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1559Re: Some base questions i am struggling with.

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  • theblacktheblue
    Oct 1, 2003
      I'm new here and i dont call myself a existentialist because i
      refuse to label myself as one thing or another i am just myself, my
      choices, and that is what i choose.

      this is a comment to your explanation of point #1. about making
      choices for humanity.

      We are radically free so we should act as our choices are completly
      our own and are complety made from our total individuality. One
      (someone acting existentially) is constantly setting examples but
      indirectly and unknowingly. The example being set is not right or
      wrong but making choices based on yourself and your freedom and
      others should act that way. After all there are no right actions or
      wrong actions, there are just actions. You must make your actions
      your choice, and those actions should be free from everything except
      your individuality, and knowing how free you are.

      I dont see how it is remotely possible for a theist to be
      existential in thought and action. I dont see how it is possible for
      governments to be existential, i dont see how it is possible to be
      existential in a world that is so unaccepting and built around
      blockading your freedom. Although i act radically free and make my
      own choices,and make those as ones to be set as an example.
      Everything i do is creativly my own, my love, my communication, just
      the way i live and i create everything i have my essence is defined
      and embedded in my actions, thoughts, and words. The only ones i am
      responsible for are the ones that are mine. If one does not believe
      in truth than that would be bad faith, however how do you define
      truth? through perceptions? The only things i know to be true are
      the things i experience, the thoughts i have, so therefore those are
      the only things i believe. So if i believe god does not exist than
      its that simple to my perception, god doesn't exist. The choice to
      make this choice was not random but became truth after i created the
      understanding of how absurd a god is. I am only interested in truth
      and my truths, which are my feelings and creations. I have created a
      love and that is truth, i want nothing to do with sports,politics,
      news, tv, games, or anything meaningless. So one does not finish
      creating their individuality until they die, becuase you are your
      choices so you are what choices you make at each moment. There are
      moments, there is no time what ever you are at the moment being
      looked at is who you are, therefore you are not consistant, you are
      an everchanging moment yet to ensue.

      Way to often i find people who know the most about existentialism,
      have read all of the existential philosophers (most likely qoute
      them as well) and constantly define existentialism, arent living

      > #1 In Catch 22 Joseph Killer has two characters exchange: "What if
      > everyone did that?" E.G. tromp on any ping-pong ball left on the
      > floor. Replay: "Then I'd be a fool not to." In law there is the
      > concept of the rational man (or some such adjative) and the test
      > what would he/she do.
      > #2 Langage itself is a culturally derived set of a prioi values we
      > can revaluate after learning what they are. Cognitive
      > allow that between stimula and responce thinking occurs either as
      > language or a spatial visualatiom.
      > Does any of this help?
      > > #1 When sartre says that when we make choices, we are
      > > making those decisions for all of humanity, how does that work
      > > those decisions we all make everyday that we really know are not
      > > our self-interest? For example, say our eating habits when we
      > > for the snickers instead of the salad. I dont for a moment think
      > that
      > > that is the best decision for all of humanity. What would
      > > say about that? Does anyone see where i am going?
      > >
      > > #2 When Sartre deftly acknowledges the non-existence of a prioi
      > > values in which to guide our life, and then commits that action
      > > the only means of self-definition, are there any over-riding
      > > that govern the direction that the action is to take? For
      > example..
      > > Sartre was a very active man for social justice/activist/freedom
      > > fighter. Is thier anything inherent in the philosophy that
      > me
      > > decide that pursuing justice in my action is at all a better
      > > than pursuing action in the name of slavery, injustice of
      > > Or is action just action.. and it doesnt matter which way we
      > it?
      > >
      > > I have more.. but i think i will save them for a later time.
      > >
      > > Thanks
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