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The Magnificent Gunfighters - preview of coming attractions

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  • aconite13
    Hi y all, I m getting ready to post my first chapter in my attempt to do a cinematic / story telling solo game based on the film The Magnificent Seven . The
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2007
      Hi y'all,

      I'm getting ready to post my first chapter in my attempt to do a
      cinematic / story telling solo game based on the film "The Magnificent

      The first scene seems a bit long. I don't know if future ones will be
      shorter once the scene(s) are set. But I suspect until the initial
      details get sketched in for the village, the town, and Calvera's camp,
      they may run a bit long.

      I've tried to include details in the notes to LYK my thoughts as I
      went, and to outline gameplay. As you will see, much of what I've
      written is from my imagination rather than rolling up things using the
      Mythic charts. My notes include a listing of things I did to prepare
      for the game before yelling "...and ACTION, roll cameras...take one..."

      Hopefully you will find something here that is of interest. Please
      ask if you have questions about how or why I did things. I'll post
      the scenes here, with notes as I finish them (no word on how soon
      Scene 2 will start shooting, let alone when it will be out of the
      post-production editing). A copy will be stored in the files page as

      This is my first attempt to use the Mythic GME rules. When you decide
      to jump
      in, it doesn't have to be into the deep end as I'm doing - I'm
      choosing to do the more detailed descriptions to parallel a feature
      that many solo wargamers do when running a battle or a campaign - and
      that is keeping some sort of record, narrative, or documentation of
      what happens. We do it not because we have to, but because that is
      part of what is fun for us. So whether done as a narration as this
      is, captured in a series of reports to headquarters, published as a
      series of story's in the "newspaper" of record,t is as much a part of
      wha it many of us do.

      So, with fingers crossed, and a special thanks to those who have
      helped with ideas or encouragement, especially Bob of Northwest
      Frontier fame, here goes...

      (lights dim, curtains open, music from the soundtrack swells, and with
      your bag of popcorn (or Oreos as the case may be...)
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