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Mind, body, spirit, and materialism Summaries of existence by novicegod

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  • novicegod
    Mind, body, spirit, and materialism Summaries of existence by novicegod For those that want to know everything; everything will be revealed as
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2002
      Mind, body, spirit, and materialism Summaries of existence by

      For those that want to know everything; everything will be revealed
      as individual/social consciousness expands /grows/develops over a
      period of time/moments. Simply, if you don't know WHY, it is because
      your consciousness/DNA/development is not high enough yet, usually
      for lack of exposure to higher consciousness to model one's self
      after (role model) and/or method of becoming more consciously aware
      is flawed. Life reality (how things interact with other thing) is
      simply about progress or the lack there of, the whys and why not's,
      something can or should be done. Keep in mind that knowledge is power
      because nothing is impossible for those that know how, that is also
      why you cannot have a problem if you are too smart to have a problem,
      but who is that smart (informed and connected)? For the most part you
      cannot do what you do not have the brain development or assistance to

      Everything comes from its source, even when the source is unknown
      (beyond=not yet known). There is no truth. There is awareness and
      each thing is at different levels of awareness (consciousness) so
      there will be different truths. There is no best (perfect way), There
      is just better ways. And those that disagree have given up, stopped
      questioning, and or decided to live/believe a certain way when the
      future is not curtain and reality is in constant change. Tomorrow is
      not promised what do you do about today? Philosophies/lifestyles
      (different ways) to come to the same conclusions( great minds think
      alike). Love and happiness are misunderstood words, misused everyday,
      they are not emotions, they are decisions to accept situations and
      people for less than what they could be/should be/would like to be.
      Things will not improve when the majority have loved things for the
      way they are and are happy with just a little improvement. Is it any
      wonder a better world takes a snails pace, while so many suffer the
      wait to get there. History repeats over and over again showing
      humans poor ability to remember the mistakes of the past just to
      repeat them and reinvent the wheel and call it new, becoming once
      again victims of false belief systems pride fully, egotistically,
      materialistically search for truth and perfection, already proven not
      to be there and find out later regretting, wishing they could do it
      over again. The blind leading the blind it is miracle humans have
      made it this far.

      Of the many ways to study reality the 4 most popular points of view
      (extremes) that arise is Physics and metaphysics, science and
      religion and many times they pair together causing it to be difficult
      to distinguish between the 4. But when they are put to extreme they
      become 2 concepts Physics/science Metaphysics/religion. They each
      view the human structure and how it exist/or is meant to exist in
      reality differently. Physics: concluded that everything can be
      explained with mathematic principles formulas etc. Metaphysics: (in
      Greek meta means after so after physics) it deals with things that
      cannot be explained with math, to the extreme it means reality and
      God can never be explained Ex.( God/reality is what cannot be
      explained but which explains itself, (the supernatural/infinite).
      Science: takes no side, but usually does not agree with what cannot
      be recreated or observed. It is a tool for conducting experiments
      observing processes and recording the results for all to see and
      learn from. Religion: takes an active role in trying to condition
      other to accept a belief system, that may or may not include a God/s
      and/or some kind punishment/reward for not following/following the
      system of belief while alive or after death. To simply call ones
      self humans is not understanding oneself at all but the common
      stereotype that has survived throughout the years from the point of
      view of both Physics/science and metaphysics/religion that the human
      structure consist of 3 aspects body/matter, mind/energy, and the
      spirit/thought. Hygiene is needed to keep the 3 aspects of the human
      form in best condition and prevent, imbalance, decay, and death
      (devolution). Ignorance The world oldest and most deadly disease,
      precursor to all dysfunctions and imbalance (all problems are cause
      by ignorance and or action carried out ignorantly (uninformed)
      people). One of the most terrible ignorance's is the affliction
      materialism an affliction that undoes consciousness and reduces
      humans to there lowest instinct, savage animal behavior.

