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Blitz Day 3 & 4

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  • Kathy & Dave Biggs
    Hello all, On the 3rd day, Sunday, just like on the other days, Bob Miller did an EXCELLENT job of finding places where the Odes were flying and although we
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      Hello all,

      On the 3rd day, Sunday,  just like on the other days, Bob Miller did an EXCELLENT job of finding places where the Odes were flying and although we didn't have strong strong winds, the Odes seemed a bit more scarce. I haven't talked this over with others, but I wonder if the wind had actually been in our favor because, IF we found a sheltered place, we found the Odes concentrated.

      A few folks who had been with us previously couldn't join us this day, but one new person, "Nature Ali" joined us so our # of participants on day 3 was 12. We spent this day 
      going in and out of Yuma and Imperial Counties and then a hard core group of us went into under-censused La Paz County, AZ at the end of the day where we were able to add 3 new county records to the meager 12 species previously recorded there.

      No other county records in Yuma or Imperial Counties this day, but we added 1 more species to OUR Imperial County Blitz
      list (Comanche Skimmer) making our total # of species seen there 23. We also added one species to our Yuma list (Double-striped Bluet) to make our total for that county 21 species.
      Those 2 new species brought our total # of species for the whole Blitz to 26, although several damsels are yet to be determined.

      Y=Yuma County, AZ
      I=Imperial County, CA
      LP=La Paz County, AZ   *=county record
      Powdered Dancer - many Y, I, LP
      Blue-ringed Dancer - many
      Y, I, LP
      Familiar Bluet - a few
      Y, I
      *Double-striped Bluet - a few, Y, *LP (female collected....she was just 'floating' by over the gravel parking area, but others were later found in the foliage)
      Citrine Forktail - several at Laguna Dam near Betty's Kitchen and along Laguna Dam Rd - Y
      Rambur's Forktail - abundant,
      Y, I, LP
      Common Green Darner - many, inc. tandem ovipositing
      Y, I, LP
      Blue-eyed Darner - some,
      Y, I, LP
      White-belted Ringtail - several, males and females
      Y, I, LP
      Red-tailed Pennant - some, males and females
      Y, I
      Western Pondhawk - a few, males and females
      Y, I
      Roseate Skimmer - many, males and females Y, I
      *Blue Dasher - some, male and females Y, I, *LP (sight record only, no photo or specimen, but seen well by 3 participants)
      *Wandering Glider - a few, Y, *LP
      Spot-winged Glider - very few, Y
      *Mexican Amberwing - quite a few, Y, I, *LP
      Variegated Meadowhawk - quite a few, Y, I,LP
      *Black Saddlebags - many, Y, I, *LP

      The 'swat' team of Sandra Hunt-von Arb, Kathy & Dave Biggs, Juddy Canello, Bob Miller and Leslie Flint drove into La Paz County from 4-5 in the afternoon. Besides the 3 county records, all found at Smoke Tree Pt., we especially enjoyed seeing the Painted Desert, a recently flooded wash aglow with small yellow flowers (but mosquitoes too), and the burro dust bowls. We were even rewarded by finding a wild burro who brayed at Bob & Leslie who were in car 2 at that point! Car 1 saw a 2nd burro though. The military base we skirted had large weapons, tanks, helicopters and more on display, and we even saw a fake Afgan village they use for training purposes. A note - as we entered La Paz County, the total # of species that had ever been recorded there was 12, when we left, we'd seen 11 species there, in just one hour at just one site...but that's because we added 3.

      We had dinner this night at Applebees, and many people left for home immediately thereafter.

      The last day, Monday, those few of us left (the Biggs, Ron Oriti, and Leslie Flint) felt that we'd covered the territory well enough, and to the best of my knowledge the only Ode stops made were out of the Blitz area....such as the Biggs's stopping at Salton Sea to see the Blue-footed Boobies and also seeing Roseate Skimmers and Mexican Amberwings there.

      Bob Miller - organizer & field trip leader
      Kathy & Dave Biggs - co-organizer

      Juddy Canello

      Lesley Flint
      Sandra Hunt-von Arb

      Greg Lasley - TX
      Ron Oriti
      Dave Welling

      BJ Stacey

      Bruce and Roxi Aird
      and Charlene Castle
      Ali Sheehey



      California Dragonflies www.sonic.net/dragonfly
      Southwest Dragonflies www.southwestdragonflies.net/
      Bigsnest Wildlife Pond www.bigsnestpond.net/
      Kathy and Dave Biggs bigsnest@... 707-823-2911
      308 Bloomfield Rd. Sebastopol, CA 95472
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