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The God Gene/Reincarnation/Healing

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  • Robin Ray Beck
    ... wrote: ... ========================= Hi John, Some would like to think we get another chance to come back and get it right. More
    Message 1 of 24 , Jul 1, 2003
      --- In SokaGakkaiInternational@yahoogroups.com, Vanya Fletcher
      <vorotyntsev@y...> wrote:

      > So reincarnation is supernatural and a myth? I'm
      > inclined to agree because no one can explain how it
      > works or provide proof. It's just a theory. But
      > clearly Shakyamuni and Nichiren believed in it.
      > Vanya
      Hi John,

      Some would like to think we get another chance to come back and get
      it right. More like to think they escape the consequences of evil
      deeds that go undetected in this life. Even more like to think they
      are going to eternal heaven some day.


      All sentient beings are blessed with an anxiety/panic response (fight
      or flight in response to fright.) Anxiety serves to make us cautious
      about approaching unfaniliar situations. It is interesting that trout
      bred in the wild are shy loners, while hatchery raised trout travel
      in gangs and act cocky. The normal anxiety level was bred out of the


      Jumping ahead, humans are unique in that we realize the 4 sufferings
      are inevitable. Even if we eat right and act all moral all the time,
      we are gwin get old, dis-eased, and dead someday. People with a
      functional cerebral cortex realize that.

      Knowing this is potentially a source of profoud anxiety, possibly
      even a nothing really matters attitude. Anyway, some guy posited that
      homo sapiens developed a divine gene that keeps anxiety about our
      ultimate doom in check.

      In Freud's original model, he talked about faith in the primordial
      tribal father. That long since deceased super-father dwells in
      heaven. If we are good, we get to live in his celestial mansion when
      we die. That makes us feel better and more secure. Like a blanky or a
      teddy bear.

      In "Civilivation and its Discontents", Freud began to acknowlege the
      Buddhist spin an religion. He called it an "Oceanic Feeling". In
      other words, a feeling that we are inter-connected, ie, dependant
      origination. This means we feel are part of a bigger picture, and
      abates the emotional need to literaly survive death. Freud apparently
      viewed this as almost as infantile as the Paternal God in heaven idea?

      Now, The theory I alluded to is that early man evolved genes that
      protected against death anxiety, and provided a feeling of security.
      People with such genes were bolder than others and tended to
      reproduce, thus passing along the trait. Those with the paternal
      father in heaven belief trait tended to be more aggressive than the
      umiversal consciousness types, so they were more dominant, and still
      are the majority.

      Finally, these are my own reflections, though I borrow extensively
      from random research I have done. No possible way to list all the
      sources. Also, I stress these are thoughts, not conclusions. I am
      leaning toward eternal life as a tough reality.

      Nam' Mtyoho Renge Kyo
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