      MATERIALISM: is the unfortunate condition/affliction/addiction, where
      someone/s are more concerned about buying and selling products than
      they are about their reason for existence, creation, the maintenance
      of the mind, body and spirit, and social/environmental progression.
      Materialism conditions humans to kill other humans and themselves
      over something as simple as paper (Money currency) shiny stone
      (Jewels) and the concept it has over them, to blindly follow orders
      to gain material possessions. This Includes: unhealthy emotional
      attachments to things like pets, family, friends, an other things
      loved no matter the consequence. Buying things out of price range,
      collecting Items that are best recycled or thrown away, Buying or
      aquiring things you cannot aford to maintain or will neglect like
      pets, children, and other responsibilities, the endless the desire
      for the next best thing. The creation of laws to claim possession
      over ideas and inventions that are just reinvented/improved product
      or imagination that others would have thought or invented but one
      person in society jump up and exclaims by written document or word of
      mouth that they were the first to think of a notion, these kinds of
      humans would copyright air if they could just as many other natural
      resources are bottled up to be sold. Get it strait humans never
      created anything they just manipulated what already existed. There is
      nothing new just things not imagined or experienced yet by the
      individual. Anything that is not helping you gain time and knowledge
      can be considered materialistic, you should not have to waste time
      with things that waste your time. Materialism also attacks our
      youth by filling there heads full of nonsense no where else is that
      exemplified more than in the education system, a system that does a
      better job of babysitting, developing herd mentality and a talent
      show in prison like conditions. Materialism conditions it to be
      acceptable to expose children to sex and violence, the oldest forms
      of entertainment and recreation at an age when they are not
      developmentally prepared. In Other countries They have standard
      clothing so it is about who has the best abilities not who has the
      best fashion. Other Countries schools separate the sexes while in
      school so they are not distracted from learning by trying to develop
      sexually orientated relationships, when their sexual organs haven't
      even developed fully yet and they do not have anyway to support a
      relationship except maybe passing love letters and trying to cheer
      each other up when they are having a bad day, which usually comes
      from the youth's home environment. Marriage is a pagan ritual that
      was not always accepted by the church and is done for political
      reasons (see history of marriage) The role of Parenting is
      overemphasized and misunderstood Simply there are great, smart loving
      caring people in the world and it is the hope that that is the kind
      of person that is your parent, unfortunately that is not the case,
      Just about anyone that wants a child for what ever reason can have
      one like a pet or a possession more than a conscious life form. You
      have to take a test and have certification for just about everything
      else why not parenting in some cultures parenting was sacred that
      (you should not have what you cannot take care of properly) and if
      some one gave birth anyway knowing they couldn't be good parents they
      would be sentenced to death by the wise rulers and the child would be
      placed in a better home. Now humans breed like rabbits and unfit
      parents are allowed to raise the children. There is no standard and
      there is no fear of consequence people are even proud of there
      dysfunction and their dysfunctional parents and rewarded for it
      (financial assistance ) like rap stars and actors that is why
      government reform and education reform is more important than many
      things humans choose to do with there time alive (so that everyone
      can enjoy a quality of life to produce offspring without
      shame/regret). Fear (conscious awareness) is important so is death
      because that is the language of lesser humans and to often they call
      the bluff and when punishment is not carried out they don't see it as
      mercy they see it as incentive to keep on doing what they are doing
      and it is against the law to take the law in your own hands it takes
      years to debate over someone innocence even when they were caught on
      tape or confess to committing the crime and openly admit they will do
      it again if they are released there is a lot of things wrong with
      guns and samurai swords and twisted codes of honor but there is a lot
      of things right with it too its the old right vs. might that
      intelligence is right or the most strong skilled is right, Peace is
      right! Heroes, martyrs, and vigilantes come from people who were
      tired of being victims of the system and or waiting from the system
      to react. To prevent further harm and injustice. What sense does it
      to have laws to prevent suicide, and murder but you are aloud to
      become poor and starve to death and work on and around technology
      that can kill you, to not be able to go back and send others when
      they need to be, to the nothingness from which they came let what
      ever God they worship deal with them and maybe teach them some
      manners /give them better opportunity if they are aloud to return.
      Parents can be one of the worst things in a youths life. The bad
      habits of poor minded parents are harmfully passed like second hand
      smoke causing it harder to accomplish goal of living a more quality
      existence. How quickly adults forget they we once innocent children
      born into the world for better or for worse when two humans decide to
      or accidentally have a child/s. Generation after generation
      responsibilities our handed down upon the youth to clean up the last
      generations mess or make it worse. The reoccurring theme of sex and
      violence reinforces the theory that All problems cased by sexual
      frustration and violence is out ward expression of misguided corrupt
      unstable creativity.

