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Re: Abuse of the SGI

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  • IchinenVic267
    Hi Kathy, I ll probably get flamed for this, I haven t read anyone else s response, but I think it s a bad idea to go into business together as members.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2000
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      Hi Kathy, I'll probably get flamed for this, I
      haven't read anyone else's response, but I think it's a
      bad idea to go into business together as members.
      Especially with the pitch this guy threw your way. That's
      really not too cool using the organization that way. If
      you read in the Human Revolution, President Toda was
      pretty adamant about members not mixing the Soka Gakkai
      and money. It's a sure-fire way to disrupt the
      harmony between members. Me? I'd chant for this guy's
      happiness and steer clear of ANY business dealings with
      him.<br><br>AS far as Amway is concerned, they now call it
      QuixTar and a couple of other names to almost bifercate
      themselves from the AMway title. But it's still the same,
      isolationist, us vs. them mentality. I know. I tried it. Gave
      it my best shot. It doesn't work. Too elitist and
      too materialistic.<br><br>My two cents,<br>Vic
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