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dragonfly data needed - YOU can help!

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  • Kathy &/or Dave Biggs
    I m pasting in this info from Jason Bried. I ll post the forms and information sheet in a file on our Yahoo site under dragonfly survey project This survey
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2007
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      I'm pasting in this info from Jason Bried.

      I'll post the forms and information sheet in a file on our Yahoo site under
      "dragonfly survey project"

      This survey can be done right in your backyard if you have a pond &/or
      close to home &/or at your favorite site.

      Hope some others in our group will try it. Jason's email address should
      be at the top of this message.



      One and all,

      Thank you for wanting to help with this project. I've attached a data
      sheet for you to use in the field. Feel free to change the format, but
      be careful not to lose any of the information. Also attached is an
      updated protocol. Everyone should look this over before starting field
      work. People who participated last year will find new information in
      this version (for example, I'm hoping we can do 60 minute surveys this
      year). The protocol is subject to change and I will keep you updated,
      but I wanted to send it around now because some of you in warmer
      climes have told me your surveys will begin real soon!


      - It is fantastic that several new people have signed on since the
      latest Argia came out a short time ago. But I do hope many more will
      join us. Please spread the word and think of any places we might
      advertise (I think the Odonata-L listserve might be good). There are
      several people I plan to contact personally. Also, I'm almost
      certain the field work will continue in 2008 before we embark on a final

      - Eventually I will need some basic information about your site:
      location, habitat type, approximate size, dominant vegetation, etc. I
      plan to send a form that you fill out with this information.

      - I am open to any of your ideas/comments about this project, or related
      projects that you might have. Please tell me about anything you might
      disagree with. Feel free to send me any edits to the protocol. And of
      course please ask me questions about anything that isn't clear to you.

      Good luck with this. Ultimately I hope this project will reward the
      dragonflies as much as it should help the people who love to study them.

      I'll stay in touch,


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