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9189Fw: Stagecoach Days 2014

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  • Steve Clugston
    Jan 16, 2014

      On Wednesday, January 15, 2014 6:32 PM, "Giacopuzzi, Greg@Parks" <Greg.Giacopuzzi@...> wrote:
      Old Town San Diego State Historic Park is once again hosting Stagecoach Days this upcoming summer.  Last year we tried to work out a schedule that would work out to accommodate many San Diego military re-enactors for Soldiers and Citizens event.  Due to event conflicts you and others could not attend the 2013 event.  This year I am trying to get ahead of potential scheduling conflicts and I have selected three potential dates that can accommodate the Soldiers and Citizens event in Old Town this upcoming summer.  See List below
      July 12
      July 26
      August 2
      Please look over the dates carefully.  Last year, (3) Fort Tejon Dragoons attended event with great fanfare by staff and volunteers.  I have asked them to attend this year.  They have a Dragoon Day at the Fort on the first weekend of each month therefore Aug. 2nd may be OUT.  In addition, July 12th is the Fort MacArthur event; therefore July 12th maybe out.    As a result, the July 26th date maybe the best option.  Please take a look at the dates below. Will the July 26th date work will your schedule and others. Meaning - is there any other military, Living History, events that you see may conflict with the July 26th date.  In addition, Dennis Carlos had a great group of Californios at San Paqual.  Staff was very impressed with their exhibit.  He may be interested in attending this event and interpreting the Californio/Mexican perspective of the War.
      Please get back to me ASAP -  We are creating the calendar in the next two days.
      I just need to know  - If there is any conflicts in the Southern California world of 19th century military re-enactors, with possible participation for this upcoming San Diego military event on July 26, 2014.
      Thank You
      Gregg Giacopuzzi
      Old Town San Diego SHP
      (619) 921-2516

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