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  • santiagoyellos
    Nov 19, 2013

      It's always most important to remember that Sonora is different then California and Texas and New Mexico, but for those of you like the early pre-1772 period here are some uniform details from Altar.


      They are carrying carbines from Catalonia. The inspector notes carbines so he means shorter than the 1772 type dragoon length musket.

      The swords were regulation, but half (Toledo steel) were broken. They were still being carried, a fully armed troop being more important than a nice looking one.

      The lance length varied.

      The adargas varied in quality and design (layers and backing).

      16 of the troop were missing baldrics, or tahalis.

      No one has pistols nor cartridge boxes. (This is still a fluid period and powder flasks or horns and loose ball were carried). The inspector notes he has taken steps to remedy it. (He notes they are not proficient with the firearms.

      Cueras are pieced and of varying layers.


      Uniform descriptions suggest that, as found in other places before the mid 1770s, that fashion trumps everything. They are wearing coats with red lapels, with white metal buttons and silver thread making the button holes. They are wearing red stockings, hats trimmed with bullion and carrying blue capes. Their breeches are blue  "tripe" or what I believe is hemp. (The inspector seems to note they are different, but approves they are at least uniform to a man).


      I hope this helps any interpreters of the early period.



      Presidio del Tucson