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On the Coming of a New World, a New Spiritual Age.....

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  • Bob M.
    On the Coming of a New World, a New Spiritual Age..... The need of the True, the New, the Real, of Something Different, lives in the breasts of so many. The
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      On the Coming of a New World, a New Spiritual Age.....

      The need of the True, the New, the Real, of Something Different,
      lives in the breasts of so many. The seed of the New World has been
      strewn out and the attentive eye sees the signs of its germination
      everywhere. Jacques Lacarriere, for instance, ends his remarkable
      book on Les Gnostiques (The Gnostics) as follows: 'The Gnostic of
      today can no longer be a preacher of salvation, a magus in seclusion
      on his mountain, or some illuminatus in the big city with his nose
      glued to old texts. He must be a sentient man, turned towards the
      present and the future, with the intuitive certitude that above all
      else he holds within himself the keys of the future. This certitude
      he has to oppose to all reassuring myths, so-called religions of
      salvation, and alienating ideologies, which do nothing but screen off
      his true presence to reality. For what is important today is not so
      much to discover new stars as to break down the new barriers which
      unceasingly rise up around us or within ourselves, in order to go
      through them, like through death, with the eyes wide open.'

      'The coming of the spiritual age must be preceded by the
      appearance of an increasing number of individuals who are no longer
      satisfied with the normal intellectual, vital, and physical existence
      of man,' Sri Aurobindo wrote eight decades ago. These individuals are
      the ones who can no longer stand the lies and the almost unrealistic
      improbability of the whole mess of life because something inside them
      knows that it can be otherwise and that the moment of the other way
      has arrived. They have inside them a lacuna which the Mother called
      a 'Need' - the pressing need of Reality which is a hunger for
      sustenance of the soul. This Need is the sign of the mature psychic
      being. It is inevitably guided towards its very own place and
      contribution in the construction of the New World, often by an
      improbable coincidence - a word, an encounter, a book, an article in
      a newspaper wrapped around a pair of shoes. For it is for this
      specific contribution that it has come into the world again, and it
      will find the like-minded psychic beings, even though most of them
      are still moving incognito among the mass or within a religious or
      spiritual community. For it belongs to the planetary group of those
      who have been sent. And in the ear-shattering din of a world in
      travail it will discern the pure call which fills the eyes with tears
      of Joy because the call will tell that That is present in this world
      and that life will no longer be a crawling act but a boundless flight
      with wide and light and colorful wings.

      The world is coming apart at the seams, 'till that day that it
      will be the Sun forever, the total Victory,' as the Mother put it.
      Those who feel the unquenchable thirst for Something Different will
      be protected in a cacoon of light, she said, to traverse all perils
      of the convulsions of the old and dying world, for in part of their
      being they already belong to that light, to the New World. And 'all
      one has dreamed to be the most beautiful, the most marvellous, the
      most fantastic is nothing compared with what will be realized.

      'The absoluteness of the Victory is in-dis-put-able,' she
      stressed staccato - she who possessed the certitude 'like a sword of
      Light, intangible.' And like Joan of Arc to her standard which had
      been with her in so many battles, she said to those then and now who
      dedicate themselves to the advent of Tomorrow: 'You have shared in
      the hardship, you will share in the honor.'

      For: 'It is not a crucified but a glorified body that will save
      the world.'

      Georges Van Vrekhem ('Beyond Man') on the vision of Sri Aurobindo and
      the Mother. (Auroville 1/6/96)

      Bob M.
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