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1556Re: Some base questions i am struggling with.

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  • jnagy2002
    Sep 26, 2003
      I found
      interesting. Especially the 1995 paper on epistimology.

      #1 In Catch 22 Joseph Killer has two characters exchange: "What if
      everyone did that?" E.G. tromp on any ping-pong ball left on the
      floor. Replay: "Then I'd be a fool not to." In law there is the
      concept of the rational man (or some such adjative) and the test of
      what would he/she do.

      #2 Langage itself is a culturally derived set of a prioi values we
      can revaluate after learning what they are. Cognitive psychologist
      allow that between stimula and responce thinking occurs either as
      language or a spatial visualatiom.
      Does any of this help?

      > #1 When sartre says that when we make choices, we are essentially
      > making those decisions for all of humanity, how does that work for
      > those decisions we all make everyday that we really know are not in
      > our self-interest? For example, say our eating habits when we reach
      > for the snickers instead of the salad. I dont for a moment think
      > that is the best decision for all of humanity. What would Sartre
      > say about that? Does anyone see where i am going?
      > #2 When Sartre deftly acknowledges the non-existence of a prioi
      > values in which to guide our life, and then commits that action is
      > the only means of self-definition, are there any over-riding values
      > that govern the direction that the action is to take? For
      > Sartre was a very active man for social justice/activist/freedom
      > fighter. Is thier anything inherent in the philosophy that makes
      > decide that pursuing justice in my action is at all a better path
      > than pursuing action in the name of slavery, injustice of fascism?
      > Or is action just action.. and it doesnt matter which way we take
      > I have more.. but i think i will save them for a later time.
      > Thanks
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