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  • Rick Devonshire
    Well G day folks. Dammit there goes my lurking status.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1 5:20 AM
      Well G'day folks. Dammit there goes my lurking status. Let me introduce myself. My name is Rick Devonshire I'm 52 yrs old I live in the city of Adelaide the suburb of Morphett Vale in the state of South Australia. I am married with 3 teenage kids. I started wargaming in my late teens and continued until 27 when everyone got married and the group split up. We played mostly SCI-Fi board games (Dune,Starship Troopers-the original,Time Tripper with Sword&Sorcery and Skull&crossbones for some variety) . Since then nothing until one day about 5 yrs ago I saw some miniatures and got interested . I was then fortunate to hook up with The Reynella Private Wargames Group who are experienced wargamers of many years standing and who graciously put up with my total lack of knowledge.Hence my habit of lurking on the other lists I belong to and my lack of introduction on same. My periods of interest are WWI Naval&Land(desert),WWII Naval&Land, Napoleonic Naval and Modern Naval. At the moment I'm trying to collect 1/6000 WWII navies but lack of funds is crippling my efforts. With this list I'm hoping to acquire some knowledge that I can practice at home and so beat those guys at the group.He He. ( I started writing my own rules for a WII campaign based on an old book I found at the library but needed more expertise . Oh Well ) So I'll be interested in seeing what comes up and any tips you good people can throw my way. Rick Devonshire
    • KENNHART@xxx.xxx
      Greetings Guys, I m Kenn Hart, am 50 years old and been a wargamer for as long as I can remember! Started off with Airfix and my Father built me a sand table
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        Greetings Guys,

        I'm Kenn Hart, am 50 years old and been a wargamer for as long as I can
        remember! Started off with Airfix and my Father built me a sand table in one
        of our out buildings where battles regularly took place and once a week the
        sand was sieved to find any figures that had gone AWOL! I think it is from
        this time that I developed the theory the rules get in the way of a good
        wargame and so am always on the look out for simple, useable, fun ones. More
        about that later.

        Spent quite a bit of time in the Royal Engineers, where while serving in West
        Germany came across Lone Warrior and to this day I don't remember how. I was
        still into Airfix and the collection was somewhat large, to say the least. At
        the time of discovering Lone Warrior I was shown some 25mm Hinchliffe ECW
        figures by one of the lads in my unit whose mother worked for them and that
        was goodbye and thanks to Airfix.
        I found through the Solo Wargamers Association other wargamers serving in
        BAOR and actually went to a couple of clubs. The most memorable was a couple
        of visits to Minden to a cavalry regiment whose club was deeply into ACW
        (Airfix) and they actually dressed up for the games, which was new to me.
        Being a new comer I was assigned the role of a Union commander whose task was
        to assault and take a well defended bridge over an unfordable river. I should
        point out that all the experienced players were Confederates and the
        rookies/newcomers were always Union, and you can guess which side usually
        won. My tactics were very basic in that I lined my 6 gun battery on a bluff
        overlooking the bridge and proceeded to blast the defenders away, much to the
        dismay of the CSA commanders, who actually complained! Down river other Union
        commanders were sending their troops across narrow bridges and the Rebs were
        merrily wiping them out. Eventually with little loss my blue coated heroes
        swarmed acorss the bridge and turn the enemy's flank, at which point it was
        time to pack up. The following meeting I duly arrived in blue jeans and denim
        shirt only to be informed that I had been 'promoted' to the ranks of the CSA,
        a position I had to decline on the grounds that it was more fun being a
        Yankee. Moves practised in solo play I have usually found out also work well
        in head-to-head games.

        On my return to the UK I found a couple of local clubs through the services
        of the Solo Wargamers Association and my gaming expanded tremendously. At one
        point in our club at Harrogate we had 7 members of the Solo Wargamers
        Association on the books out of a membership of 21!

        Years ago I took over as Editor of Lone Warrior and it has brought me many
        friends in the wargaming world all over the globe. Ideas and systems I have
        discovered in Lone Warrior have made my games much more enjoyable and usually
        less predictable in their outcome. Although I founded and run a local club
        (Wargamers Of Ripon - WOR) where we are currently going through a 15mm
        Ancient phase brought on by the WHAB rules and AOA lists, I still get a lot
        of enjoyment out of soloing. My solo games recently have been used to try out
        my New Kingdom Egyptians against various other armies prior to meeting them
        at the club, where a recent 4.5k point aside game, against a Spartan Army was
        very satisfying. I have quite a collection built up over the years and my
        favourite periods are Samurai, Ancients, Renassiance/ECW and ACW. I do have
        quite a few 1/300 scale WWII Germans who will one day halt the advance of the
        Allies during our ongoing campaign in Normandy. I also enjoy computer games
        and am lucky enough to receive some from a few firms, which are reviewed for
        Lone Warrior. Sometimes the games are not of interest to me or I'm too busy
        to play/review them so they are dished out to members of the Solo Wargamers
        Association for action. We have built a sound reputation for honest,
        knowledgeable reviews, which are published world-wide in other magazines and
        let's be quite honest it is good fun doing them. Recently received Napoleon
        1813 for review - not my period so had to move it on after a quick look and
        it was quite impressive.

        Gone on long enough. I have figure reviews from Foundry and Redoubt
        Enterprises to do, details of Practical Wargamer Year Book 1999 to write up,
        a set of skirmish rules on Renaissance mercenaries to read (anyone fancy
        doing a review on them?) and a couple of essays to complete by Tuesday.
        Amongst other things I am a third year mature student at the local university!

        It is now 0815 hrs and I have to chair a meeting of all the Royal Engineer
        Association branches within the NE of England at 1100 hrs so I had better
        pull my finger out.

        I am always interested to hear of new ideas for soloing, which is why I
        originally got involved with the Solo Wargamers Association and Lone Warrior,
        so please let me know of any and if the author(s) are agreeable, then
        perhaps we may even publish them in Lone Warrior and therefore get them on to

        Good Soloing to you all, Kenn
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