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1655Re: I wonder what the smile of Sysiphys means to you

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  • new_trail_blazer
    Aug 10, 2004
      Hi Dave,

      I'm more concerned with why nearly everyone I see, save for a few
      children and young folks here and there and now and then, have a look
      of quiet desperation on their faces. And what it's going to take to
      bring genuine wall-to-wall peace, joy, and smiles of happiness to
      humanity everywhere.

      Bob M.

      P. S. What's your take on Camus' rock-roller, or is it pusher?

      --- In theexistentialsociety@yahoogroups.com, David Newman
      <davenru@t...> wrote:
      > as he rolls the rock up the hill in Camus famous tale?
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