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Atlanta Area Council Program Center: Information Update 04/01/04

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  • Robert Patton
    Sorry for the delay in forwarding this to you. I forgot that I hadn t forwarded it. Robert Patton Soapstone Yahoo! Group Moderator +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2004
      Sorry for the delay in forwarding this to you. I forgot that I hadn't
      forwarded it.

      Robert Patton
      Soapstone Yahoo! Group Moderator


      Atlanta Area Council Program Center: Information Update 04/01/04


      Whitewater Merit Badge is being offered at Camp Allatoona, April 24 -
      25. Class size: minimum 4, maximum 8. This is a very challenging merit
      badge. The participant will experience Class I, II, and III river
      conditions while in a tandem (2-person) canoe. Requirements: Canoeing
      Merit Badge PLUS one additional year of canoeing experience. The group
      will canoe at Camp Allatoona on Saturday. We will meet in Ellijay on
      Sunday morning to paddle the Cartecay River. Cost $30/person. Must be
      BSA swimmer. Signup priority to scouts; open to adults, if space is
      available. Contact Joe Kaminski, 770-989-2281 ext 2004, to verify
      availability before submitting a registration form found at

      Certification Saturday at Bert Adams Scout Reservation. Saturday, May
      1. Come be trained to operate Council and/or District archery or BB
      ranges (be aware that "archery and BB gun shooting are not to be done at
      the Pack level" -- Shooting Sports for Cub Scouting). Choose between
      Archery and Air Rifles or CPR (CPR is an all day course). Registration
      deadline is Saturday, April 24. If you have any questions, contact Sue
      Nunn at 770-449-3264 or knots@... <mailto:knots@...>. For a
      copy of the flyer/registration form, contact jokamins@...


      Learn To Swim instruction is being offered Saturday, May 1, at the
      Southeast Natatorium, 365 Cleveland Ave., SE, Atlanta, GA. Boy Scouts,
      Venturers and Adult leaders may participate (not for Cub Scouts). This
      is for beginners or non-swimmers only. Cost is $2 Scouts and $3 for
      adults. Registration closes Friday, April 16. For flyer/registration
      form, contact jokamins@... <mailto:jokamins@...>.

      2004 Campership Forms are due to the Council no later than Monday, May
      3. To download a copy of the form, point your web browser to
      www.atlantabsa.org/forms.htm and select "Campership Application" under
      Outing Forms. If you have difficulty, contact jokamins@... to
      obtain the form.

      Water Mania 2004. It's Wet...It's Wild...It's Water Mania! Saturday,
      May 15. Don't miss this fun filled day of water filled events, laughs
      and giggles. Patrol size groups will sample and enjoy the various
      facilities and activity available at Allatoona. Cost is $15 per person.
      Registration form is available at
      <http://www.campallatoona.org/register.html> For a copy of the flyer,
      contact jokamins@... <mailto:jokamins@...>.

      Webelos Crossover Woes. "My son has crossed over into the worst Boy
      Scout Troop ever!" We often get inquiries from parents sharing that
      sentiment and we may be able to help! Your son has probably just
      completed five years as a Cub Scout and you have been along side of him
      that whole time. After five years the Cub Scout Pack looked like a
      well-oiled machine capable of assaulting the summit of Mount Everest.
      The new Boy Scout Troop, however, doesn't act capable of leaving the
      church parking lot! Believe it or not, that is exactly how a Troop
      should function! The Boy Scout program differs from the Cub Scout
      program in that the former is youth-lead. It is helpful to remember
      that we are not training the next generations of campers; we are
      training the next generation of leaders. The best way to train is to
      give the boys the chance to practice their leadership. Understandably
      in the eyes of an experienced Cub Scout leader this will look chaotic,
      confusing, and even frustrating. Let us direct you to some helpful
      training items. Go to the Council's website: www.atlantabsa.org
      <http://www.atlantabsa.org> and click on "Training." On the right-hand
      side of the resultant screen is a "Boy Scout Leader Fast Start Training"
      icon. Click on that and let the training begin! It takes about
      one-half hour and walks you through how a troop is organized, how a
      meeting should look, and how the outdoor program works. While you are
      at it, click on the "Youth Protection" icon in the middle. It also
      takes about one-half hour and provides excellent training for unit
      leaders. Finally, if you have not heard this today then let us say,
      "Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the youth of our community."

