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Help me get Soapstone's "eGroups" service cranked up!

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  • Mickey Goodson
    Hello friends, One of our district program objectives for this year was to set up a way to share information on a regular basis via email and the web with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2001
      Hello friends,
      One of our district program objectives for this year was to set up a
      way to share information on a regular basis via email and the web with
      Scouters in the Soapstone Ridge district. I have discovered that
      "eGroups" offers most of the functionality we need to get started, so
      have established a "Soapstone" group at www.egroups.com.

      To get us started, I've collected the email addresses I know (only
      about 20), and automatically signed us up as members of the Soapstone

      Features included in this free service include:

      BROADCAST EMAIL. All members of the group can send email which will
      be automatically broadcast to all other members of the group.

      MESSAGE ARCHIVES. All our mesassgae to the group will be maintained
      in archives at the web site, so that we can refer back to them later,
      plus new members in the future can "catch up"

      CALENDAR. We can maintain a calendar listing of all our activities
      and events. Then, the service will automatically send reminder emails
      to all group members at preset times before the event.

      FILES. If we want. we'll be able to store files at the web site for
      download by members.

      DATABASE. A little later, we'll be able to maintain databases at the
      site (perhaps, a listing of packs and troops in the district?)

      POLLING. If we need a quick "show of hands" on some question or set
      of options, we'll be able to set up a "poll" of the list, which will
      be automatically tabulated and reported as members respond.

      You'll get the email messages (like this one) automatically from the
      group at your email address. But if you want to see all the other
      enat features, you'll need to sign on at the egroups site. Go to
      www.egroups.com/soaptone. You'll be asked for your email address and
      password. For the email address, make sure you use the one where you
      received this message. For the password, just enter a couple of
      characters of jibberish and press enter. You'll get an error mesaage,
      of course, but then it will let you request that a temporary password
      be mailed to your email address. After that, you can sign in and
      change your password to whatever you like. There's also a "Remember
      Me" option so you won't have to enter the "sign-on" info each time.

      If you follow such things, you might want to know that eGroups will be
      merging with "Yahoo Clubs" sometime in the next month or so, but all
      our functionality will be maintained in the new consolidated service.

      HELP! In order to get everyone in our district on the list, I need
      help in collecting email addresses for as many Cub and troop leaders
      as you know. You can send them to me privately at


      and I will get them set up on the list. If you want to know which
      ones I already have, just take a look at the "Members" list at the
      egroups site for Soapstone. While you are there, feel free to check
      your own listing, and add your mailing address and phone number, if
      you don't mind it being available to the other members of the group.

      Also, I need any INFORMATION ABOUT EVENTS which should be on our
      calendar. If you want to just send a note about them to the list,
      everyone will see it, and I will take responsibility for getting them
      set up on the CALENDAR and REMINDER system. If you'd rather send them
      to me privately, that's OK too.

      Feel free to send message to the list anytime you want. One easy way
      is to just "Reply" to this message.

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