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  • mobius_spell
    WHAT?? I really don t follow this at all. I ll try though: You say wow - Does wow stand for something or other? Women Of Wyoming perhaps? And these women
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2000
      WHAT?? I really don't follow this at all. I'll
      try though: You say "wow" - Does "wow" stand for
      something or other? "Women Of Wyoming" perhaps? And these
      women in wyoming are having a battle. But its lost. But
      they don't realise this. You do know that the battle
      is lost. So they should really stop the battle I
      guess... Though you also say you've been over indulging on
      the Jack Dostoevskys a bit, so perhaps its all just a
      bit over dramatic, your comprehension of things. Not
      so much a battle then but a squabble? A
      misunderstanding? Anyway, I really hope you haven't eternally
      sealed those envelopes cause no-one will be able to read
      what you've written then and that would be such a
      waste... Especially if what you have written is anything
      like that last posting?
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