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Re: 'No Exit' for the many.....

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  • Bob M.
    There was a time when he (Krishnamurti) told the members of the foundation that I have nothing to do with the foundations. I have nothing to do with
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      There was a time when he (Krishnamurti) told the
      members of the foundation that "I have nothing
      to do with the foundations. I have nothing to
      do with institutions. Don't use my name in the
      institutions or use me in any sense as an
      authority. It's not my wishes which are in the
      picture. I'm only concerned with the individual
      and awakening self-knowing in the individual. I'm
      not concerned with anything else." He once said,
      "My real dharma is that." (Pupul Jayakar)

      ('Krishnamurti: 100 Years' - Evelyn Blau)

      Bob M.

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      <new_trail_blazer@...> wrote:
      > I think the hardest fact to swallow
      > in this whole 'enlightenment' business,
      > and one which J. Krishnamurti and many
      > others never fully did, is that only
      > about 2% of the human species is
      > biologically fit and thereby at all
      > capable of transcending their error-
      > laden conditioned 'selves'. And this
      > forum (Kinfonet), as is the case with
      > any and all existing discussion forums,
      > and under any guise, is understandably
      > permeated with and dominated by those
      > who are not at all capable of 'radical
      > transformation'. This is why a totally
      > fresh start, (group, organization,
      > fellowship, etc.) must be made by a
      > perfect living embodiment of Truth, who
      > alone can and will maintain absolute
      > spiritual integrity in the developing
      > body of genuine free-spirits. Krishnamurti
      > dissolved, and rightfully so, the Order
      > of the Star, of which he was the head,
      > because of the gross internal conflict
      > and division. But he then went on to
      > found and build Foundations and schools
      > without any real concern or efforts to
      > prevent the very same thing from happening
      > in them. Hence they have all rather quickly
      > fallen into the very same condition that the
      > Order of the Star was in back in his early
      > days (2% being potentially of the Light, the
      > rest - irreparably of the darkness). I think
      > the various K schools, at least several of
      > them, have been around for 30 years or more.
      > Have you seen any K-like Spirits emerge from
      > any of them? I really doubt very much if you
      > ever will, as it's absolutely clear to me that
      > right intelligence, or most certainly the
      > foundation for it, must begin and be developed
      > at 'home', in the early and critical formative
      > years, and not in ANY school. Actually I feel
      > that schooling of virtually any and every kind,
      > and especially in these last days, can quite
      > easy fatally corrupt even a child who may have
      > had an initially good foundation.
      > Bob M.
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