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1569Re: [The Existential Society] Re: Some base questions i am struggling with.

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  • James Nagy
    Oct 16, 2003
      > After all there are no right actions or
      > wrong actions, there are just actions. You must make
      > your actions
      > your choice, and those actions should be free from
      > everything except
      > your individuality, and knowing how free you are.

      Existential choices are made primarily from internal
      feelings. Most choices have consequences.
      Existentialism does not need to be amoral. Choosing
      between equally moral actions is true freedom. I can
      be existential and still define immoral actions as
      actions that in the past have generally led
      undesirable consequences. I can feel abortion to be
      wrong without having to come up with a rational

      > I don't see how it is remotely possible for a
      > to be
      > existential in thought and action.

      A son who goes against his parent's wishes to become a
      CPA (and inherit the family business), to work as a
      habitat for humanity volunteer is exercising his free
      agency. Is this choice rational?

      A theist can also see a world that is amoral and
      absurd due to individual and institutionalized evils.
      Religion has as its greatest necessity the task of
      predicting good and bad behaviors. If rational
      thought leads to absurd abuse of power, the challenge
      to such and authority may be triggered by pure

      The poet or prophet is like the canary in a coal mine.
      The bird dies from carbon-monoxide before anyone else
      notices a problem. He or she senses the true morality
      of existence and alerts the rest of us earthling about
      his or her perception of the problems.

      Rational thought is what allows us to get to the
      ski-lodge on a day with good conditions and with all
      the right equipment. A love of skiing is not so

      > If one
      > does not believe
      > in truth than that would be bad faith, however how
      > do you define
      > truth? through perceptions? The only things i know
      > to be true are
      > the things i experience, the thoughts i have, so
      > therefore those are
      > the only things i believe. So if i believe god does
      > not exist than
      > its that simple to my perception, god doesn't exist.

      If you tell me you experience no God, I must believe
      you. But I wonder how you can feel safe in a world
      where no advice is possible? Don't you believe that
      some people have greater insights than yourself? If
      someone could interpret the wisdom of the ages to
      meet your specific needs, won't you listen? To me
      that is what God is all about. To make choices is my
      responsibility. But having studied out a plan, I can
      have a quiet time with God to see if I have overlooked
      anything important. God is like our best self trying
      to realize its full potential. Religion can be
      repressive, but Jesus more of an existentialist than
      you or I can hope to be. His choices were often
      unpopular, but he didn't cave in.

      Yours truly,

      Jim Nagy

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