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Re: The Smarandache theory on future soc

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  • hakimghoula
    Hello Charleste, First of all I ll agree that there might be some truth in your social theori. But where are you taking it? I think that perhaps
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2001
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      Hello Charleste,<br><br>First of all I'll agree
      that there might be some truth in your social theori.
      But where are you taking it? <br>I think that perhaps
      together with the movements in the 1970ies that worked for
      the empowerment of women, there should have been
      worked also for men.<br><br>The reason for my saying so
      is that I don't believe it's possible to separate
      the male and female aspects of the problem.<br>Fx.
      the role of patriarch in the familys of 1950ies
      western europe, also put restraints on the possibilities
      of attaining personal freedom. ( I believe personal
      freedom is parly dependent on an ability to live in
      accepting coexistence with others).<br><br>All in all if
      what you're getting at is an equal rights model of
      society, I would suggest a metasexual approach ( if that
      word makes sence!?!)<br><br>2.<br>I simply fail to see
      the paradox:<br><br>While I agree to the second
      part(b).<br>I dont think there is justification for saying that
      there is no democracy where non-democratic thoughts and
      ideas are allowed. I think that this build-in weakness
      is crucial to the democratic thought. I see
      democracy as an educative form of <br>state, and it's
      openness is what makes it so flexible. And maybe it's good
      that we are allowed to encounter these anti-democratic
      ideas so we are reminded why we choose the democratic
      way.<br><br>Sincerely Hakim.
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