      HYGIENE: are techniques to prevent body mental or spiritual harm. The
      world is filled with macrobiotic organisms tiny organisms that have
      evolved beside humans they a beneficial and harmful helping digestion
      or causing colds flu's, disease and more. The human form comes in
      many colors shapes and sizes, humans are like products that way, like
      certain items are products of a company, humans become the product of
      their system of society. If humans took as much care and
      understanding of themselves as they do their products they would be
      much better for it. For example humans purchase things to improve
      their homes, cars, and to attract that attention of a mate, but not
      near that amount of time on their brain which houses their
      consciousness, their body the source of transportation of their mind,
      and depending on their development that will influence how they
      choose are chosen by the opposite sex, and how intensely they
      experience sexual situations. The sexual organs send messages to the
      brain (it is the brain that processes all the bodies activity
      (experiences).With a less developed brain comes less developed
      approach to things such as in the case with the mentally handicapped,
      and other animals with less brain development. The different forms of
      humans require different forms of nourishment, rest, purpose etc. I
      suspect as more humans realize their importance, the United Stated
      and other Nations will develop department of mental, spiritual, and
      body hygiene. Like the department of defense etc.

      BODY/MATTER: The body needs constant care and maintenance it is the
      mechanism for mind and spirit expresses itself through. Anything not
      maintained leads to rot, ruin, and decay. The body is in constant
      threat from bacterial organisms that will destroy the bodies internal
      ecosystem. If not for herbal remedies and advanced medical care many
      would already be dead (devolved). The body gets its nourishment from
      the elements water, soil, heat, and atmosphere which take part in
      creating plants minerals oxygen body temperature. The body is
      threatened by pollution. All humans take in matter and produce waste
      unfortunately there technology works much the same way when the waste
      is not disposed of properly, recycled, or builds up the waste
      destroys the food/elements, causes it to be less nutritious and/or
      makes the food unable to eat.

      MIND/ENERGY: the mind the brain is a mass of cells that stores
      information chemically From the nutrients it receives. Chemicals in
      the body create the bioelectricity (see biophysics) that powers
      thought self awareness the mind then beings to focus its attention on
      things (awareness) and question things (consciousness) one of the
      most frustrating questions that arise is WHY in that question lies
      all things, this is also the search for spirit. There is great debate
      over whether spirit exist or is it an extension of the mind wondering
      where it and thought comes from and what religion philosophy
      (process) will the individual choose to find the answers. Health food
      stores now carry many things you can take to improve brain function.

      SPIRIT/THOUGHT/MEMORY: or spiritual is the search for where thought
      life creation originates and the laws or better ways philosophies
      that govern/ improve it. The search is often results in information,
      that God my be in fact be pure information of all things, a
      frequency that some brains can receive due to some mental discipline
      causing there brain to be more developed (see God spot). So the
      search for information (God) is perused typically 2 ways
      scientifically that information should be used, and Religiously that
      information is sacred and that higher force should decide. Many want
      god to be what they want to be instead of just letting God be or even
      asking God itself or do any research of the history of God worship or
      their own religion themselves (how churches separated from each other
      so they could worship in their own way) . To many live comfortable in
      their delusions soon to be shattered leaving them in a more
      depressive state than they were to begin with and the more self-
      absorbed depressed a Person (thing) becomes the more useless they
      become causing other humans to put aside their progress to assist
      them cheer them up, get them to take better care of themselves, or
      put them to permanent rest if they do not commit suicide on their
      own, or become homicidal hostile toward others in which case they are
      eventually captured and given the death penalty. Belief is healthy
      even if it is all a lie the greater truth is if it encourage others
      to live better more productive lives. (informed faith is
      miraculous/Blind faith is dangerous). Many think God is imaginary,
      but it has been my observation that God is not imaginary, God is
      imagination all that we can imagine and more, so the more you can
      imagine the more you are experiencing God. If you can imagine it can
      be done just maybe not with current technology and without
      cooperation with the other humans that inhabit the same space. There
      is no better future for those that cannot imagine one doomed to live
      in the mediocre world. There is no better future with out those who
      can imagine it. We are living in someone's fantasy the constitution
      and many things we could only imagine or see at movies and books we
      have today. Fantasy is based on over exaggerated reality.
      The Cosmic womb
      There is Life cycle and stages of development to all things also
      known as the aging process. a beginning and an ending to a new
      beginning. Humans start out as a secretion sperm and egg simple
      compounds held together and animated by unknown force called
      life/chi/ki/prana/etc. The substances develop (evolve) from the DNA
      of the parent human/animal/insect/plant/etc. Typically all creature
      go through 3 stages of growth and then returns to the soil to be
      broken back down into the smaller compound from which they came from
      and which they will return from again in the form of something else
      etc. Example a human dies (devolves) decays back into the soil, grass
      grows from the soil a deer eats the grass a human hunter kills the
      deer and then eat the deer to survive what cannot be digested returns
      to the soil/ recycled. what about its conscious spirit, awareness.
      there is no death just devolution the transformation into a new
      substance. At one time everything was part of something else. Some
      Humans/creatures do not make it to the other stages. Some humans die
      before they are born, soon after they are born, while others live to
      old age. As time goes by people ignore/forget they come from sperm
      and egg they take for granted the life cycle from young to old
      egotistically gaining the attitude they were born walking up and
      knowing everything lol. Conscious survives after death (devolution)
      occurs when the body can no longer support the spirit damage that
      cannot be fixed by current technology or understanding. Current
      research as well as ancient text explain life and death further and
      describes the aging process is caused by internal DNA time clock,
      Hormones, stress, and lack of proper lifestyle. That humans have the
      ability to surpass the natural 3 stages and do not have to die
      (devolve) that it once again comes down to we die because we are not
      smart Informed enough to survive. History records teachings of many
      immoralist that claimed they would not die now science is proving
      them right. Are there immortals among us? Who wants to live
      forever…..who does not….

