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2049Burnout - surrender - breakthrough.....

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  • Bob M.
    Jun 1, 2005
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      The average person tends to go through life accepting things as they
      are and adjusting to situations as they arise without too much inner
      frustration. People who have significant potential often have high
      physical and mental energy levels, superior truth insight, and the
      will capacity to drive themselves toward goal objectives. They are
      strongly motivated toward selective types of achievement.

      These people of superior potential also have a greater probability of
      driving themselves to the point of psychological-physical exhaustion
      and encountering what appear to be unsolvable existential problems.
      They keep pushing themselves unrealistically, determined to meet all
      obligations, and respond to new opportunities. This pace in the fast
      lane becomes a way of life.

      One day when the conditions are right, some of these people
      experience the listlessness and overwhelming depression of "burnout."
      They see no adequate reason for their inability to respond positively
      to their many responsibilities. Threatened by this ambiguity and
      their own imaginations, they are overcome with the various psychic
      and physical symptoms of "battle-fatigue" – inability to cope,
      powerlessness, anxiety states, crying, a sense of doom and black
      despair! The onset of these "burnout symptoms" is usually associated
      with some sort of community, a threat to assumed security, death in
      the family, or some challenge that requires resiliency and creative


      Bob M.