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Filigree Skimmers

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  • Kathy &/or Dave Biggs
    Yesterday was a Filigree Skimmer day - no, no one in CA found a new one, but I was sent a letter about a 2nd female photographed in 2004 in CA. I ll paste the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2008
      Yesterday was a Filigree Skimmer day - no, no one in CA found a new one,
      but I was sent a letter about a 2nd female photographed in 2004 in CA.
      I'll paste the letter in. I"m hoping to obtain permission to post the
      photo on my website. It's interesting that 2 were photographed here in
      CA in 2004 near San Diego and it may well have been a dispersal event.
      Secondly, I happened upon Ed Lam's website from the last year's DSA post
      trip in Safford, AZ. He has an absolutely stunning scan and photo of the
      Filigree Skimmer there ... and some nice photos and scans of other
      rarities. See them at


      Hi Kathy,

      I thought you might be interested in what appears to be the 2nd record
      of filigree skimmer in California. Doug's record was in May 2004.
      Checking Google maps, Isaac St in Santee is just South of the San Diego
      river which at that point is more of a series of ponds than a river.

      Rocky is a new member of the Photonaturalists camera club and I am this
      years President. I have been teaching the members to appreciate and
      photograph the odes. Check out our Web sites home page, Our Image of the
      year for 2007 is a Neon skimmer.
      http://www.photonats.org/ Actually we had two other dragonfly photos
      receive year end awards they can be seen at:


      Rich Bledsoe

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      Sent: Saturday, February 9, 2008 6:34:49 PM
      Subject: Re: More unknown dragonflies

      Hi again Rich,

      I have the original pic for the Filigree Skimmer and Photoshop says the
      "File Camera Info" for Date and time taken is 8/25/04. It was taken on
      Isaac St in Santee. If you look at the upper left corner of the picture
      you will see my signature orange lantana flowers that grow there. The
      white at the bottom is an old railroad tie - part of the lanscaping.

      The Clubtail was actually take just West of Yosemite Valley at Dry Gulch
      campground on my vacation in July last year. It is near a little town
      called El Portal. I took my hummingbird moth (not the sphinx moths you
      saw from Cuyamaca) pictures on the same plant.

      Thank You again for your help.

      See you Monday


      */richard bledsoe <rlbledsoe@...>/* wrote:


      I'm glad you sent these shots. The filigree skimmer has been
      recorded in California only once, about 3 or 4 years ago, I will
      check the exact date. Do you still have the original photo? This is
      exciting as your find predates the first California record. We can
      discuss more Monday at the meeting.

      As to the ID of the rest,
      flame skimmer
      filigree of course
      red-tailed pennant
      cardinal meadowhawk
      the last appears to be an immature clubtail, I need more info, where
      and when and I don't recognize the plant it is on. I'm very
      interested in following up on this.


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      From: BILLY JUST JR. <rzjust@...>
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      Sent: Friday, February 8, 2008 9:30:21 PM
      Subject: More unknown dragonflies

      Hello Richard,

      I hate to bother you but I bought the Tim Manolis book on California
      dragonflies and classified most of my pictures. These five are ones
      I had trouble with - the filigree skimmer wasn't even in the book.
      I took the picture a few years ago here in Santee. It was about 50
      feet from where I work. I have never seen one since. It was taken
      with a little HP Digicam so is is not too good.
      The Red-Tailed Pennant/Meadowhawk I believe is a Meadohawk because
      of the white spots on the side but I am not sure.
      If you are not too busy and can spare the time please give me your
      opinions on these.
      Thank you,
      See you on Monday Night.

      California Dragonflies http://www.sonic.net/dragonfly
      Southwest Dragonflies http://southwestdragonflies.net/
      Bigsnest Wildlife Pond http://www.bigsnestpond.net/
      Kathy and Dave Biggs bigsnest@... 707-823-2911
      308 Bloomfield Rd. Sebastopol, CA 95472
      dba Azalea Creek Publishing azalea@... fax: 707-823-2911

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