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Re: "Truth, the real GOD needs a healthy/rich mind" J. K.

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  • Bob M.
    Good mornin Peter, I find that sensitivity is simply a gift (though often along life s way I ve considered it more of a curse) that a *few* of us are
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 1, 2006
      Good mornin' Peter,

      I find that 'sensitivity' is simply a gift (though often along life's
      way I've considered it more of a curse) that a *few* of us are blessed
      with in the critical early developmental years. And by the same token
      one that unfortunately the *many* are not. Likewise the capacity for
      true 'attention' is simply a part and parcel of that innate
      extraordinarily keen capacity to 'sense' or 'feel'. And as you go on to
      suggest, these sensitive 'chosen few' must come to a FULL STOP, and
      then begin to become 'attentive' and begin the process (the mountain
      climb) of re-capturing and purifying again that sensitivity
      or 'intuitive feel' for things in total action in the mainstream of

      Remember that little child you spoke of earlier and that 'innocence'
      that's necessary to gain entry into the Kingdom?

      Arthur Schopenhauer referred to the sensitively-souled as the 'more
      finely-formed' and fully and rightly observed even way back in his days
      that rarely do any of them ever wake up from the universal
      collective 'sleep in the dust of the earth' along with the many, many
      who have unfortunately been de-sensitized to the point that for them
      there can be no coming to a full stop, and then on to a genuine
      awakening or 'rebirth'. And so just as Kahlil Gibran once
      remarked, 'unless a person is born again his life will be but a blank
      page in the book of existence.

      Happy awakening Peter,

      Bob M.

      --- In Soar_Like_An_Eagle_2@yahoogroups.com, peterquinnn <no_reply@...>
      > This is very true, Bob. I think to have *extraordinary feeling, this
      > sensitivity to everything* one needs to learn to really pay attention.
      > One needs to learn to slow down. A big reason for lack of sensitivity
      > is rushing, thinking too fast, in fact doing everyting too fast. One
      > needs to slow down and learn to truly inhabit the present.
      > Peter
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