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9175Last participant info for Dominguez Rancho event Oct. 12 & 13

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  • Steve Clugston
    Oct 11, 2013
      Subject: Last minute note, tortillas on Sat?, and another motel, for Dominguez event.  Bring your own raw meat to be smoked for you, if you want. 

      Please forward to military people, docents of the museum, and anyone else
      you are communicating with!

      Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum is located at
      18127 Alameda, Comton (or "Rancho Dominguez"), 90220
      Just East of the intersection of 710 freeway and the 91 freeway.. I think
      it is the second exit east of the 710.

      11401 Long Beach Blvd.
      Lynnwood, CA 90262
      (800) 854-9517

      Ok! The sites are marked... it looks nice!
      There is plenty of shade for anyone who decides to come at the last

      To reach Ginger, call (818) 606-0065 ...who will be off to Dominguez Friday
      To reach Steve, call (951) 235-3608, I will arrive there Friday afternoon & evening.

      Remember if you want to partake in the smoked meat, bring some meat of your
      choice... and otherwise, bring a dish to share...

      We do not have anyone making tortillas on Saturday... if someone bring the
      corn necessary and knows how to do that, we have the cook stove and the
      you just need the hands and the masa!

      There is a cart full of vegetables to buy for pennies... if you need to
      make something for the potluck!

      Cars cannot drive into the area between 10:00 and 4:00!
      If you need your car parked due to a handicap, please let us know that when
      you arrive, and we will make arrangements.

      Shall be fun!

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