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Alice Nevada (Part 1)

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  • Rodrick Campbell
    (Excerpt from my solo Traveller campaign. I m combining the Two Hour Wargame rules reaction system with TNE and a dose of Mythic when I get stuck.) I always
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2007
      (Excerpt from my solo Traveller campaign. I'm combining the Two Hour
      Wargame rules' reaction system with TNE and a dose of Mythic when I
      get stuck.)

      I always been smart. Not book learning, though, but common sense. And
      I kept myself alive in the back streets of Kaguk Downport ever since I
      left home. Never once did I think this street rat would find herself
      on Terra. Yeah, Terra. One of the few pockets of civilization left
      after the Fall.

      Kaguk still has it's agriculture and a new new industry base thanks
      to the glut of refugees from Ember. But it's still a rough place. Even
      the classiest folk carry the taint sleaze and desperation in their aura.

      Anyway, strange how life turns. Some find them selves at the right
      place at the right time. No particular planning involved. Just
      blind-ass luck. Easy as walking around the corner on your way home
      from work. Others find the dirty end of the stick. That'd be Cindy Lu.

      Her real name's Marna Sheppard. Of the Downport Sheppards. Immigrants
      from Ember during the first Exodus. Her father made his fortune
      selling antiquities and artifacts from before the Fall. Has the knack
      for finding stuff and the business sense to turn a good profit.
      Strange what some folks'll pay money for.

      I call Marna Cindy Lu. She's scrawny, almost to the point of being
      frail. And she reminded me of a little girl in a vidcom I saw once
      about a Grinch stealing something called Christmas. Dumb story. No
      hard-hearted old goat is going to go all soft just cause a pathetic
      little waif walks into his life.

      I guess she was just out for a few kicks. Spoiled kid looking for a
      bit of excitement. There were three of them; Wanker bully boys. I hate
      Wankers but I would have minded my own business if she had whined and
      sniveled. I hate whiners even more than Wankers.

      Boss Wanker said something I couldn't quite hear. Cindy Lu must have
      smarted off to him. His slap sent her sprawling. He shouldn't have
      turned to his buddies to gloat. I guess six months in rehab learning
      to walk again would give the lesson time to sink in. I heard the
      crunch about the same time I saw Wanker's face take on and odd
      expression. He started squealing and collapsed. Cindy had shattered
      his knee with a brick or maybe a paving stone.

      It took a moment for things to sink in. Then the other two started
      giving Cindy the kicks she'd come downtown for. I don't think she
      intended it to be so literal.

      What the hell? Two to one wasn't really fair odds. I got my knife out
      and decided to help Cindy out before she got really hurt. Have I
      mentioned that I hate Wankers?

      (Here I played out the encounter)

      Turn 1 – The Wankers kick Cindy into unconsciousness.

      Turn 2 – Alice activates and attacks Wanker 1 from behind. He's only
      partially surprised and rolls 1 die in melee to Alice's 2. Alice wins
      by 1 pass and takes her opponent out with a critical hit to the leg.

      Turn 3 – Alice activates again. She rushes Wanker 2 who passes his
      being charged test and readies himself for combat. Alice wins by 2
      passes scoring a critical hit to the head or neck.

      Turn 4 - At this point all 3 Wankers are out of the fight and Alice
      helps Cindy away from the scene.

      (Story resumes)

      Cindy had been kicked into unconsciousness. A quick check revealed no
      life threatening injuries. I helped her back to my place where we made
      a few coms. Her father sent someone for us. After hearing our story he
      offered me a position as Cindy's bodyguard while she was away at
      college. Watch dogging is not exactly my line of work but what could I
      say? I was being offered an all expense paid trip to terra for several
      years with the education of my choosing thrown in on top. Seems I was
      to get my book learning after all.

      (Character design notes)

      The name Alice Nevada was taken from the 10,000 Maniacs' song Gold
      Rush Brides. Her skills and attributes were generated using one term
      as a Tough and one term as an Undergrad Student. Her motivation is to
      raise herself above her current street status and make something of
      herself. To that end I chose to have her focus on economic skills.
      Melee and slug pistol skills for basic preservation and a few odd
      skills were chosen to round out the character a bit.

      Then I started asking questions. How did she get to college? What
      sector, sub sector and planet was she from? Stuff like that. It all
      started to fall into place when I was painting her figure. I also
      painted a Necromunda Escher juve at the same time. She's scrawny and
      looks like she needs protection. Enter Alice Nevada and the story of
      how they met.
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