      Cub Scout Focused Programs. Eagle Scout and former Woodruff Scout
      Reservation camp staff member Jason Weinberger conducts programs at the
      Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area of the National Park
      Service. Jason does a lot of these programs to help Cub Scout Dens earn
      their achievements and electives. More information can be obtained at:

      Want To Go Flying? The Experimental Aircraft Association has a Young
      Eagles program designed to introduce young people to flying. The basic
      orientation flight would make an outstanding activity for your Scout
      unit and you get more information from Roger Doyle at
      powerzone@... <mailto:powerzone@...>. Don't forget
      to complete the Flying Permit Application that you can download from:

      Camp Allatoona Aquatics Base 2004 Schedule is available on the website
      http://www.campallatoona.org/docs/2004schedpln.pdf. Please note that
      reservations submitted less than two (2) weeks prior to a course must be
      coordinated with the appropriate Volunteer Director as found on the
      Contacts page http://www.campallatoona.org/contacts.html. To verify
      that a course has sufficient vacancies for you and/or members of your
      troop, contact jokamins@....

      Summer Camp Provisional Scouts. A youth that is unable to attend camp
      with their Troop can attend camp as a member of the Provisional Troop.
      There is Provisional Troop in every week at Bert Adams and Robert W.
      Woodruff Scout Reservations. To obtain more information, e-mail
      jokamins@... <mailto:jokamins@...>.

      Your Donations/Loaners Are Needed. The Woodruff Nature Center is
      requesting donations or loans of the following items: an earth globe,
      aquariums, leaf collections, animal skins - skulls - bones - taxidermy,
      leaf collections, mineral - rock - fossil collections, nests, hives, and
      any other items/collections. If you are able to help us, please contact
      Bion Jones at 770-956-3175 or e-mail aacpd@...

      Rich Bowerman, pcdbowerman@... <mailto:pcdbowerman@...>,
      770-989-8821, ext. 2010
      Eagle Scouts
      Short Term (weekend) Camping
      Project COPE and Climbing

      Donna Carr, 770-989-8821, ext. 2003
      Council Events
      Local Tour Permit Applications
      Unit Operations

      Nicholas Carroll, 770-989-8821, ext. 2009
      Membership questions
      Membership cards
      Boys' Life

      Joe Kaminski, jokamins@... <mailto:jokamins@...>
      Summer Camps
      Webelos Encampment
      Venture Camp
      Bert Adams Scout Reservation
      Woodruff Scout Reservation
      Staff Employment Applications
      Webelos Encampment
      Camp Allatoona Aquatics Base programs
      Philmont Council Contingent/Expedition

      If you wish to be added to the AAC Mail List, please send an e-mail to
      aacpca@... with "AAC Mail List: Add Me" in the subject line.
      You will receive the Program Center update information (with no
      advertisements) directly from the AAC Program Center at the same time
      that the Soapstone Yahoo! Group's Moderator receives it.

      You probably will also receive the same information soon thereafter
      through the Soapstone Yahoo! Group with the possibility of Yahoo's
      advertisements added. This does not mean the Boy Scouts of America or
      the Atlanta Area Council endorses those products.

      If you are currently a member of the AAC Mail List and wish to be
      removed from that list, please send an e-mail to aacpca@...
      with "AAC Mail List: Remove Me" in the subject line.


      From the Soapstone Yahoo! Group Moderator, Robert Patton:

      Go Tech! I wish the best for the Georgia Tech Men's Basketball Team.

      This season Georgia State University's Men's Basketball Team beat Auburn.
      Auburn beat Georgia.
      Georgia beat Georgia Tech.
      Hopefully Georgia Tech will win over Connecticut again.

      I think GSU is 3-2 (including 2 wins over Georgia) against the SEC in
      our last 5 SEC games.
      There is a rumor we may play Alabama next season.
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