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Re: [The Existential Society] The Chains of Attachment.....

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  • Bob M.
    While Christ admonished us to love both our friends (neighbors) and our enemies (which I well suppose would also include his ravening wolves in sheeps
    Message 1 of 2 , May 15, 2006
      While Christ admonished us to love both our friends (neighbors) and
      our enemies (which I well suppose would also include his "ravening
      wolves in sheeps clothing"), I really don't think he had in mind
      feeding the latter or even some of our neighbors or being all that
      close to them all that much either.

      I have no problem with the word 'hate' as used by Christ. I also put
      it into another J.C. and paralleling Nietzschian framework as follows
      and as has been too my experience:

      "What is the greatest thing a man can experience? It is the hour of
      great 'self'-contempt." Nietzsche

      "He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life
      in this world shall keep it unto life eternal." J.C.

      In any case I find that Christ came that we ('chosen [sensitive]
      few') may have (find/be granted) life more abundantly.

      We should therefore be keenly watchful for those among us who are
      skillful at twisting (and watering-down or 'safely' ignoring) his and
      other's words in order to keep us in chains or at their own beck and

      Bob M.

      P.S. Seems here that for every 100 mere Jesus believing Christians,
      there's but one or two who are sincerely searching for that glorious
      Christ within themselves. Actually for that matter I feel not too
      many anywhere are really built for this tremendous 'self'-
      destroying/overcoming adventure and the genuine bursting forth of
      that Inner Light and Fullness of Being!

      Indeed with God a man is never really alone. But for a woman without
      a good, loving (Godly) man in her life, it isn't all that easy.
      Especially in these last dark days.

      --- In theexistentialsociety@yahoogroups.com, deb1785@... wrote:
      > Man is born attached -- to the world.
      > We are all one. It is in growing up, learning behaviors and beliefs
      that we
      > separate and as evidenced in your quotes, seek that attachment we
      had lost. We
      > seek to reattach for our entire lives. And I believe what Christ
      was speaking
      > of (in my Bible it doesn't use the word, 'hate', but 'leave') was
      > attached to a greater good, a family of all mankind. You must
      denounce, give up the
      > material things to truly live as one with all man. And that is
      exactly what
      > the disciplines did later in the early Christian communities where
      they shared
      > everything. They realized that we are all one, we need to clothe,
      feed others
      > to feed and clothe ourselves. Wasn't that the message? So is it
      that we are all
      > alone, or that we are all one, but live as if we are alone?
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