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(Resent) 2004 Spring NESA Advancement Day - EARLY Reg. & Loc.

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  • Robert Patton
    (You may have not received the attachment the first time.) Event Name: 2004 Spring NESA Advancement Day Date: Saturday, March 20, 2004 Location: Campbell High
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      (You may have not received the attachment the first time.)

      Event Name: 2004 Spring NESA Advancement Day
      Date: Saturday, March 20, 2004

      Location: Campbell High School in Smyrna (according to Rich Bowerman,
      AAC Program Center Director) (Note: The location is not listed on the
      attached package.)

      On-Time Registration: received by Friday, March 5, 2004 (NOTE: VERY
      SHORT NOTICE TO REGISTER ON-TIME. This is one more week ahead of the
      event than in Fall, 2003.)

      Cost: $5 on-time registration, $10 late or walk-in registration
      Time: 8:30am-3:30pm (including registration and closing assembly)

      Description: The 2004 Spring National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)
      Advancement Day will be held on this date at Campbell High School in
      Smyrna, GA. Classes in the following merit badges will be offered:

      Personal Management
      First Aid
      Emergency Preparedness
      Citizenship in the Community
      Citizenship in the Nation
      Citizenship in the World
      Personal Fitness*
      Scouts should list 1st and 2nd choice in case Personal Fitness fills up!
      *Must have a current medical form or physical for the class.

      At previous NESA Advancement Days, there have also been two Adult
      Training Sessions available for any Adult Leaders or Parents who are not
      assisting in the merit badge instruction. While these may be offered,
      they are not listed on this version of the 2004 Spring NESA Advancement
      Day Information Package. This version of the information package sent
      to me also does not contain a schedule for the day and a Registration
      Roster Form. I suggest that you go to the 2003 Fall NESA Advancement
      Day Information Package to get some idea what the schedule for the day
      will likely be and modify this package's Registration Roster for this
      event unless you can obtain a more up-to-date version of this package by
      the March 5, 2004 on-time registration deadline. This package can
      currently be found at:


      Note: As with any merit badge clinic, summer camp, or just instruction
      with a single merit badge counselor, it is ultimately the responsibility
      of each unit to confirm that each youth who takes a merit badge actually
      passes off the requirements. If the merit badge requirements say tell
      something, do something, demonstrate something, write something, etc.,
      the youth needs to actually pass the requirement; no more, no less.

      >From past experience, due to the sheer number of youth per instructor
      at this event, youth may receive information about the merit badge
      subject from very knowledgeable counselors, but not actually pass the
      requirements as written. (The more adult leaders that help with the
      event, the less likely this will be the case.) Each youth may have to
      later actually complete some of the merit badge requirements with adults
      in their unit who are REGISTERED to teach the merit badge or other BSA
      REGISTERED merit badge counselors.

      Robert Patton
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