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Re: [CalOdes] BDS (British Dfly Sociedty) request

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  • Kathy and Dave Biggs
    David and all, I ve already collected one (female) Anax junius exuvia for your British DS collection. A female emerged Monday nite at a nearby friend s pond
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2004
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      David and all,

      I've already collected one (female) Anax junius exuvia for your British
      DS collection. A female emerged Monday nite at a nearby friend's pond
      here in Sebastopol, CA. That night turned terribly windy; the exuvia
      held onto it's hold, but the newly emerged dragon never made it as she
      was blown into the pond.

      Anyway, Californians, this means that the Common Green Darners we may
      see from now on might not be migrants.

      ps. If folks want to send their exuvia(e) to me to forward on to
      England, that'd be fine.
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      Kathy and Dave Biggs wrote:
      > Subject: British Dragonfly Society - Exuviae Collection
      > Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 11:02:08 +0100
      > From: "david.goddard8" <david.goddard8@...>
      > Kathy,
      > I have taken over from David Pryce as the collection holder / collator
      > for the British Dragonfly Societies exuviae collection. We are trying to
      > put together a collection of ten males and ten females for every species
      > that has occurred in Great Britain. I am being a bit cheeky and would
      > like to ask you, if you or someone you know could collect at least ten
      > male and ten female exuviae for the Green Darner Anax junius (as there
      > were about seven insects that came across in 1998) and send them to
      > myself, I would be prepared to cover any costs that are incurred.
      > My address is
      > David Goddard
      > 30, Cliffe Hill Avenue
      > Stapleford
      > Nottingham
      > Nottinghamshire
      > NG9 7HD
      > UK.
      > I will not be offended if this is not all possible and please let me
      > know either way.
      > Thank you in advance
      > David Goddard (BDS Librarian / Archivist)

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