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Roswell Artesian Wetlands (Some May Odes)

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  • Robert Larsen
    John McHugh and Tom Williams (SoWestOdes Group) were down from Glenwood, Colorado (May 9th through May 16th) on a visit to Roswell, New Mexico to photograph
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2008
      John McHugh and Tom Williams (SoWestOdes Group) were down from Glenwood, Colorado (May 9th through May 16th) on a visit to Roswell, New Mexico to photograph dragonflies on the Roswell Artesian Wetlands. New Mexico State Parks and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife are seeking designation of these wetlands as a Ramsar Site (Convention on Wetlands of International Importance). The Roswell Artesian Wetlands would/should include state and federal lands of Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Bottomless Lakes State Park, Bureau of Land Management's Overflow Wetlands, the Chain Lakes, Salt Creek Wilderness, and the Cienega Del Macho. Below is the list of Odonates we observed on these wetlands during their visit.

      Tom got a nifty photograph of the pruinosed deep royal purple form of the Blue-ringed Dancer which are not uncommon about the saline sinkholes and playa lakes. The antihumeral stripes, abdominal rings, and postocular spots are all a very deep purple.

      Hetaerina americana - American Rubyspot
      Archilestes grandis - Great Spreadwing
      Lestes alacer - Plateau Spreadwing
      Argia alberta - Paiute Dancer
      Argia apicalis - Blue-fronted Dancer
      Argia immunda - Kiowa Dancer
      Argia moesta - Powdered Dancer
      Argia nahuana - Azted Dancer
      Argia plana - Springwater Dancer
      Argia sedula - Blue-ringed Dancer
      Argia pallens - Amethyst Dancer
      Argia translata - Dusky Dancer
      Argia violacea - Violet Dancer
      Enallagma basidens - Double-striped Bluet
      Enallagma civile - Familiar Bluet
      Enallagma praevarum -Arroyo Bluet
      Ischnura barberi - Desert Forktail
      Ischnura demorsa - Mexican Forktail
      Ischnura damula - Plains Forktail
      Ischnura denticollis - Black-fronted Forktail
      Ischnura hastata - Citrine Forktail
      Ischnura ramburii - Rambur's Forktail
      Anax junius - Common Green Darner
      Rhionaeschna mulitcolor - Blue-eyed Darner
      Gomphus externus - Plains Clubtail
      Gomphus militaris - Sulphur-tipped Clubtial
      Stylurus intricatus - Brimstone Clubtail
      Epitheca petechialis - Dot-winged Baskettail
      Dythemis fugax - Checkered Setwing
      Erythemis collocata - (Western Pondhawk and intermediate form)
      Libellula comanche - Comanche Skimmer
      Libellual composita - Bleached Skimmer
      Libellula croceipennis - Neon Skimmer
      Libellula saturata - Flame Skimmer
      Macrodiplax balteata - Marl Pennant
      Pantala flavescens - Wandering Glider
      Pantala hymenaea - Spot-winged Glider
      Plathemis subornata - Desert Whitetail
      Sympetrum corruptum - Variegated Meadowhawk
      Tramea lacerata - Black Saddlebags
      Tramea onusta - Red Saddlebags


      Robert Larsen
      Roswell, New Mexico
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