      Patterns and fact
      PATTERNS: are things that typically happen over time that does not
      typically change.
      FACTS: are things that haven't been proven wrong yet

      During the life cycle there is a pattern of awareness
      (Consciousness) humans. There Conscious, the thoughts of what is good
      for yourself as awareness changes what is good for others too. The
      evolution of conscious On a scale going from left to right
      (sometimes all directions) we move from lower to higher conscious
      Materialism/animal packrat behavior
      body mind spirit beyond
      1Self conscious (self aware) 2Social awareness ( aware of others and
      how humans affect each other by there actions) 3Global
      conscious 4Cosmic conscious 5beyond

      There is human and then there is the more evolved human.
      Consciousness evolution causes many to feel and be alienated from the
      other less evolved humans. Usually because those that have greater
      awareness truth and better way perfection causes other so be insecure
      jealous rather than appreciative that another human evolved.
      Unfortunately the less evolved humans seem to make up the majority of
      the planet. So the more evolved humans have to work hard to stop them
      from destroying themselves. what convinces these humans to stay less
      evolved (caterpillar) humans, when they can become the evolved
      (butterfly) human and rise above others concept of the way the world
      is and works. (Underachievers and overachievers) You are either
      becoming more useful or use less, even the most useless humans makes
      good fertilizer.

      There is BALANCE to all things yin and yang two forces neither good
      or bad just balanced or unbalanced there are things you do to prolong
      life and there are things that when you do them they end life. Time
      and knowledge are the most dominate forces. TIME: without time there
      would be no time to do anything (time does not actually exist it is
      the rush to meet others expectations for how long they think some
      thing should take) KNOWLEDGE: without knowledge we cannot make good
      use of time. Balance is an important part in society. Society consist
      of conscious organisms stranded in the same area of space voluntarily
      or for lack of enough consciousness to escape their condition in the
      mean time the creatures learn to coexist or compete against each
      other ( war, a little of both mostly). The most consciously evolved
      creatures on the planet appears to be the humans even though history
      shows they do not always act that way, most religious text go so far
      as to say they are one part God (made in the image and likeness) and
      part animal, that they have more choice and freewill than the other
      creatures because of their unique DNA, so they can become or behave
      more like God or the other animals. Religion and Science do not agree
      that humans can become a god but both agree humans can improve
      greatly under the right conditions. Those who are consciously aware
      see it in there best interest to inform others to keep peace and
      cooperation; while others believe it is in there best interest to
      keep information from others to control them and live in competition,
      it is an old tale of chivalry and brute strength right makes right
      VS. might makes right even simpler LOVE HEALS HATE DESTROYS.
      Balance is simply to much of anything is bad for you. Order is a
      place for everything and everything in its place. Simply there is no
      good or evil just situations for better or for worse humans paint the
      situation with their logic, emotions, and the way they think things
      should be or have been, consciously causing their experience to be
      more or less painful sensitized or desensitized. Character from likes
      and dislikes its so simple yet complex As everything comes from
      creation honor codes arise from how we conduct ourselves with the
      life we are given that we are either honoring creation but evolving
      or dishonoring creation making a mockery of it by playing games
      instead of progressing. Individual character is further shaped and
      defined buy or individual likes and dislike, how much we care about
      something, how little we care about something
      (also about balance). Honor-like-care or Dishonor-dislike-don't care.

