

       --1985 An infectious bronchitis poultry virus seriously disrupts egg production.

      --1989 Ulcerative mammillitis in dairy cattle caused by a herpes virus spreads throughout the island affecting milk yields.


      (Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II by William Blum, [Common Courage Press, 1995, CIA Link to Cuban Pig Virus Reported,” Newsday, 10 January 1977, the Washington Post, 1977, and The fish is red: the story of the secret war against Castro by Warren Hinckle, 1981)