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Re: [CalOdes] Sonoma county/Dec. Vivid Dancers

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  • Kathy &/or Dave Biggs
    Hi David and all, That s new late flight season data for Vivid Dancer not only for here in CA but for the whole SW. Amazing since we ve had temps down in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2004
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      Hi David and all,

      That's new late flight season data for Vivid Dancer not only for here in CA but for the whole SW. Amazing since we've had temps down in the 20s and lots and lots of rain in the last few weeks. Maybe that water is a bit warmer than usual since the Geysers are fairly nearby. Wonder if anyone can find some at seeps anywhere else?

      Dennis Paulson wrote:

      Vivid Dancers definitely like warm water in the northern part of their
      range, and if their water body was warmed by something, I suppose they
      could have a longer season. Interestingly, the earliest record of an
      odonate in Washington is this species, an eastern WA specimen from
      March 17 (3 days earlier than the earliest Ischnura cervula from much
      warmer western WA).

      Too bad no one lives right at one of these streams, so they could check
      them throughout the winter to see if there were any emerging. If not,
      the adults must be long-lived.

      You're taking such lovely images David, why don't you start a folder in the CalOdes files?

      DAVID_HOFMANN@... wrote:

      > I did a bird survey on Pine Flat Road today. While there I checked out the spring/seep just above the Rebizzo Ranch. This is the same spot that Doug Ellis and I found Vivid Dancers the day after New Years a couple of years ago. There were several pairs joined up, and several singles. I have no explanation as to why this spot is so good for Vivid Dancers being active this time of year.
      > David A. Hofmann
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