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Re: [SGI] Re: Mr. Williams

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  • hs
    ... I m Happy for you ... This is a matter of deffering opinions ... True and correct faith - is the only criterion to be judged SGI as an organization. SGI is
    Message 1 of 53 , May 2, 2004
      --- andyhanlen1@... wrote:
      > Hoshaku, by your criterion, I believe I have correct
      > (and constantly developing and deepening) faith.

      I'm Happy for you

      > I
      > also believe that the SGI-USA needs to comprehend
      > the spirit of the "manners and customs of the
      > country" (zuiho bini) in which it operates, that it
      > currently does not,

      This is a matter of deffering opinions

      > and that it needs to become a
      > bottom up, democratically based organization,

      True and correct faith - is the only criterion to be
      judged SGI as an organization. SGI is becoming more
      and more democratically horizontal organization
      through correct faith. You are missing to witness it
      from within since you are judging it from outside.

      > autonomous from Japan, if it is to succeed in its
      > espoused mission to "widely spread and teach" this
      > Buddhism in this country and become a mainstream
      > religious organization here.

      I disagree with you here.
      The unfolding of Buddhism to the future is a thorny
      road. If we to attain the lofty goal of wide spreading
      this great teachings, it is only in uniting as one
      autonomy that we'll succeed to attain that very goal,
      not many autonomies pulling in deferent directions.
      As the Daishonin stated:
      "When you are so united, even the great desire for
      widespread propagation can be fulfilled." [WND029,
      Page 217, col 1, line 50, sentence 4 in para 3]

      > Am I wrong?

      Time will tell and you'll be the judge.

      > Cheers!
      > Andy


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    • rainergirl12000
      ... will tell ... unhealthy ... be ... Chris, Beautifully said. Bridget *******************
      Message 53 of 53 , May 15, 2004
        --- In SokaGakkaiInternational@yahoogroups.com, "Christopher
        H. Holte" <chris_holte@y...> wrote:

        > If we see Buddhism as a religion centered around a man who
        will tell
        > us how to get to enlightenment, then we can develop such
        > attachments -- but if we see it as a road we are all on we will
        > fine.
        > > For what it's worth,


        Beautifully said.


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