      Dimension controls the state of which all things that exist within a
      dimension. Physics theorizes there are infinite dimensions besides
      the 3 common dimension we exist in and occasionally they merge
      causing unexplainable events through history and that dimensions
      exists on the physical and mental plane, (See hyper dimensional
      physics) Ex. (channeling higher conscious, Psychic power,
      extraterrestrial or seeing ghost materialize). As we exist in 3
      dimensions things are in transition of becoming positive negative or
      neutral(in the process of becoming pos./neg.) and everything will
      have 3 aspects that branch out into 3 more aspects example big bigger
      biggest, morning noon and night, father mother, offspring. Science
      has proven that the atoms tinier elements which all things are
      created from are held together by frequency if that frequency changes
      reality as we know it would cease to exist and that frequency could
      have shifted many times and it would affect memory so you may not
      remember change has happened but be left with the memory of
      possibility that it may have and could happen. (Rapture)

      Ignorance is not bliss ignorance, ignorance is dangerous. Some
      humans learn to become good at playing games, math, chess, use big
      words to give the appearance of being smart (informed), There are
      other that think they are smart/educated and study at great length to
      prove and disprove theories and attend classes, colleges earning
      degrees for this and that, from subjects like math and English,
      science and religion and it becomes very competitive they raise the
      bar and set new standards for those that attend after them. but THE
      THAN A METHOD OF PROGRESS. Like how to play chess or having a high
      vocabulary, best speller, best writer, best actor, who can lift the
      most weight, sing the best song, who is the best martial
      artist/fighter, Psychic, medium, talker, speaker, Philosopher, who is
      the best and what does it all add up too, and what does it have to do
      with progression (evolution). When you are trying to get from point A
      to infinity but playing silly mind games at point C how are you going
      to evolve how are you going to get to infinity?

      I typed this myself I often just drag websites addresses and writing
      from those that have more time money and staff to research my
      interest but lately people have questioned if Have any original
      thoughts of my own;)
      Well is getting harder and harder to have original thoughts when the
      internet is making information available to people of all ages races
      and backgrounds all that I have written here will be 1 of 300
      bagilion of some search engine. I am trying to help others who
      believe in this being original stuff that there is no such thing.
      what is better to egotistically reflect ones self or to reflect what
      is really going on and give website addresses to prove it. Like that
      show reading rainbow don't take my word for pick up the book loll.
      I have many Ideas to help humanity comparing them to others on the
      net so I don't hold on to Ideas that won't work I like others want to
      live a life of meaningful existence not to just take up space I want
      to do great things for myself and others I have been writing and
      emailing Government agencies for over 2 years barking up the wrong
      trees and getting tangled in red tape and just plain ignored for not
      having higher social status. My ambitions, values, change as my
      consciousness grows I just want to be on a path to living up to my
      full potential I hope too get in a place where my thoughts are not
      dangerous and are not wasted, where my time and effort are
      appreciated, And a place where others that surround me can understand
      that. Friends family, and local community misunderstand me and waste
      my time. I ponder the unknown universes and dimensions whilst I live
      surrounded by people that worry about cigarettes than world affairs
      and live a family dysfunction like Lisa Simpson wasted genius. And
      what good are my or anyone's hopes and dreams when there are madmen
      in the world with bombs and anthrax can be tossed in the wind. Some
      people think they have to reduce the population that war/death is
      necessary (that there has to be bad to have good) but the problem is
      distribution there does not need to be bad, bad is when some thing
      can be done a better way and it is done anyway)(anything worth doing
      is worth doing right). Lazy unmotivated slob slackers and people who
      do not care they are ignorant and the danger the pose for themselves
      and others (The worst attitude of the year award once again goes to
      Mr. So what if you got it bad don't ruin it for the rest of us).
      Where are the young motivated people to be all they can be. Always
      having to sink to someone else's level People surround me like card
      board cut outs and mindless zombies, I should not have to suffer
      alone with this blessing of knowledge alone. I dislike being
      imperfect not up to speed the weak link. I write and pray about it
      emailing, writing, and faxing government agencies. I have been trying
      to write a book to end all books but BOOKS UPON BOOKS ARE WRITTEN
      READ. As long as there are things humans will have something to talk,
      read, write, and disagree about ( besides I find that to often books
      are long definitions for things that only require short/simple
      answers) So many thought so many things unsaid or thought how can so
      many be so closed minded. Smart (informed) people end up having to
      pull the weight of less informed people, when there are not enough
      smart people the quality of life is reduced and people begin to
      suffer and are reminded once again that those who are motivated (more
      immune to depression) and have a willingness/curiosity to know more
      are more precious than money, fame, fortune , materialism of all
      kinds and should be protected as an endangered species of human.
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