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  • pudintang ask me again and ill tell you
    WHY WORLD REFORM. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/worldreformation/ The world is a work in Progress as well as regress. From a lost, forgotten, corrupted past,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2002
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      The world is a work in Progress as well as regress. From a lost,
      forgotten, corrupted past, only to be repeated by the present
      humans with the technology and social system of their generation.
      In every generation society establishes forms of governments and
      religions which establishes ethics and morals and the people born in
      the middle establish norms, customs, fads, and other philosophies
      which influences Government and Religion if not to deceive
      themselves from the too often pathetic, boring, sad, confused, brief
      thing called life reality etc.

      Order through conformity, Government uses the threat of
      imprisonment, and lethal force from its law enforcement agents.
      Religion uses tactics of guilt, shame, tales of punishment after
      death for doing immoral deeds while alive etc. Conformity does not
      solve the problem of being different and what is good for many is
      not always good for all, from this social discontent differences of
      opinion from both religion and government results in a variety of
      internal conflict, outward manifestation of the self that is without
      education, self-discipline and guidance to stop itself from causing
      harm to itself and others.

      This planet is quickly reaching its maximum capacity to comfortably
      sustain human life.
      Human population is no on longer reduced from natural disasters,
      disease, or predators because
      of technology and medicine that can also slow aging, and the issues
      of cloning and the other experiments being performed in countries
      where it is not illegal and unwatched. Fertility clinics can produce
      innocent children faster than society is ready for them to be born.
      Many in this country are already the victim of poor breeding habits
      as well as relationships; it use to be necessary to produce children
      to continue human existence now it has become something
      fashionable/trendy accidental. Even with the abundance of food and
      resources known to be in existence there is the problem of
      distribution which explains the out breaks of famine and the cost of
      shipping etc. to support obsolete economy based governments that
      benefit the owners who can pay for the harm of those who want to do
      things differently. Ignorance is still the most dangerous disease
      among other things taken for granted.
      Smarter(informed) people would not have allowed this to happen or
      continue. Smarter people know how to organize and negotiate between
      the masses of people with separate goals to not only meet their
      expectations but exceed their expectations (nothings impossible for
      those who know how).
      Human history show how quickly it can forget past errors and
      repeat them. Why popularize stir up conflict about one war/conflicts
      when there have been so many in the past more tragic, We must always
      remember that all problems are caused by the actions of ignorant
      people. Ignorance is not bliss, ignorant people are a danger to
      themselves and others in the society we are born and raised together
      in. Eternal vigilance....
      If you think you have advice, ideas, insightful observations how
      to improve social problems that threaten to harm humanity and the
      other creatures on the planet affected by human dominance then I
      implore you send the consortium your insight or personal experience
      as, a concerned citizen, reformer, activist, nonprofit organization
      employee or employer etc. Also check out and post other reform
      etc,.links (A better world begins with a better you.)
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