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3482Re: LOVE.....(The Greatest Of Gifts)

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  • Bob M.
    Sep 6, 2007
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      "The immense fulfillment of the freindships
      between those engaged in furthering the
      evolution of consciousness has a quality
      impossible to describe, Tielhard deChardin
      once said. Barbara Marx Hubbard called the
      intense affinity "supra-sex" - an almost
      sensual longing for communion with others
      who have the larger vision."

      (Marilyn Ferguson - 'The Aquarian Conspiracy')

      Bob M.

      --- In Soar_Like_An_Eagle_2@yahoogroups.com, "Bob M."
      <new_trail_blazer@...> wrote:
      > "Love is felt as a dynamic state of
      > consciousness rather than as an emotion.
      > Just as fear is constricted and chaotic,
      > love is wide and coherent - a creative
      > flow, harmony, acceptance, of human
      > fraility imbedded in deep self-knowledge.
      > It is defense-less power, communication,
      > vanished boundaries, closure."
      > (Marilyn Ferguson - 'The Aquarian Conspiracy')
      > Bob M.
      > _____________________________________________
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