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Re: [CalOdes] Alameda County-Sunol Regional Wilderness

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  • Kathy &/or Dave Biggs
    John and all, If you see that Rubyspot tomorrow, it ll break the old late date: Dec 2, 05. The Calif. Spreadwing is late date for CA and the whole SW - old
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2006
      John and all,

      If you see that Rubyspot tomorrow, it'll break the old late date: Dec 2,

      The Calif. Spreadwing is late date for CA and the whole SW - old date
      was 11/24/06/ CA.

      And the Cardinal Meadowhawk is new late date for CA and whole SW too,
      former date 11/22/06 CA.

      I'm amazed anyone is seeing things (other than Great Spreadwing and
      Variegated Meadowhawk) in Northern CA.

      Thanks for the report; it's a great birthday present when I thought only
      the San Diego guys would be seeing anything the rest of the year. ;-)

      And Doug, go for it! We already plan to help you with the northern
      species in Siskiyou Co - like the Jewelwings, and the the Blitz in the
      Bishop area of the Owens Valley should be another time to add mountain

      Anyone wanna start suggesting dates for the blitz?? Probably not 4th of
      July as too many other folks out, but any other weekend better or worse
      for any of you?
      I've just heard that they are reclaiming the Owens River and water will
      flow where it hasn't in decades - it will be fun to check it out!


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      John Hall wrote:

      >December 2, 2006
      >Alameda County
      >John Hall, David Edwards
      >Sunol Regional Wilderness
      >American Rubyspot 7
      >California Spreadwing 2 (males)
      >Great Spreadwing 1 (female)
      >Vivid Dancer 8 (1 tandem pair, 1 teneral)
      >Variegated Meadowhawk 4
      >Cardinal Meadowhawk 1
      >Considering the cold nights and days recently the number of species
      >seen was a surprise. It was pleasantly warm in the sunshine. Much of
      >Alameda Creek is in shadow this time of year.
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