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"Official SGI" on Prayer Gohonzon P.1

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  • futuronyc
    The following is a memo faxed to all SGI-USA offices yesterday for all SGI members. The first part deals with the prayer gohonzon avaiable outside the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
      The following is a memo faxed to all SGI-USA
      offices yesterday for all SGI<br>members. The first part
      deals with the prayer gohonzon avaiable outside the
      SGI.<br><br>SGI-USA Memo April 30, 2001 <br>Memo No. PLN-030 <br>To:
      All Region, Zones and Office Managers Distribute to:
      All SGI-USA Members From:<br>SGI-USA Member Services
      Center Subject: Distribution of Gohonzon and
      Statement<br>about IRG It is hoped that the following memo will help
      all SGI-USA leaders share a<br>correct understanding
      about distribution of Gohonzon and the the
      Independent<br>Reassessment Group (IRG) If you have any questions, please
      contact Margie Hall in the<br>Member Services Center at
      (310) 260-8933 or via email at mhall@s... Thank you
      very<br>much. <br>It is hoped that the following will help all
      SGI-USA leaders share a correct understanding<br>about
      the distribution of Gohonzon. Heritage of Faith Is
      Key to Bestowal of Gohonzon In<br>recent months, some
      SGI-USA members have received or distributed
      reproductions of<br>Gohonzon from various sources, including
      Internet sites. Some have also scanned these<br>Gohonzon,
      including the Nichikan- and Nikken-transcribed Gohonzon,
      and uploaded<br>them to their own Web sites. While
      Internet distribution of the Gohonzon is a
      fairly<br>recent development, Gohonzon from several Nichiren sects
      have been available in Japan<br>for decades. Since
      before second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda�s time
      and continuing<br>today, many of these sects have
      sold Gohonzon at their temples. These groups do
      not<br>respect the Gohonzon as the ultimate object of devotion
      in the Latter Day of the Law but<br>rather view the
      Gohonzon merely as a good luck charm of sorts that can be
      commercially<br>sold. In the United States, we have had little
      opportunity to encounter these various<br>Nichiren schools,
      though some of their supporters have now become active
      on the<br>Internet. In Japan, however, Soka Gakkai
      members have witnessed a stark contrast<br>between the
      advancement of the SGI and these other groups and between the
      benefit of<br>their respective followers. Because these
      groups mostly descend from the �five senior<br>priests,�
      who betrayed the Daishonin and his teachings soon
      after his death, they therefore<br>misinterpret the
      Daishonin�s Buddhism, and their followers misunderstand
      the<br>Daishonin�s intent. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that any
      Soka Gakkai member would<br>receive or pray to a
      Gohonzon from such sources�even if it were a replica of
      a<br>Gohonzon inscribed in the Daishonin�s own hand. The
      Daishonin himself very carefully<br>chose those believers
      for whom he inscribed and conferred the Gohonzon.
      �Faith like<br>yours is so extremely rare that I will
      inscribe the treasure tower [Gohonzon] especially
      for<br>you," he wrote his disciple Abutsu-bo, "You must never
      transfer it to anyone but your<br>son. You must never show
      it to others unless they have steadfast faith. This
      is the reason<br>for my advent in this world� (The
      Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, p. 300). In �Reply
      to<br>Niiama,� he writes, �Because your resolve does not seem to
      wane, I will give you the<br>Gohonzon (WND, 469). The
      Daishonin granted the Gohonzon only to those
      who<br>demonstrated a high degree of commitment. His successor, Nikko
      Shonin, also<br>maintained this strictness.
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