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  • Bob M.
    COMMONALITY AMONGST THE WORLD S MYSTICS: If you study the life of past mystics you ll find they share several things in common: First, they all speak of an
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2007

      If you study the life of past mystics you'll
      find they share several things in common:

      First, they all speak of an induction – or
      of a need to learn/realize a new level of
      understanding. They all speak of a fundamental
      shift in consciousness (be it called awakening,
      realization, divination, or being born again).

      Second they all tell of making a journey into
      and through a despair process of being "undone"
      as the precursor to this fundamental shift in
      consciousness--be it through experiencing 40
      days and nights in the wilderness, starving
      under the boddhi tree, facing the dark night
      of the soul, or the hero's journey. There is a
      Journey of metamorphosis that all mystics
      have undergone in some way.

      Third, it is an inner journey that must be
      taken up and navigated alone. This is a
      hallmark of the mystic's realization: The
      reason the journey must be alone is because
      that which must be faced, seen, and surrendered
      in order that something new can emerge, is only
      possible through sustaining the fear and despair
      process of being alone and meeting the ultimate
      and fundamental fear of "non-being" and

      Fourth, they all seem to realize the frustration
      of being misunderstood by those who have not
      yet been through the awakening journey -- "those
      who have ears to hear, let him hear." A great deal
      of the mystical writings are devoted almost
      exclusively to the fact that fundamental spiritual
      truth cannot be understood by the intellect nor
      correctly put into words. Forever, the great
      spiritual teachers have tried through the
      insufficiency of words to point toward that which
      can ever and only be experienced and known on a
      level that is before and beyond the mind. This is
      something unfathomable to those who have not yet
      had this breakthrough revelation - and particularly
      so in our contemporary culture that has become so
      overly reliant and blinded by the limiting paradigm
      of the scientific method that forever reduces our
      understanding of intelligence to that which is
      sensory, measurable and linear in nature. (...Life
      isn't (only or always) linear .. In fact it rarely
      is, except in man-made constructions and habituated
      uses of the mind.)


      Bob M.
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